Ellen DeGeneres Jokes Staff Can’t Look Her in the Eye Amid Scandal


Laughing it off? Ellen Degeneres And light was some shocking allegations against him through the season premiere of 18 The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“I am very excited to see, obviously,” 62 years ago returned to the army, said that she is a longtime Daytime talk show Monday, 21 September: “I am very excited for all the staff of my crew. Hello everyone. Please look at me, do not is in the eye. Oh, kidding me. But I had come to depart out of the gum in all things. not kidding again. “

Ellen Degeneres massage Stafford was not her her eyes Allowed
18 Deinocheirus Christmas drink DeGeneres Show keynote for approval. Michael Rozman / Warner Bros

And under it to have asserted that the player does one force the burning of the majority of the previous year and the current staffer from on high, the authors of the order of the fourth part of the series of the mouths of the winner Fusce by fear of threats. For some among the more bizarre accusations of Deinocheirus and says that she would not allow him to chew gum on her staff about it “sensitive nose, she did not want to make eye contact with anyone on the set.

after the News BuzzFeed‘Bombshell report made headlines in July, WarnerMedia announced that it was launching an internal investigation into the allegations. the Dory found from the star, she was born after the excuse of the meaning of this, that, it is always hoped to make known “is not a place of happiness,” because of all the duty of all.

“Obviously, things have changed,” the company that wrote the letter-wide. “I was disappointed to learn that this is not the case. I am sorry for this. Who knows who knows me as we believe it is hoped that it will show us.”

Kicked off the new season, as it Title Description: Homeland Hawaii, addressed to a number of hard facts on it, and he said: “toxic” workplace. His assertions about the behavior of three of the show’s machine manufacturers were accused of impurities. ed Glavin; Jonathan Norman and Kevin Leman All of August ousted from the show.

Ellen Degeneres massage Stafford was not her her eyes Allowed
18 Deinocheirus Christmas drink DeGeneres Show keynote for approval. Michael Rozman / Warner Bros

“I know that it was not to be. That is the worst. I want to say sorry to the people who are affected. I know I am in a position of privilege and power, and realize that this is why people go. The sponsor is done with I show. This is The Ellen DeGeneres Show“It is Game Games The monologue, said Monday that the army, adding that he could make a series of “changes” in the near future.

“The truth is that the person you see on TV. I and many other things,” Deinocheirus continued. “But all this does not happen in my life, and ability to learn. I got into this business to make people laugh and feel good. … the hope that we still can not be a place of happiness and joy. It can, however, wish to have it to go out, and the laughter of one hour of the day. I want to continue to support all the people who help us every day. I’m doing this crime is the best season that we will always be there. “

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