DWTS Fans Fight With Cody Rigsby’s Peloton ‘Cult’

Some “Dancing With the Stars” fans are mad about Cody Rigsby advancing to the season 30 finale and things are heating up between them and his voting bloc, the Peloton enthusiasts. “Dancing With the Stars” fans are calling them a “cult” and blasting him going to the finals over other contestants.

‘Dancing With the Stars’ Fans Are Calling Out Cody’s ‘Peloton Cult’

It’s no secret that Cody Rigsby and his partner Cheryl Burke must be getting a ton of help from the voting viewers because their scores have not been as high week in and week out as the other finalists’ scores have been. They are averaging a 31.0, whereas the other finalists are averaging 31.3 (Iman Shumpert and Daniella Karagach), 35.4 (Amanda Kloots and Alan Bersten), and 36.4 (JoJo Siwa and Jenna Johnson).

However, “Dancing With the Stars” fans have had it with what they are calling “the Peloton cult.” Cody is a fitness expert who hosts virtual workouts for the fitness company Peloton.

“Me next week trying to vote for everyone but Cody to combat the Peloton cult’s votes,” wrote one fan, adding in another tweet, “Me hearing Cody get chosen over Suni because the Peloton cult saved his clearly inferior a**.”

Another fan wrote, “Are Peloton users in a cult?? What’s going on??? Cody over Suni???”

A third fan wrote, “Cody Rigsby does not deserve to be in the #DWTS finale… Suni deserved that so much more but the peloton cult keeps voting him through.”

One fan says that if Cody sneaks in and takes away first or second place on the show, she will “destroy [Peloton] from the inside out.”

It isn’t just fans of Suni Lee either. The Melora Hardin contingent is also mad about Cody advancing over her.


“Look, I don’t normally watch ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ but I am so offended watching Melora Hardin pour her heart out and KILL IT technically and get the same score as Cody Rigsby, who just stood there while his partner danced around him,” wrote another viewer.

A third had strong words for judge Carrie Ann Inaba, writing, “Carrie Ann is really driving me off the edge. She’s deducting points from excellent dancers like Melora and Amanda but permanently stuck up Cody’s hip.”

But The ‘Peloton Cult’ Is Not Here For The Insults

The Peloton faithful do not seem to care about being called a “cult,” nor do they care about if people are mad they are supporting Cody.

“You should read the complaints by the reg fans of DWTS. They can’t believe there are enough Peloton people to keep voting him thru. The cult fever is real,” wrote one Peloton user.

“‘Dancing With The Stars’ viewers are starting to realize the power of the $PTON cult. The market will too. Ain’t a damn thing changed except for my account balance,” wrote another.

Another chimed in with, “He’s got Peloton nation! No one understands the cult unless [you’re] in it! Not going home anytime soon! I voted 40 times! My whole office votes for him!”

“Tired: $PTON jumps 13.64 percent on injection of $1B cash. Wired: Wall Street BTFD following Peloton cult pushing Cody to #DWTS finals,” wrote another user.

Another added, “Raise your hand if you haven’t watched #DWTS before and won’t watch it after but you vote 20 times for Cody every Monday like your life depends on it. #BooCrew #youcantsitwithus #pelotoncult.”

One fan pointed out that even if Cody has Peloton users voting like crazy for him, he is also a pretty talented dancer, writing, “You know…you can have a popularity contest AND still have the finalists all be people who have shown incredible improvement & demonstrated talent along the way. But sure, by all means, let the flat-foot continue dragging along b/c the Peloton Cult has all endorphins & no taste.”

Another user pointed out that everyone has a “cult” following if you think about it, writing, “Yes a huge cult because we choose to vote for an amazing instructor who has helped so many people! Everyone gets votes, but only Peloton is a cult.”

And finally, one Cody supporter suggested that his haters try taking one of his classes before judging his fanbase, writing, “To all those butt-hurt about Cody on DWTS that don’t understand why our ‘cult,’ ‘bikergang,’ is SO STRONG… I challenge you to DL the Peloton App and get 2 months free. Take a Cody class & check back with me!”

It should be fun to see who wins — and Cody is definitely grateful that he didn’t quit the show like he was thinking about doing earlier in the season.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on ABC.


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