Singer Duffy slams Netflix for “365 Days” Film due to sexual harassment

Singer Duffy slams Netflix film 365 days due to kidnapping and harassment scene of the movie. She is criticizing the famous OTT platform because they are releasing that on their place.

The film is highlighting the sexual harassment and kidnapping all over the end. That is leading to open criminal minds and increasing the chances of trafficking.

That’s why she is also calling the decision of Netflix’s CEO as irresponsible and wrote a letter mentioning all things.

Singer Duffy Slams Netflix for “365 Days”

A letter has been conveyed by Duffy to different news entrances in the USA where the Mercy artist composed that the film 365 Days ought not to be anyone’s concept of amusement, neither should the film be depicted to be engaging.

The vocalist uncovered moreover that however she didn’t plan after getting out Netflix for their choice to stream the film, she did so on account of her own encounters.

Duffy Pens criticize Netflix

The 36-year-old noticed that the stage “would not have material glamorizing pedophilia, bigotry, homophobia, decimation, or some other violations against humankind,” and addressed why they would then permit a film that “glamorizes” sexual viciousness.

What Duffy Said?

“I quiet myself to disclose to you here—when I was dealt and assaulted, I was fortunate to leave away with my life, yet extremely many have not been so fortunate.

Furthermore, presently I need to observe these disasters, and my catastrophe eroticized and disparaged. Where would one be able to go? Yet, to need to address you recorded as a hard copy,” Duffy included.

The Mercy vocalist proceeded to beseech watchers of the film to “ponder the truth of capturing and dealing, of power and sexual misuse, and of an encounter that is the total inverse of the reflexive dream delineated in 365 Days.” She said that while she endures an encounter of this sort, others were not as blessed as she seemed to be.

She expressed, “You have not understood how 365 Days has carried incredible harmed to the individuals who have persevered through the torments and detestations that this film glamorizes, for diversion and for dollars. What I and other people who realize these shameful acts need is the specific inverse—an account of truth, trust, and to be given a voice.”

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