Cochrane Suicide Scene Cut From ‘Star Trek: First Contact’

“Star Trek: First Contact” is extensively thought of among the finest motion pictures within the franchise. The movie tells the story of humanity’s first warp flight and its subsequent first contact with an alien species, the Vulcans.

Zefram Cochrane, the person who constructed the primary warp-capable ship and piloted it into orbit, is without doubt one of the essential characters within the film. Much of the plot focuses on how totally different he’s from the historic determine he was memorialized as and his trepidation in regards to the end result of his momentous flight. At a number of factors through the film, Cochrane tries to flee his destiny.

One scene that was finally deleted from the movie depicted Cochrane making an attempt to flee his destiny in a way more everlasting trend.

Cochrane’s Suicide Attempt


In an interview with Star Trek Monthly, summarized by Memory Alpha, “First Contact” co-writer Brannon Braga revealed that the manufacturing workforce determined to chop a scene during which Cochrane tried suicide as a way to circumvent his function within the first warp flight.

In the scene, Cochrane ran away from the lab and was pursued by members of the Enterprise crew. The chase ended with Cochrane trapped on the fringe of a cliff. He threatened to leap off the cliff if the Starfleet officers did not go away him alone.

Counselor Deanna Troi, who had a grudging rapport with Cochrane, was summoned to speak Cochrane out of leaping. After a protracted and exasperating dialog with him, Troi received so pissed off that she truly instructed Cochrane to leap. When he received chilly toes, she pushed him off, realizing that Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge had arrange a power area across the cliff. Cochrane landed on the power area and was retrieved by the crew.

The tone of the scene means that Cochrane wasn’t truly suicidal. He was simply making an attempt to run away from the strain related along with his legacy.

Braga instructed Star Trek Monthly that the scene was deleted from the film as a result of they wanted to chop a couple of minutes off the ultimate runtime. He added that the workforce felt they’d sufficient scenes that demonstrated Cochrane’s character, so this one hit the chopping block.

Actor James Cromwell Auditioned With The Deleted Scene

In an interview with Star Trek: Communicator, additionally summarized by Memory Alpha, James Cromwell, the actor that performed Cochrane, revealed that the suicidal scene was the one he learn for his audition.

To carry the scene to life, Crowell received up on a chair and pretended it was the cliff. He stood on the edge till the script instructed him to make the leap. At that time he sprawled his physique over the chair, simulating his character getting caught within the power area. Cromwell stated that the manufacturing workforce was delighted by his dramatic decisions.

The Scene That Ended Up within the Movie

The scene Braga and Cromwell described sounds similar to a scene that did make it into the film. In that scene, Cochrane and LaForge had been discussing Cochrane’s legacy. LaForge identified that they had been standing within the precise spot the place a statue of Cochrane would stand sooner or later.

Cochrane grew to become overwhelmed by the gravity of his future, and stated that he wanted to “take a leak.” He headed off into the woods and started operating.

The Enterprise crewmembers ultimately realized that Cochrane was lacking and went trying to find him. Instead of trapping him on the fringe of the cliff like within the deleted scene, Cochrane continued to attempt to run away, shouting that he did not need the duties concerned in his legacy. Commander William Riker merely acknowledged that they did not have time to take care of Cochrane’s antics and surprised him with a phaser.

The scene conveys the identical message of Cochrane’s reluctance in an abbreviated and equally humorous method.

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