DS9 Almost Did a Sequel to TOS’s “A Piece of the Action”

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” was essentially the most experimental of the traditional “Star Trek” reveals. The writers launched serialized storytelling to the franchise, targeted on high-minded, philosophical tales, and introduced a darker, grittier tone to the Trekverse.

However, the writers additionally deeply revered the “Star Trek” canon. The show’s storylines usually referenced and constructed upon established Trek tales. In one case, the writers even took the crew again to the place it began, “Star Trek: The Original Series.”

In the fifth season episode “Trials and Tribble-ations,” the core crew members from Deep Space Nine traveled again in time to the occasions depicted within the TOS episode “The Trouble With Tribbles.” The crew was tasked with stopping Darvin, the disgraced Klingon spy, from altering the occasions that happened on that day over a century in the past.

However, this wasn’t the one “Original Series” tribute the DS9 writers deliberate. At one level, they mentioned making a sequel to one in every of TOS’s hottest episodes.

A Sequel to ‘A Piece of the Action’

According to “The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years,” the fifth season of “Deep Space Nine” coincided with the Thirtieth anniversary of the beginning of the “Star Trek” franchise. The writers and producers knew they wished to do a particular Thirtieth-anniversary episode that honored TOS. That episode ended up being “Trials and Tribble-ations.”

However, one of many lead writers pitched a distinct TOS tribute for the anniversary episode. Ronald D. Moore, one in every of DS9’s most prolific writers, instructed the authors of “The Fifty-Year Mission” that his concept was a sequel to the traditional TOS episode “A Piece of the Action.” He proposed that the crew of “Deep Space Nine” might return to Sigma Iotia II, the planet the place the primary crew of the Enterprise had found a society based mostly completely on 1920’s Chicago mobster life.

In his story, the DS9 crew discovered that within the century for the reason that Enterprise crew encountered the Iotians, they’d modified the lore on which they based mostly their society. The DS9 crew would uncover a whole world based mostly on the Federation and the Enterprise crew. Moore mentioned that he envisioned a whole planet of “Star Trek” followers, individuals who knew all in regards to the voyages of the unique Enterprise and its crew. He instructed his fellow writers that they might even have conventions.

A Commentary on the Fandom or Poking Fun?

Moore instructed “Cinefantastique” that he thought of the sequel a homage to Trekkers.

“To me, it was to ship the characters to a ‘Star Trek’ conference, which I believed can be enjoyable and a form of touch upon the fandom, and other people’s involvement within the show from afar. I believed it was form of a cool concept.”

One of the producers, Hans Beimler, instructed “Cinefantastique” that the writers actually had enjoyable creating Moore’s concept, however “there was one thing that was bothering all of us” in regards to the story. After many discussions, the writing crew determined that the episode would possibly come off as making enjoyable of followers as an alternative of celebrating them.

“After all, they’re the followers. They are what makes the show work. We owe our livelihood to them. So, it wasn’t fairly sitting effectively.”

So, they moved on to different concepts. DS9 author Rene Echevarria ultimately proposed that they insert the DS9 crew into an precise episode of “The Original Series.” Moore was the one who recommended “The Trouble With Tribbles,” and the crew ran with it.

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