Cory Wharton Slams Co-Stars: ‘A Lot of Fakery This Season’

The 13th episode of “The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” aired last week and one of the more seasoned veterans from the current season was eliminated. After his loss to Logan Sampedro, Cory Wharton appeared on Johnny Bananas’ “Death, Taxes, and Bananas” podcast and blasted some of his co-stars for being “fake” this season.

Cory and Bananas spoke about the nomination scene when host TJ Lavin appeared on screen and revealed that Cory was the house vote. When he announced it, many of the cast members including those on Emerald appeared shocked and the two laughed at that. “It’s so ridiculous, Johnny,” Cory said. “I might get yelled at for this but this season was hard Johnny because a lot of these people were doing things strictly for camera.” He continued:

Fake scenes, fake fights… there was just a lot going on that rubbed me the wrong way a little bit. And I get it, we’re making TV, we want a good show and I understand that but these fake fights, these fake scenes, [people acting so shocked all the time], it’s like ‘what the f*** come on.’

Johnny laughed about it and said they were acting so shocked it was as though TJ himself sent Cory in. “It was bad, man, a lot of fakery this season, I’ll say that,” Cory replied.

Cory Also Referenced the Trips Some Cast Members Took to Get Closer & He Said That’s Not Possible for Him

Cory also told Bananas that he was “on the outs” with the majority of the cast all season and he hadn’t done enough groundwork to avoid that. He also said because for a few weeks he knew he was in a precarious position and likely to be the next male voted in, that negative mentality and pressure made it even more difficult to be open with people.

Cory explained that Josh Martinez was one of the more powerful people in the house socially because he hadKaycee Clark as an ally, who came with Nany Gonzalez, as well as Logan. Josh was also close with Ashley Mitchell who is very tied to Amanda Garcia. “Then Josh and Devin went on some Mexico vacation,” he added, referencing a trip Ashley discussed in an earlier appearance on the podcast. “Listen, being in this ‘Challenge’ world is weird right now,” Cory concluded.

He went on to say that the majority of the cast were in Amsterdam last week to film the reunion (which Cory didn’t attend), and told Johnny, “These fools are hanging out, these fools are in Amsterdam for a week with each other and I’m like, ‘you don’t even like that person.’ I’m not really with all the fakeness going on right now.”

Cory said a lot of competitors’ whole lives are about “The Challenge” and he’s too busy to do the networking the others are doing to build their alliances.

Cory Also Said It Was a Hard Pill to Swallow That the People in Power Used to Be ‘Nobodies’ on ‘The Challenge’

Cory and Bananas also discussed how Cory threatened the Emerald team during nominations and said if he was voted in he would come back and go after everyone on that team. When Bananas asked him why he wasn’t more political, Cory told him, “I just had a bad attitude at this point.”

“If you can’t tell throughout the episode, I’m so over it,” he revealed, “because it’s like, the people who are in power used to be nobodies on the show so it’s just kind of hard.”

He said it was a “hard pill to swallow, to know I’m on the outs, to know that these people are probably gonna vote for me, I needed to swallow that pill and I just couldn’t do it.” He said he couldn’t and just wanted to “go off” on them.


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