Ellen DeGeneres returns to TV, addresses toxic workplace allegations


Talk show’s season on the last day Monday to all the charges which directly addresses the toxic work environment plagued Ellen DeGeneres to show themselves over the summer.

In the clip of the episode posted on social media, Deinocheirus 62, the wastes no time getting into it, stumbling monologue, admitting that he’s a “work in progress”, but that promise viewers, it really is “the man to see what they see on TV.”

That it just heard this summer, we have been blessed martyrs Acaunensium toxic to the environment and there is no need for an inquiry. I know that it was here that I’ve never done anything, “she said.” He will take very seriously, and I’m sorry to say to the people who are affected. “

The reason why “has found Dory” so much as she hath glorified his star in the he knows how it was that he should turn from that which is “by the power” which she answered: Romans should have been more aware of what is going on behind the scenes in your.

“I know you are in the state of licensing confusion and power, and I see what happens when he looks at himself and show sponsor is with me,” she continues. “This is why Ellen DeGeneres Show:” I think Ellen DeGeneres. “

Degenerate believed him; of the top producers of firings Ed Glavin, Kevin Liman, and Jonathan Norman.

“We had a lot of conversations in the last few weeks of the show, our workplace, and what do you want to be,” she shares. “We are today made the necessary changes, starting from the head.”

And it is also made evident ‘is not a’ report, about the persuasion of his own, and that this had to choose the surname of viewers will not be able to avoid, in case he does. Then answered she truly is “kind of”, it is not insensible to these, he says, the feelings, too.

“I am the truth is that the man whom we see on TV. As for me and many other things, “she said.” Sometimes I get sad, I get mad, to provoke me to worry about anything, do not get frustrated, it is not so that he fell, and a mutiny, and to work on it.

“I am a work in progress. I am particularly eager to work, and also that’s it’s not going fast enough, I can not tell you’re not caught.

Ellen Degeneres
Ellen DegeneresMichael Rozman / Warner Bros

Deinocheirus said, since it’s a pretty good actress “- played a” straight woman the movies “- she is not sure enough to” fool “Every day for 17 years.

“It’s my intention is and always will be the best person I can be,” she says. “And if any one, but if you ever hurt feelings, I’m sorry for that reason. If that’s always a reason, then, that there may be in me, and I have to hurt. “

And finally it had known football monologue sermon, saying she hopes that it does not serve shows that in one hour distraction.

“My hope and joy that it can not be there,” she said. “The best times to do it for me is that I have not ever had.”


Source: pagesix.com

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