Emmys 2020 Winners: Full List With Live Updates

The Emmys of 2020 are on! Can you believe it we can not do! Even in the face of a global epidemic, the television industry succeeded in finding a way to pat itself on the back for sustaining the world and entertained during the six-month quarantine. Inspiring or wildly pointless? you call!

You can watch the Emmy Awards 2020 live on ABC, but if you’re out and about watching the Ames live stream, we’ve got your back. As virtually all the awards are being handed out, we will update this list not only with the winners, but where you can stream these shows at home!

So sit back, lower your mask, bust an adult drink, and get ready to enjoy the 2020 Emmy Award!

EMMY Winner 2020 Complete List

Carrying out an important series: Catherine O’Hara, Shit creek

Leading lead actor in a fascinating series: Eugene Levy, Shit creek

Leaving work for a fascinating series: Dan Levy, Shit creek

Render to a COMEDY series: Dan Levy, Andrew Divider Shit creek

A COMEDY series exit suppressor: Dan Levy, Shit creek

Attractive transport support in a COMEDY series: Annie Murphy, Shit creek

Upcoming COMEDY Series: Shit creek

Outstanding Wortley Ticket Series: Tonight’s final week with John Oliver

Exit location in a limited series or MOVIE: Regina King, Janitor

Exit location in a limited series or MOVIE: Mark Ruffalo, I know this is true

Written training for a limited series or MOVIE, or specialized: Damon Lindelof and Cord Jefferson, Janitor

Instructions to drop for a limited series or MOVIE or theatrical special: Maria Schrader, Unorthodoz

Supporting outsourcing in a limited series or MOVIE: Yahya Abdul-Matin II, Janitor

Export support in a limited series or MOVIE: Uzo Adaba, Mrs. America

Limited out series: Janitor

Leaving Program Program: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Leading Leader in a Drama Series: Jeremy Strong, Succession

Exit location in a drama series: Zendaya, excitement

Important writing for a drama series: Jessie Armstrong, Succession

Direction for a DRAMA series Andries Parekh, Succession

Outcoming Supporting Actors in a Drama Series: Billy Crudup, The morning show

Supporting units in a DRAMA Series: Julia Garner, Ozark

Dropping Drama Series: Succession


Source: decider.com


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