Deep Space Nine’s Marc Alaimo: More than just Gul Dukat

The man who portrayed Gul Dukat on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,”Marc Alaimo, was compelling within the function. From making empty threats to Captain Sisko and Garak to the veiled sexual messages he despatched to Major Kira, Dukat was a menace from the begin to the top.

Some could be stunned to be taught that Alaimo performed varied roles on a number of “Star Trek” collection, and never all had been Cardassian. Though, he was the primary Cardassian.

In truth, his neck impressed the look of the Cardassian race. For the primary look of the race on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” the show’s make-up guru Michael Westmore created the Cardassian neck ridges afterAlaimo’s distinctive bodily look.

Here are the assorted roles and appearances of the good Marc Alaimo on Trek:

Badar N’D’D

Fans may keep in mind “Lonely Among Us” because the episode when the Enterprise hosted the dog-like Antican species and their arch-rivals, the lizard-esque Selay. Alaimo performed an Antican named Badar N’D’D, whose identify was not used within the episode. Alaimo was uncredited for the function, however followers figured it out andcredited him on Memory Alpha.

Commander Tebok

Alaimo donned the pointed ears of a Romulan for the TNG episode, “The Neutral Zone.” He and Anthony James had been the primary actors to painting Romulans on “The Next Generation.” Alaimo matched wits with Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), warning Picard on the Federation’s incursion into Romulan house.

Gul Macet

Another first for Alaimo — he portrayed the primary Cardassian on “Star Trek.” It was Gul Macet, not Dukat. In the episode “The Wounded,” Gul Macet argued with Picard a lot the identical manner Dukat would argue with Sisko. Since he’s so intently related to the Cardassians, one may assume Alaimo obtained the a part of Gul Dukat after enjoying Macet. But this isn’t the case.

“I did not even know this till a lot afterward, however they introduced in another person to do Gul Dukat,” Alaimo instructedauthor Steve Eramo in 2011. “It turned out that he was an unimaginable buddy of mine however did not work out, so that they known as me in. Since then, I’ve had this sense that nothing is eternally and which you can’t rely on something, notably on this enterprise. I went in, although, did the audition, and obtained the half, and Dukat’s been a fabulous extension for me as an actor.”

Frederick LaRouque

In his last look on “The Next Generation,” Alaimo performed a cowboy-hustler who obtained outwitted by Mr. Data (Brent Spiner). As Frederick LaRouque, Alaimo invited Data to play a poker recreation, as Data was trapped within the nineteenth Century.

Gul Dukat

Alaimo appeared on “Deep Space Nine” as Dukat over 33 episodes. Sometimes he was the ally of Sisko and Kira (Nana Visitor). Other occasions, he was their sworn enemy. And there have been a couple of episodes the place Dukat was the enemy of Sisko’s enemy… so that they had been in a couple of uneasy alliances. Alaimo is especially happy with his time as Dukat, as he instructedauthor Steve Eramo in 2011.

“I’ve had a reasonably lengthy profession in plenty of totally different areas, however ‘Deep Space Nine’ has develop into this excellent little feather in my cap, and I’m grateful for that,” mentioned Alaimowithin the interview. “I’m happy with the collection, and the entire expertise has been a really constructive one for me.”

Burt Ryan

Alaimo obtained to show his human aspect for the episode “Far Beyond the Stars.” Burt Ryan was a racist cop who harassed individuals in New York City. Many hail “Far Beyond the Stars” as among the many highest DS9 episodes. Written by Ira Steven Behr and Hans Beimler, based mostly on a narrative by Marc Scott Zicree, the episode was directed by Avery Brooks.

Anjohl Tennan

This character was really Gul Dukat in disguise. Alaimo appeared as Tennan through the episode “The Changing Face of Evil,” which aired within the seventh and last season of the show.


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