Best Romantic Movies on NetFlix that will seriously make your heart smile

All crazy lovers deserve to complete this list of best romantic movies that are most watched on the NetFlix and rated high according to IMDB. They also gave us hope that

Love Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

There’s someone out there for everyone.

Love Best Romantic Movies on NetFlix

The Fault in Our Stars

An amazing love story begins when two cancer patients, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters met at cancer supporting group.

On first sight, they pester each other and shows some sweet jealousy but later they fall in love. The film teaches many life lessons as they both are having different characters, Hazel’s mind is limited but Gus dreams big and wants to achieve many things.

For your surprise, this film is based on the same name book 📙 “The Faults in our Stars” written by John Greene.

Starring- Shailene Woodley(Hazel), Ansel Elgort(Augustus), Nat Wolff(Issac), Laura Dern(Mrs. Lancaster), Willem Dafoe(Peter), Lotte Verbeek(Lidewij), Sam Trammell(Mr Lancaster), Emily Peachey(Monica), Mike Birbiglia(Patrick)

Warm Bodies

The film shows the love story of a half-lived Zombie R and a normal female Julie. At the time of the plague outbreak when almost half of the population is transformed into the freaking zombies, R chooses to be normal.

When he met Julie, he noticed a sudden urge to protect her from the zombie wrath. After that their bond gets stronger and stronger and finally takes the form of an unbreakable relationship.

Casting- Nicholas Hoult(R), Teresa Palmer(Julie), Dave Franco(Perry Kelvin), Analeigh Tipton(Nora), Rob Corddry(M), John Malkovich(General), Cory Hardrict(Kevin), Vincent Leclerc(Perry’s dad)

The Space Between Us

A multi-billionaire CEO of Genesis, Nathaniel launched a mission to acquire Mars. For this, he sends a lady astronaut, Sarah Elliot and realises she is pregnant.

After landing on Mars, she gave birth to the first Martian boy Gardener and dies by eclampsia after delivery.

Sixteen years later, Gardener hacks a robot on earth to find his mother’s belongings and finds Tulsa instead which later becomes his fellow during his Earth’s visit.

Starring- Asa Butterfield(Gardner Elliot), Britt Robertson(Tulsa), Carla Gugino(Kendra), Janet Montgomery(Sarah Elliot), Gary Oldman(Nathaniel), Peter Chelsom(Centaur), Trey Tucker(Harrison Lane), Sarah Minnich(Reporter), Scott Takeda(Dr Gary Loh), Lauren Myers(Alice Myers)

The Perfect Date

The story of a high school student who wants an admission at the Yale University but his family is financially struggling and can’t afford that.

So, his father taught him to get an admission at the University of Connecticut where he can get a full scholarship.

Being stubborn, he keeps on finding a way to make money in his college, he develops a fake dating app. Everything goes fine some days but later his feelings bloom for a girl and his life changes.

Starring- Noah Centineo(Brooks), Laura Marano(Celia), Camila Mendes(Shelby Pace), Odiseas Georgiadis(Murph), Matt Walsh(Charlie), Zak Steiner(Reece), Joe Chrest(Jerry), Carrie Lazar(Lilian), Wayne Pere(Mr Newhouse), Evan Castelloe(Warren)

Blue is the Warmest Color

Two teenage girls develop strong feelings for each other after meeting in a lesbian bar. They live with each other with a great emotional and sexual attachment that empowers their bond.

Blue is the warmest color

Cast- Adele Exarchopoulos(Adele), Lea Seydoux(Emma), Jeremie Laheurte(Thomas), Salim Kechiouche(Samir), Catherine Salee(Mere Adele), Mona Walravens(Lise), Alma Jodorowsky(Beatrice), Aurellen Recoing(Pere Adele), Sandor Funtek(Valentin), Benjamin Siksou(Antonie)

Obvious Child

An unplanned pregnancy that turned out to be successful. How can it happen? But the scene starts when her boyfriend dumped her and the same night she met a guy named Max, whom she had sex and leave his home without saying even goodbye to him.

A few weeks later, she got realized that she is pregnant and try to abort the child but somehow she got Max again or we can say Max got her back at the bookstore.

Starring- Jenny Slate(Donna Stern), Jake Lacy(Max), Gaby Hoffman(Nellie), David Cross(Sam), Gabe Liedman(Joey), Richard Kind(Jacob Stern), Polly Draper(Nancy), Paul Briganti(Ryan), Cindy Cheung(Dr Bernard), Stephen Singer(Gene)

The Age of Adaline

A girl of about 29 never allowed anyone to come nearby but miraculously she bumps into a highly charismatic philanthropist Ellis Jones.

It ignites her emotional feelings and giving her the chance to Kickstart her love life from now.

Starring- Blake Lively(Adaline), Michiel Huisman(Ellis Jones), Harrison Ford(William), Ellen Burstyn(Flemming), Kathy Baker(Kathy Jones), Amanda Crew, Richard Harmon(Tony), Lynda Boyd(Regan), Hugh Ross, Anjali Jay(Cora), Fulvio Cecere(Cab Driver)

All the Bright Places

The struggling story of two teenagers who studied together at the high school and are fighting from their emotional and physical trauma.

However, they face each other when they got a school project and express their strong feelings for each other.

Casting- Ellie Fanning(Violet Markey), Justice Smith(Theodore Finch), Alexandra Shipp(Kate Finch), Kelli O’Hara(Sheryl Markey), Lamar Johnson(Charlie), Virginia Gardener(Amanda), Felix Mallard(Roamer), Sofia Hasmik(Brenda), Keegan-Michael Key(Richard Embry), Luke Wilson(James Markey)

Falling Inn Love

Gabriela Diaz has recently break-up with his non-committed boyfriend Dean and now she has no work to make a living. In the state of loneliness and depression, she got a chance to participate in a contest and fortunately won an Inn in the countryside.

Now, she becomes very excited and heads towards New York to visit his place, after travelling thousands of miles she finds the inn was not as it is supposed to be and fall in love with his neighbour.

Casting- Christina Millan(Gabriela Diaz), Adam Demos(Jake Taylor), Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman(Dean Conner), Anna Julienne(Charlotte Wadsworth), Claire Chitham(Shelley), Blair Strang(Manaaki), Jonathan Martin(Peter)

Home Again

Alice Kenny is about to move away with her two beautiful daughters after the recent break-up with her husband. Now she is going to settle in Los Angeles and apparently she meets 3 filmmakers who are searching for a place to reside.

Although she, so kindly allows these trios to stay and the real chase started when she developed feelings for one of these guys named Harry.

Starring- Reese Witherspoon(Alice Kinney), Nat Wolff(Teddy Dorsey), Jon Rudnitsky(George Appleton), Pico Alexander(Harry Dorsey), Lake Bell(Zoey Bell), Reid Scott(Justin Miller), Dolly Wells(Tracy), Lola Flanery(Isabel), Eden Grace(Rosie)


Finally, these were the Best Romantic movies of NetFlix which you can watch with your partner or alone, this will surely make you feel better.

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