DETAILS: Where Did the Borg Come From on ‘Star Trek’?

The Borg stay certainly one of the most iconic and unnerving villains in all of Star Trek. While a lot about the origins of the Borg stays a thriller, there are some issues that followers know for sure. Perhaps the most necessary a part of their backstory is their homeland, which, in keeping with their official database entry on, is the Delta Quadrant.

But who created them? And why is the timeline of how humanity first encountered them so convoluted? Whether you are a brand new fan, or a long-time viewer in search of readability, we have created a necessary information about the origins of the Borg on Star Trek, each on-screen and behind the scenes. Here’s what that you must know.

The Borg Originated in the Delta Quadrant

A History of the BorgIn this particular episode, take a tour of the historical past of Star Trek’s most intense villains, the Borg, by teasing particulars out of Trek canon. Be certain to take a look at my private YouTube channel: Support Trekspertise on Patreon: Follow me on Twitter: This episode is made potential by the beneficiant James Neumann.…2015-05-14T13:38:23Z

The time period “Delta Qudarant” refers to a selected space of our galaxy. In the Star Trek universe, the Federation refers to numerous “galactic quadrants” to assist individuals perceive the relationship between sure star techniques. As the database article on galactic quadrants notes, the Federation is positioned in the Alpha Quadrant, although the “border location” of our photo voltaic system being the line of demarcation between the Alpha and Beta Quadrants is a frequent topic of dialog among fans of Star Trek Online on Reddit.

As Star Trek followers know, the complete premise of the collection Star Trek: Voyager was {that a} Federation ship was exploring this far-flung nook of the galaxy that so little was identified about. However, whereas the Borg have been actually an necessary a part of the Voyager mythos, Captain Janeway and her crew have been removed from the first Starfleet officers to come across the Borg. Given all the time journey in Star Trek, it is at all times a bit difficult to say which human had the doubtful honor of the first First Contact with the Borg.

That being mentioned, it is truthful to say Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D deserves that honor, for 2 causes. Firstly, the first look of the Borg was on Star Trek: The Next Generation, a reality referenced in the official Borg database article. And secondly, when the Borg traveled again in time to a pre-Federation Earth to disrupt the work of Zephram Cochrane, it was Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E who stopped the Borg, but once more. That being mentioned, simply because the Borg had by no means been reported by a Federation ship previous to Jean-Luc Picard’s encounter with them does not preclude another, unlucky vessel from being the first vessel of people to be assimilated. After all, if there have been no survivors and no logs, there could be nobody to explain the Borg assault.

While the first look of the Borg in Star Trek by way of chronological manufacturing order positively falls throughout the TNG period, it is value noting that the TNG film-era Borg seem in pre-Federation Trek, because of the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Regeneration”. In that episode, Borg “casualties” from the Cochrane-era battle of Star Trek: First Contact are retrieved from the Arctic Circle, roughly 100 years after the battle between the Borg and Jean-luc Picard. The “corpses” finally re-animated after they thawed out, inflicting chaos for a pre-Federation Starfleet.

The Borg First Encountered Humanity Because of Q

The ret-conning of the Borg on Enterprise apart, the first look of the Borg on Star Trek was throughout the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation. That episode, “Q Who?”, featured the return of John de Lancie as the god-like alien, Q. As a part of his ongoing ploy to “take a look at” humanity, Q throws the Enterprise-D and its crew in the path of a Borg dice. The episode additionally options the revelation that Q and Guinan know one another, and that Guinan’s residence planet was destroyed by the Borg.

“Q Who?” was written by Maurice Hurley, who typically is credited with the Borg idea. The improvement of this episode was difficult by a Writer’s Guild strike, so the alien menace on this episode positively advanced a bit from its authentic idea to the closing model seen on display screen. notes that whereas Hurley will get credit score for the Borg, he drew ire from some followers for his involvement in the departure of Gates McFadden throughout the show’s second season.

Fan theories abound as to which fictional alien races might need had one thing to do with the creation of the Borg, with some proposing hyperlinks between the Borg and the Romulans, whereas others extrapolate potential connections to Starfleet’s Section 31, based mostly on previous episodes of Star Trek: Discovery.

Some followers discover it complicated that Captain Archer might have encountered the Borg, and but Captain Picard had no data of the cyborg menace. The in-universe clarification for this will likely merely be that, whereas viewers actually knew that the cybernetic organisms in “Regeneration” have been referred to as “Borg”, the crew of Archer’s NX-01 Enterprise merely didn’t know the identify of their attackers. The phrase “Borg” doesn’t seem in Zephram Cochrane’s speech, which is referenced by Archer in the episode when he’s looking the ship’s database for clues.

In reality, the phrase “Borg” does not seem in any of the episode’s dialogue, prompting some followers to argue that Starfleet initially did not suppose to make the connection between this one-off occasion of their early historical past, and the first look of the Borg a few years later. Notably, when the Borg of “Regeneration” finally hail the Enterprise, the transmission says: “You will likely be assimilated, resistance is futile,” with out noting “We are the Borg” or something to that impact. Likewise, a semi-infected Dr. Phlox hears whispers of different Borg voices in the Collective, however presumably nothing clear sufficient to have the ability to be taught the phrase “Borg”, as he solely refers to the cyborgs he encounters as “the aliens” in the context of the episode.

William Shatner Had a Cool Idea About the Borg

Many years after he first appeared as Captain Kirk on Star Trek: The Original Series, William Shatner put his inventive expertise to make use of as a author of Trek tie-in novels. One these novels, The Return, tied collectively Borg mythology with some key backstory from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. While the occasions of the ebook is probably not “canon” by way of the TV and movie timeline, the plot was nonetheless very amusing.

The novel contains a key plot level the place Spock is “immune” to be assimilated by the Borg…or maybe extra precisely, the Borg merely have no real interest in making an attempt to assimilate him. This is as a result of the Borg understand Spock as a member of the Collective already, because of his thoughts meld with the “VGER” probe in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. In Shatner’s novel, the VGER probe had been upgraded with Borg know-how. For followers of Shatner’s signature speech patterns, there’s excellent news: there may be an audiobook of this novel by Shatner, as learn by the man himself.

When (or if) any of those theories about the Borg will likely be confirmed true stays to be seen. That being mentioned, with a brand new season of Star Trek: Picard coming quickly (that includes the rehabilitated Borg character Seven of Nine), it appears possible that followers will get extra details about the backstory of the Borg. After all, each Seven and Jean-Luc (as Locutus) frolicked as members of the Borg collective, albeit in several quadrants.



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