Big Brother 24: Festie Bestie Twist Explained

On tonight’s two-hour episode of “Big Brother,” host Julie Chen launched a brand new twist.

The twist known as “Festie Bestie,” and here is the way it works.

Big Brother 24: Festie Bestie Twist Explained

Shortly after Pooch’s eviction, Julie dropped a bombshell on the houseguests. She knowledgeable them they might be taking part in the sport alongside a “bestie” any more.

She then defined that every week the houseguests will compete for HOH individually, that means just one houseguest could have the ability to appoint two individuals for eviction. But if a houseguest’s “bestie” wins HOH, they may robotically be assured security for the week.

Julie revealed that as an alternative of nominating two people for eviction, the HOH will nominate a pair of besties.

The besties will then compete collectively for the Power of Veto. If the nominated besties win the Veto, they will take away themselves from the block, forcing the present HOH to pick one other pair of besties to take their place.

But wait, there’s extra.

On eviction evening, the houseguests will vote to evict simply one of many two houseguests on the block. You’re most likely questioning what occurs to the participant that continues to be in the home. We’re questioning that too.

Julie Chen mentioned in tonight’s episode that she is going to reveal that a part of the twist on the subsequent dwell eviction.

Stay tuned for extra “Big Brother 24” updates.


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