25 Best Comedy Movies On Netflix you binge-watching [2020 Latest]

Given below is the list of 25 best comedy movies of Netflix that gonna make your day.

But remember, these are the ones you watch alone. A list of best family comedies is waiting for you. Make sure to check it out once.

25 Best Comedy Movies in Netflix to watch

No doubt, Netflix is really great place to watch the best Hollywood comedies. But still, there are some good comedies on Amazon Prime that gonna make your heart smile.

So don’t forget to check them out. As most of them are also available on your Favourite Netflix.

The Package(2018)

The film stars with some teenage friends when they plan to go to the camp together, and they get something that they would not have imagined.

In the entire film, all friends run together to save the precious thing of one friend so that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Meanwhile, you will have a lot of fun seeing whatever accidents and accidents happen.

Starring- Eduardo Franco(Jeremy Abelar), Sadie Calvano(Sarah), Geraldine Vishwanathan(Becky Abelar), Daniel Doheny(Sean Floyd), Luke Spencer Roberts(Donnie), Blake Anderson(Redneck)

Always Be My Maybe(2019)

In this film, both Sasha and Marcus are childhood friends and grew up opposite each other. As they grow up together, they know and date each other carefully, but this relationship breaks down when her mother dies in an accident.

After 16 years, Tasha becomes a celebrity, and Marcus still works in an unsigned band in San Francisco. Asha gets an opportunity to meet Marcus when he and his father are called to install an air conditioner.

After this, the two become friends again. Before he can express his love by beating, Tasha tells him that she already develops an interest in Keanu Reeves. This statement turns out to be explosive to Marcus, and the next scene becomes sweet jealousy. So now you are having an idea of this Netflix comedy, and you can judge better if you usually watch movies of Keanu Reeves.

Casting- Ali Wong(Sasha), Randall Park(Marcus Kim), Keanu Reeves, Daniel Dae Kim(Brandon), Michelle Buteau(Veronica), Vivian Bang(Jenny), James Saito(Harry Kim), Karan Soni(Tony)

The Incredible Jessica James 2017

Firstly, Jessica James goes on a date with a boy she met as Tinder. Now Raita spreads there and tells about her recent boyfriend, Damon. After this, Jessica’s best friend Tasha takes her on a blind date in which she meets Boone.

Here both get ideas as Jessica tells about her lousy time and Boon about her recent divorce. After this, they both plan to spend a night together and have fun.

Casting- Jessica James(Jessica James), Chris O’Dowd(Boone), Lakeith Stanfield, Noel Wells(Tasha), Taliyah Whitaker(Shandra), Megan Ketch(Mandy), Zabryna Guevara, Will Stephen

The Ridiculous 6 2015(Best Sheriff comedies of Netflix)

An orphan named White Knife is reared by a local tribe of Americans. And now he has to marry a girl named Smoking Fox who lives in his clan.

Throughout this series, he finds his mother’s murderer and the $ 50,000 that Tommy and his family hid under a pine tree.

Cast- Adam Sandler, Taylor Lautner, Rob Schneider, Luke Wilson, Terry Lewis, Nick Nolte, Vanilla Ice, Steve Buscemi, Danny Trejo, Jorge Gracia(Herm), Will Forte, Whitney Cummings

Dolemite is my name(2019)

In the starting, Rudy Ray Moore is an employee at a recording store who wants to sing at a radio station. One day when a homeless man comes to their shop and starts shouting loudly, in which there is a name Dolemite.

This is what creates the mood of Moore to make his name by Dolemite. Accordingly, he starts to think of himself as a singer by wearing strange clothes, a mic in his hand, and makes a very comical image. Probably, you will enjoy watching the comedy movies of Rudy Ray Moore as they always make the best inspirational movies with full of fun and action.

