The most up-to-date coronavirus threat truly hits underneath the belt.

A model new study claims the coronavirus cannot solely rob you of your type and odor — it may go away males infertile and may be transmitted sexually.

The study, printed ultimate month inJAMA, a month-to-month open-access medical journal printed by the American Medical Affiliation, found the presence of COVID-19 in 15% of semen samples collected.

Researcher Dr. John Aitken likened it to the Zika virus. “It must be emphasised spermatozoa have a demonstrable functionality to carry viral infections from the male to the female reproductive tract, As happens by way of the sexual transmission of Zika, as an illustration,” headvised native San Antonio Fox 8. Zika virus is a largely mosquito-borne virus that may moreover be sexually transmitted.

The study moreover found that COVID-19 in human sperm “ends in a build-up of angiotensin II, which is a hormone that regulates kidney function and blood stress. Elevated ranges of this hormone cause an immune response in direction of the invading COVID-19 virus particles that may enhance the provision of reactive oxygen species that causes cell demise… Extended publicity to elevated angiotenstin II ranges can lead to cell demise in sperm.”

The study notes it may “ultimately result in an absence of male fertility.”



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