Cuties Director Issues Statement On Controversial New Netflix Fil


The controversy over Cuties has solely grown worse inside the last week or so, after preliminary protests in opposition to Netflix’s promotional poster intensified when the movie was launched on the streaming platform. Director Maïmouna Doucouré, who has already revealed the wave of hatred directed at her for the film, has now made a press launch regarding the response to her work, and has generally known as on critics to really take the time to take a look at Cuties and make their very personal minds up over its stance.

Talking to Aramide Tinubu, Doucouré emphasizes how the online backlash in opposition to the picture has largely missed the aim of what she was making an attempt to appreciate, and what those who’ve actually seen it have realized.

“I’m determined to see their response as soon as they perceive that we’re every on the equivalent side of this fight in opposition to youthful children’s hypersexualization.”

In the equivalent interview, Doucouré expressed her frustration over how Netflix chosen to market Cuties, inside the sense that, by specializing in pictures with out the obligatory context, they opened the door to the barrage of right-wing criticism that has since emerged. The company has already apologized for his or her misstep, along with to Doucouré, and he or she states that she’s now acutely aware of the need to reinforce communication over how exhibitors take care of her supplies.

“I’ve found that I’ve to take the time to take a look at each step, even previous the promoting. On this specific event, it was powerful, on account of we wanted to do points quickly. I didn’t see the poster that Netflix bought right here out with sooner than it premiered. Subsequent time, I’ll see the poster, and we’ll speak increased.”


That Cuties‘ most vocal attackers have jumped on the bandwagon with out watching the manufacturing is very disappointing. Reasonably than understand what Doucouré was attempting to do, and what the exact reception from audiences has been, trolls and opportunistic politicians have used Cuties to fireside up hysteria.

Certainly, moral panics over perceived teenager abuse have turn into a worrying sample by way of social media, and should quickly get out of hand, as Pizzagate and completely different conspiracy theories have confirmed. We’d encourage anyone who’s been following the Cuties drawback to view it on Netflix and can be found to their very personal conclusions, fairly than merely make an offended comment. Doing so is critical for every partaking with the exact factors it presents, and for encouraging debate fairly than mindless raging.


John Smith
John Smith
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