Starring- Eddie Murphy(Rudy Ray Moore), Wesley Snipes(D’Urville Martin), Keegan Michael Key(Jerry Jones), Da’Vine Joy Randolph(Lady Reed), Craig Robinson(Ben Taylor), Mike Epps(Jimmy Lynch), Tituss Burgess(Theodore)

BoJack Horseman 2020(My Favourite)

An award-winning web series on Netflix that teaches us valuable life lessons along with fun and joy. It shows how unreliable memories can be as the scene starts with a memoir.

Bojack Horseman is the story of a horse who was once a star in Hollywood. Still, now he is suffering from alcoholism and complaining about everything.

Cast- Will Arnett(BoJack Horseman), Alison Brie(Diane), Aaron Paul(Todd Chavez), Amy Sedaris(Princess), Paul F. Tompkins(Mr. Peanutbutter), Raphael Bob-Wakesberg(Charley), Kristen Schaal(Sarah Lynn)

Sextuplets 2019

It is an American comedy film featuring Marlon Wayans and Bresha Webb and a man who has gone to find his 5 estranged siblings and sisters. When he finds out that he is his mother’s sextuplet.

After that, he first meets his brother Rusell, after which both of them go out on the road to find their remaining siblings. Later, they also meet Dawn, Ethan, and Jasper, who are their brothers-sisters.

This film is also included in my personal list of best comedy movies on Netflix as it contains too much fun and laughter.

Casting- Marlon Wayans(Alan Daniels), Bresha Webb(Marie), Molly Shannon(Lynda), Glynn Turman(Leland), Michael Ian Black(Doug), Debbi Morgan(Janet), Jwaundace Candace(Female Guard #2), Robert Pralgo(Dr. Theodore Williams), Grace Junot(Dr. Greenburg), Jason Graham(Dr. Ellis)

Wine Country(2019)

Abby decides that she will celebrate his friend Rebecca’s 50th birthday. Still, he wishes that they quietly celebrate if no one knows about him. Rebecca, Abby and her four friends whom she has known since she worked as a waitress all together plan to be measured.

Instead of relaxing her friends for fun, Abby wants them to follow the rules of etiquette and stay disciplined because, like his friends, she too had lost her job some time ago.

Now she is planning for the future.

Roles- Amy Poehler(Abby), Rachel Dratch(Rebecca), Ana Gasteyer(Catherine), Maya Rudolph(Naomi), Paula Pell(Val), Emily Spivey(Jenny), Tina Fey(Tammy)

The fundamentals of caring(2016)

Ben is a retired writer looking for a new job. He does a 6-month course so that he can become a caregiver. After that, he gets a job with an English woman named Elsa, whose 18-year-old son Trevor is suffering from a disease called muscular dystrophy.

Trevor and Ben become terrific friends, but this bothers Elsa because she doesn’t want anyone to come close to her son. The real test begins when both go on a road trip to learn the importance of friendship.

Casting- Paul Redd(Ben), Craig Roberts(Trevor), Selena Gomez(Dot), Jennifer Ehle(Elsa), Megan Ferguson(Peaches), Bobby Cannavale, Julia Denton

Gilmore Girls(2016)

Rory has problems with mixing and living with private school children in Chilton. She meets her first boyfriend Dean but gets a breakup because she can’t speak love u like Dean.

When many people propose to her, she thinks that she should give the relationship a chance, which causes some tension between Rory and Lorelai.


At the same time, Lorelai has a close relationship with the local diner owner Luke Danes, which makes this film’s place in the list of best comedy movies on Netflix.

Casting- Lauren Graham(Lorelai), Alexis Bledel(Rory), Scott Patterson(Luke Danes), Kelly Bishop(Emily Gilmore), Melissa McCarthy(Sookie), Keiko Agena(Lane Kim), Liza Well(Paris Geller)

The Kominsky Method(2018)

Firstly, Sandy Kaminski and her daughter run a small actor studio in Hollywood with one of the most recent children, Lisa. Although she is a widow, she asks Sandy to go on a date.

Moreover, Sandy meets his good old friend Norman who tells him that CBS has sent him to do an informal comedy-drama in Ludacris.

When Mindy convinces him, he pays Norman to see his wife, Eileen, who is fighting against cancer. Meanwhile, Mindy’s call comes on Sandy and Lisa’s date.

