Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Controversy in Season 18 Premiere


Ellen Degeneres She said it’s a work in progress, “the season premiere of 18 The Ellen DeGeneres show between whom the dispute.

“The truth is, the person you see on TV. I’m as many others,” it said in 62 years opening monologue. “Sometimes I get sad. I get mad. I get worried. I get frustrated. It is not so hard;. And I have learned that everything works.” And he added, “my mind is that it may be the best thing a man can not always have. But I will always, if it is a person’s, if I’ve ever seen with their hurt feelings, I’m sorry for it, that it is. If that’s always a reason, I am come a light into me!” .

The first concerns allegations of Deinocheirus a “toxic” explosive or his work environment BuzzFeed part of the published in early July, the workplace, saying, in women’s morals are not acceptable to all. There were accusations of racism, impurities, and the fear that led to the in-house investigation.

“For just as we have said, has increased exponentially, I had not been able to stay above all things, and an exceeding great multitude: for they knew that they had their jobs to do, I want to mention the others have dealt with them. Of course, a person is not ‘in the letter, which he wrote in July to the 30 he sang to her, what was going on The Hollywood Reporter. “That will now change.”

Ellen does not show up in the film Audience
Michael Rozman / Warner Bros

Which always tends to be good comedian should be noted that the show was “a place of happiness,” for it. ” Some, like the one judged because just being who I am, and I almost lost, “Deinocheirus unlocked,” I really understand that I looked at them and For deep compassion or otherwise treated unfairly or not – and worse – jazz. “

Afterwards, a spokesperson for Warner Brothers confirmed the show “parted ways” with the authors ed Glavin executive Kevin Liman, and Jonathan coexecutive producer Norman.

Many Deinocheirus the support we have done – in order Thomas Michael and Ashton Kutcher – Drive and others, some with football suffers alcohol.

All Loves RaymondactorBrad Garrett states: “Unfortunately, it comes from the highest @TheEllenShow ‘on July 31, and tweeted,”[I] For more than one [person] From those who are treated horribly. WEB-knowledge, “says he, to whom he Lea Thompson these comments were answered “true”.

There is, however, Man, who can not remain in his, although it does not matter which relates to: his wife, Portia de Rossi. the arrested Development actress “believes” that “a part” and “standing by” the source told the Glory only.

If we come to that which the future holds? Deinocheirus as revealed in his monologue, “effect” which goes behind the scenes to show it. “We have not made the necessary changes, and today we are starting a new chapter.”

Source: www.intouchweekly.com

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