Dissolving My Lip Fillers Was the ‘Best Thing I Ever Did’


Brielle Biermann only me we Weekly he feels that “the whole person” getting rid of her lip with fillers.

About 23 years ago, he has spoken we on Thursday, August 18, at 8 times promoted no lateThere is, after compressing it more natural looking lip fillers deciding in January that it was looking for a head of bleached removed and ditching the halls of the strait.

Her Lip dissolve the filler Brielle Biermann said the best thing I ever did! '
Brielle Biermann Courtesy and Brielle Biermann / Instagram

“I really do not miss the blonde to be completely honest. I do not miss blonde, I do not always think about it,” she told we. “I am looking at photos of me years ago or so, even watching TV to me like, ‘Oh, my God, look at all the other things. It will be my best hair dyeing and things I’ve ever done as a secunda- Brown is the best I’ve ever done. I just feel like a whole person. F k because I am not entirely what I was doing a year ago. Crazy looked a little bit now looks a lot better. midday true. “

Kim ZolciakThe biggest daughter revealed in December that she had been in 2015 when he looks at what he thinks it would be better lip enhancement injections 18. But now reality TV star, said radical difference in the appearance did not change how she feels about herself.

“We have not felt confident, Even then he did,” he said. “It’s a big change did not really give it to me, but I’m looking back to the” Wow. You know, I’m sure you feel better about a year earlier than now to look at. You know how bad they tell you just have to get to the place where you are now like, ‘Fk, because it is a little crazy look and see how you start and then you’re like,’ Wow.

While Biermann more comfortable without his destruction of the plumped-up, but not to admit them reinjected in February, “TAD” because unlike other competitors. From the ruling to the future and not having cosmetic procedures, saying that nothing is off-limits.

Her Lip dissolve the filler Brielle Biermann said the best thing I ever did! '
Brielle Biermann, in 2018 Michael Simon / Startraks

“Mommy developer I would like the kids have to decide if they’re not told weSuggesting chime with her mom, and say: “I can not hear anything.”

Season 8 no late Well into the film on Friday, August 6 at 10 am.

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