The five best video downloaders to download videos online

While using social media, we watch different videos we like and want to share and download them. Video Downloader is software that helps us download videos of our choice in different resolutions like 720p and 1080p HD. Further, you can also convert them into audio in MP3, MP4, MOV, and AVI. But video downloader is such an excellent and beneficial software to download videos.

1. Video Downloader – Duplichecker:

So, you want to download videos, here is the best video downloader to help you. The best feature of the software is that you do not have to install it or add a plugin. You can use it without installations or any restrictions for downloading videos. Just open this free video downloader on your browser and paste the URL of the video and click on the download video option. It is the most accessible tool to use, and you can download your favorite video in high resolution.

Moreover, it is a free tool with no charges on its use. You can use it any time of the day without any hurdles. It gives you fast service. There are many other tools, but this one is considered to be the best as it has collaborations with more than hundreds of sites. You can download videos in your desired format and can also trim your favorite part!

2. iTubeGo:

iTubeGo is software that helps to download online videos, especially YouTube videos. Because some videos can not be downloaded even on youTube. So this software allows you to download all types of video which you want you can download. You can download a video in just one click no matter if it is a YouTube video or playlist. Further, it gives a different resolution for downloading videos even when you convert them into audio. This software supports Windows PC and android. The speed of video downloading is just incredible. The most fantastic feature is that it gives you one more option to trim the video, so instead of saving the whole video, you can just keep your favorite part.

3. SnapDownloader:

The next video downloader is Snap Downloader. It supports almost 900 websites, including the biggest platform youTube. You can even download youTube videos or playlists from any channel. It has an option up to 8k resolution, which is the highest resolution. You can also download it in the audio format up to MP3. Its efficiency is just remarkable. You can take 100 videos with just one click. This means you can paste up to 100 links and download all the videos with just one click.

Further, it also has an option to trim the video and audio. By using this video downloader, you can even download private videos. There are no restrictions. It is easy to use and smooth in downloading.

4. Video Downloader – SmallSeoTools:

You want to update your favorite videos on WhatsApp status or save them on your PC and mobile. So you can watch them any time when you get free time. So here is a video downloader that helps you to download videos. It has a high-resolution format in the video as well as audio. This software recognizes the video you are watching on your PC and mobile and gives you the option to download the video. You can use it or not. It is straightforward to use and gives you smooth downloading.


As the technology updates day by day, the software developer is also updating the new updates in software. In the same way, video downloader software is updated. VideoProc is software that helps you download the video in different resolutions and convert videos into audio. Further, the outstanding feature is that you can trim a video, or you can merge two videos in one video and crop the video means you can cut any part or side and transfer them in your desired size.

Further, you can use it in any country by setting it on proxy mode. You can easily download a video by using a video downloader in just three clicks, copying the link, pasting it into the bar, and clicking on the download option. You will get the video in just a few seconds in high resolution.


There are thousands of tools that help you download videos online, and these are called video downloaders. Five are mentioned above, but the right choice is on the top but we would suggest you try all of them. Video downloader is the software that helps you download videos online and save them to watch them any time. So these are beneficial for you.


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