Brent Spiner Faced his Fear of Heights in TNG Movie Stunt

Brent Spiner’s Star Trek: The Next Generation character, Lieutenant Commander Data, wasn’t afraid of something, principally as a result of he was an android. Though he ultimately upgraded his positronic mind to incorporate an emotion chip, Data by no means needed to expertise worry if he did not wish to.

This was demonstrated in a very tense scene of the filmStar Trek: First Contact. When Data defined to Captain Jean-Luc Picard that he was experiencing nervousness about confronting the Borg, Picard instructed that he deactivate his emotion chip. He did so and moved ahead fearlessly.

Unfortunately for Spiner, he cannot deactivate his feelings once they get in the way in which of doing his job. He discovered this out in a terrifying method when he was requested to carry out a stunt forFirst Contact that concerned one of his largest fears. Spiner just lately informed the story throughout a panel celebrating the twenty fifth anniversary of the film.

Spiner is Terrified of Heights

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Spiner has at all times been terrified of heights. Every so typically, his position as Data required him to face this worry. One such time was when he was filming the scene in First Contact the place Alfre Woodard’s character, Lily, is capturing on the away group, as seen in the video above.

The scene was filmed in a missile silo in Arizona. Spiner and Patrick Stewart, who performed Captain Picard, had been standing on a really excessive platform contained in the silo. Stewart knew that Spiner was afraid of heights and at all times teased him about it. So, whereas they had been on this platform, Stewart was bouncing up and down attempting to scare Spiner.

The scene required Data to leap off the platform so he might get to the bottom to disarm Lily. These sorts of stunts had been at all times carried out by Spiner’s stunt double. So, he did the stunt for the preliminary takes.

When Jonathan Frakes, who directed and starred in the film, watched the footage they’d gotten, he determined that the take wasn’t ok. He informed Spiner that it was apparent the soar was performed by a stunt double. He then mentioned that they’d should redo the scene with Spiner performing the stunt himself.

Data Helped Spiner Face his Fears


They did not return to the missile silo to reshoot the stunt with Spiner. Instead, they did it at a soundstage. The crew bought Spiner right into a harness and mentioned they had been going to progressively carry him increased and better off the bottom so he might get used to it earlier than performing the large soar.

Spiner mentioned that he “was in a panic” earlier than he even bought off the bottom. The stunt group lifted him three toes off the bottom as promised. Spiner hated the sensation although he was nonetheless comparatively near the bottom. The stunt crew mentioned they’d solely carry him a bit increased and would work with him till he was comfy.

However, Spiner knew that he would not be capable of do it if he did not simply go for it. So, he informed the stunt crew to carry him all the way in which to the highest of the soundstage. Spiner mentioned that the one means he bought by means of performing the stunt was to “focus and be Data.” He admitted that if he hadn’t targeted so exhausting on embodying his position, he would have screamed the entire means down.

Luckily, he was in a position to focus and full the soar. When he landed, everybody there applauded for him. However, Frakes nonetheless wasn’t pleased with the footage. He informed Spiner they’d should do it once more.

Though he was terrified, Spiner did the stunt once more and nailed it. With satisfaction, he mentioned that when you decelerate the footage of the scene, you’ll be able to clearly see it is him, not a double.

To this present day, Spiner continues to be terrified of heights. Luckily, he hasn’t needed to face that worry as dramatically as he did that day.



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