Elite Season 5 Ending Explained | Who killed Armaldo in the end?

Elite Season 5 Ending has sparked curiosity among fans after leaving the show with a big murder mystery that remained unsolved. The reason behind the murder remains unclear and is causing havoc in the police department. Instead of informing the cops, the teenagers decided to solve the matter by themselves. The Spanish thriller teenage TV series is created by Carlos Montero and Dario Madrona, produced by Francisco Ramos, and edited by Irene Blecua and Ascen Marchena under Zeta Producciones production company. It started premiering in 2018 on the original streaming network Netflix and five seasons have been released so far in 2022 with the sixth season scheduled to premiere in 2023.

Elite Season 5 Ending Explained

The fifth season of Elite ended on a huge cliffhanger when authorities started suspecting principal Benjamin in Armaldo’s murder case because his body was found floating in the river outside the school. Samuel, Rebekah, Principal Benjamin, and Omar were the major suspects that police put under the radar for further investigation.

Season 5 opens a few months after the events of the New Year’s Eve Party with a new semester inside Las Encinas. Now, the principal has implemented tough rules and regulations after the attack on Ari. Moreover, Samuel and Omar’s relationship is affected and isn’t the same anymore since last month’s incident. Omar even lets a boy named Bital move in with him without allowing Samuel.

Elite season 5 ending explained

On the flip side, Phillipe and Caetyenna are trying to reconstruct their relationship but things aren’t in their favor. A video accusing Phillippe’s previous lover of sexually assaulting her comes out in front of Caeytenna before he came to Madrid. However, she decides to support Phillipe despite all the evidence against him, and even her friends already decided to let him go.

And finally, the power of love prevailed. The girl who seemed to be harassed was actually blackmailing Phillipe to extract money from his affluent connections. However, Cayetenna put two conditions in front of him: he must stop drinking and start attending treatment sessions but Phillipe rejected and starts to pursue Isidora.

In the end, Rebe and Menca are together but still, they have to work on resolving their issues like Samuel and Ari. Patrick follows the new kid, Ivan who caught his attention.


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