Beta Film Sells ‘The Turncoat’ to Buyers in U.S., Multiple Territories


Beta’s film drama “to return to the best TV is just as partners in Seoul developer Intl. Awards drama, has scored a series of land deals, including the US

The German miniseries Lenz and guidance of the bestseller by Simon by Florian Gallenberger, winner of the Oscar for best short time to live, to be sold around the world. With other buyers include MHz Networks (US), AMC Networks (Standard Edition) 1HDTV and MTS (Russia), NPO (Netherlands), RTP (Portugal), and filmin (Spain).

Viasat acquired World “, when he is returning,” the epic drama in Central and Eastern Europe. And it is going to be broadcast on NRK (Norway), YLE (Finland), Marcus (Denmark) and SVT (Sweden).

“When you go back to” young soldier tells Walter unity involves Germany 1944 in the woods, surrounded by the Polish complaints. That this was one for the first time, and rent, but godliness has value, that the conscience of the fault and in its own, it is not any easier for a charity of him is a partisan in Poland Wanda. Had sworn to keep up the prayers of his soldiers, who are out of the soul, and an escalating vicious cruelty. After years of decline once more from East Germany.

“When you return,” which Entertainment Dreamtool produced by NDR and SWR Degeto ARD and already broadcast on German television network Das erste, where it was watched by millions of viewers, five lines and five million additional way to pick up. The event series in the tradition of “A” in this exit clamataque critics, this ” Apocalypse Now, the other side “from Der Spiegel,” a great TV series, 5 stars, from the Stern, and “the drama about breaking for love; and heart “along great.

Beta is a book to sell, and two miniseries formats, such as two 90-minute episodes, four 45-minute final and complete.

Beta Other lorem’s lineup in the market Mipcom TV, which is an entirely virtual, includes limited series “Atlantic Crossing ‘Sophia black, which stars the Crown Prince Helin and Martha and Norwegian Kyle MacLachlan as President Roosevelt. Also in the market will be bittersweet Russian dramedy series” 257 reasons to live, “which revolves around the charming Zhenya. After the successful launch of the first time and let the second in his first manner, for YA 2021. The Nordic supernatural series of short form, “Cryptid” And then the buyers it.

Beta film’s lineup also includes YA drama “alive and kicking” to a new series by Albert Espinosa, author of “Red i Society” and holding drama series “Sea Jordan,” set in Naples, about the unlikely friendship in a rough setting youth prison. The mystery series thriller “Dead Mountain” based on the life-of-classified files from the Dyatlov Pass incident, it will be the world’s top holiday.

Also at Mipcom will be, “Tell me who I am,” a limited series based on the global bestseller “Dime quién soy” by Julia Navarro whore in San Sebastian and the Zurich film festival, as “Labyrinth of Peace, ‘and the big budget -familiaris image of an industrial dynasty, which will be available to first time buyers nations.


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John Smith
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