Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Toxic Workplace Allegations on Her Show


Ellen Degeneres on prayer behind the scenes of the misconduct and violence, “Ellen DeGeneres Show” hole into a long monologue sermons.

In the seven-minute opener, Deinocheirus apologized “to the people that are affected,” and spoke “when it comes to responsibilityfor at my show.”

“As you may have heard, this allegation was the summer of toxic to the environment and to show we have made an inquiry. What has happened here will never learned. To everyone who seriously do not want to say sorry to the people that are affected. I know you and I am in that place and show sponsor rights and the responsibility will be done with me, “he said Deinocheirus.

This is the first Deinocheirus that hands itself over, who publicly said to all who have risen up in the investigation emerged from the middle of July BuzzFeed News allegations of racist behavior by intimidationIn the show. In April,varietytheoutrage registered in the show’s crew members pay by returning to the lack of communication and poor treatment Producers pandemic shut down the post production; The union is a non-tech company hired to tape the show Deinocheirus distant family California.

An investigation showed that launched a WarnerMedia and the removal of several top producers.

Deinocheirus said “the changes we made, as monologue sermon later than promised” a new chapter “on” The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “

“We are only a few weeks last through conversations have had a lot of the show, in the workplace, and what do you want for the future. We are today made the necessary changes, and starting a chapter,” he said, leading right in front of in front of the audience around applause.

Deinocheirus which previously had been toxic to the environment in a videoconference call, the staff, the sources said, reading some of it consists disturbing allegations about the atmosphere at the show as “heartbreaking. “

The changes were principally involved Deinocheirus ousting of the executive authorities and Kevin Glavin ed Liman and its co-Norman Jonathan Unknown: It is time that the show was upping the resident, Stephen “maybe” Ross Toco, the efficiency of the operator.

Deinocheirus of which the “press and articles in the media, that I am, I am who appeared on the TV, being accused that it is the” what is “motto that she claims to be. He was admitted to the host,” he said, “gracious in the place a lot. “

“This is how it happened that he started to say, ‘Be kind, when a young man named Tyler Clementi took his own life after being bullied for being gay,” DeGeneres explained. “I thought the world needed more kindly and it was like a monument, first of all, that we think it is necessary now more than ever.”

“To be known as’ class, instead of carrots lady,” he added. “If so, then let me do not plan on changing their thinking about other people or to give the title will be a nickname, not by there being a” lady. Do not do this. I am the truth that man from the TV to see. “

Source: variety.com

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