Catching Up with the Biggest Shows of Each Streaming Platform

The landscape of TV is constantly changing, and right now you find yourself in the throes of streaming culture. Whereas they were once a novelty or an emerging alternative in the field of cable channels, now there are an enormous number of streaming platforms, each with huge amounts of resources behind them to make their platform stand out above the rest.

This has led to a massive output of content that makes it difficult to realistically sift through all of it – which is where social media comes into it, as well as the desire for shows to be more talked about on those platforms so that they can be noticed more and draw more viewership. Still, keeping your eye on what’s coming up can help to build up anticipation ahead of time.


With a new Stranger Things season once again being in the rear-view mirror, attention begins to get turned to what else Netflix has to offer in the coming months.

It seems that the streaming network has discovered a secret formula for an internet blockbuster with the Squid Game, Money Heist, DARK, Bridgerton, and Stranger Things.

Squid game on Netflix

Of course, the literal answer is ‘many things, but with Stranger Things being one of their flagship properties, viewers might be more curious to see what else of that caliber might be produced by the streaming giant.

In this case, your attention might turn towards the latest season of The Crown, the prestigious, historical drama that inches ever closer to the present day, once again shaking up the cast to reflect the latest time jump.

Amazon Prime

Since purchasing the rights to the James Bond franchise, there has been no news of Amazon’s intention to take that particular property outside of the realms of films, leaving fans to simply visit online casino sites and capture the spirit of 007 while watching other content.

Good Girls on Amazon Prime
Good Girls on Amazon Prime

However, if blockbuster film franchises hold special interest to you, you might well be interested in seeing what Amazon Prime ends up doing with The Lord of the Rings. Highly anticipated since its announcement, Rings of Power is finally making its way to screens in September, and fans are curious to see how it will turn out. 

Having to compete for the attention of fantasy fans with other modern shows, such as House of the Dragon, Good Girls, and The Witcher, means that Rings of Power potentially might have a more difficult time winning over crowds than it would otherwise.

Apple TV+

As a late addition to the streaming battleground, not as many people are likely to find themselves to be users of Apple TV+ as they do with Netflix or Amazon. However, it’s still a platform that is keen to make a name for itself, previously offering an extended free trial to PlayStation 5 users so they could sample what they were all about.

apple TV movies

While not quite on the scale of The Crown or Rings of Power, the most prominent show to come out of Apple TV+ this year was likely that of Severance, the surreal sci-fi show that made quite a name for itself when it was first released. That’s far from all that’s on there, though, and due to this platform being slightly less known than the others, you might find that you require less to look forward to with so much fresh content to binge. 


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