‘Big Brother’ Alum Jessica Nickson Has Miscarriage Scare

Jessica Nickson (née Graf) and her husband Cody Nickson met on season 19 of “Big Brother” in 2017.

30-year-old Jessica and 36-year-old Cody have two children together: 1-year-old Carter and 2-year-old Maverick. They’re currently trying for a third baby, but as Jessica let her Instagram followers know on November 8, they recently had a discouraging experience.

Jessica shared an Instagram photo of her smiling and holding a positive Clearblue pregnancy test, but she explained in the caption that the photo wasn’t as it seemed. The “Big Brother” alum took a pregnancy test the day after Halloween and saw that it was positive.

“I started laughing and crying all at the same time. Cody was on his way home and I was so excited to tell him that after 6 months of trying, we made a Disney baby,” Jessica wrote. She says that she and Nick were “on cloud 9” for four days, calling the baby-to-be by names they already had on deck. But then, she started experiencing bleeding and assumed she was having a miscarriage.

Jessica took another pregnancy test and this time it read “not pregnant,” so she called her doctor to figure out what was going on.

“They told me that chances are I experienced a false positive pregnancy test the first time because if I had miscarried my hormones would still be telling the test that I was pregnant, that it wouldn’t change that quickly,” the mother of two wrote on Instagram. “So we went from celebrating being pregnant to believing we lost the baby to finding out there never was a baby! I had emotional whiplash and I was exhausted.”

Jessica Says She is ‘Angry’ With Pregnancy Tests

This isn’t the first time a pregnancy test has thrown Jessica for a loop. On Instagram, she explained that when she was pregnant with her second daughter Carter, she kept getting negative tests even when her period was two months late. She had to have her doctor confirm she was pregnant.

“Now for it (the pregnancy test) to tell me I am pregnant and it to be wrong feels like a cruel joke,” Jessica wrote. “I just haven’t felt like myself the last few days but now I just want to distract myself as much as possible to try to get back to normal.”

Supportive comments from “Big Brother” alums came pouring in, including ones from Kat Dunn, Tommy Bracco, Analyse Talavera, and Bayliegh Dayton. Elena Davies of “Big Brother 19” wrote, “I’m ready to distract you all week!!! Lmk when you need me. I can come stay for a couple days….. I’ll let you and Maverick make fun of me as much as you want 😅.”

The Nickson’s Epic Family Halloween Costumes

The day before her false positive test, Jessica got all dressed up for Halloween with Cody and their two daughters. Jessica, Maverick, and Carter were the Sanderson Sisters from the beloved Disney film “Hocus Pocus.” Jessica was Winnifred, Maverick was Sarah, and Carter was Mary.

Cody even dressed up as Billy Butcherson, Winnifred’s ex-lover who she brings back from the grave to chase off her enemies. “This costume would be so much fun to do again with the girls when they’re teenagers,” Jessica captioned an Instagram post.


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