I hope you are liking our list of best comedy movies on Netflix. Let’s move ahead with the name of great stars.

Main Cast- Alan Arkin(Norman), Michael Douglas(Sandy), Sarah Baker(Mindy), Nancy Travis(Lisa), Chuk Lorre, Paul Reiser, Jane Seymour

Black Dynamite(2009)

In the early 1970s, a Vietnam-based army doctor and former CIA officer vow that he will eliminate all the streets of the city from mafia gangs, goons, and drug dealers.

Because his brother Jimmy killed by people of one unknown organization, he does not want anyone else to have this condition.

The members of the Black Dynamite Army and his CIA partners call him back so that he can get to the bottom of the murder of his brother. They do not go out for revenge alone, so they also support him.

Starring- Michael Jai White(Black), Tommy Davidson(Cream), Byron Minns, Kym Whitley, Scott Sanders, Arsenio Hall(Tasty Freeze), Cedric Yarbrough, Salli Richardson(Gloria)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S.(Best comedy movies on Netflix)

Probably you will like the story of 6 friends living in new york who help each other grow and face the problems of life together.

Joey is struggling to become an actor, Rachel is a waitress who wants to work in fashion, Ross reads about Fossil he doesn’t like at all, Monica is a cook, phoebe makes music, and Chandler is one of the data processing Works-. You cannot ignore this crazy 😜 motion picture if you are in a mood to watch all the greatest Netflix comedies first.

Casting- Jennifer Aniston(Rachel Green), Courtney Cox(Monica Geller), Lisa Kudrow(Phoebe), Matthew Perry(Chandler Bing), Matt LeBlanc(Joey Tribbiani), David Schwimmer(Ross Geller)

Kims Convenience(2016)

First of all, this is a Canadian television seat short that was first shown on CBC. It consists of a Korean family who runs a Convenience store in Moss Park.

Appa and Umma are the owners of this store who have a daughter named Janet and a boy named Jung.

In the first episode, when Appa learns that he has a disease called homophobia. He dissuades that his gay customers will be given more discounts during which he also got a Korean boyfriend. This is a pretty weird motion picture in our list of best Netflix comedies in which Kim is a gay and dates other men guys.

Starring- Simu Liu(Jung Kim), Paul Sun-Hyung Lee(Kim Sang), Andrea Bang(Janet Kim), Jean Yoon(Kim Yoon), Andrew Phung(Kimchee), Nicole Power(Shannon Ross), Rodrigo Fernandez(Enrique)

Monty Python and The Holy Grail (Greatest Comedies on Netflix)

A comedic send-up of the dreary conditions of the Middle Ages as recounted through the tale of King Arthur and surrounded by a current homicide examination. When the legendary ruler of the Britons drives his knights on a journey for the Holy Grail. They face an extensive exhibit of revulsions, including a diligent Black Knight, a three-headed goliath.

A unit of growth tested knights, the hazardous Castle Anthrax, an exceptional hare, a place of virgins, and a bunch of impolite Frenchmen.

Casting- John Cleese(Lancelot), Terry Gilliam(Eric Idle(Sir Robin), Graham Chapman(King Arthur), Terry Jones(Sir Bedivere), Carol Cleveland(Dingo Zoot), Michael Palin(Galahad), Neil Innes

The Big Lebowski(1998)

In 1991, some goons picked up a middle-class bachelor Lebowski to loot money from his wife. But actually, they had got the wrong person because Big Lebowski is still safe.

They caught a man fond of Cannabis and bowling. Now, this dude also learns that there is a man similar to his identity and takes advantage of it.

Casting- Jeff Bridges(The Dude), John Goodman(Walter), Steve Buscemi(Theodore), Julianne Moore(Maude), John Turturro(Jesus), Tara Reid(Bunny), David Huddleston(Jeffrey), Philip Seymour(Brandt)

Murder Mystery(2019)

In this film, Nick Spitz is a New York police officer, and his wife, Audrey, works as a hairdresser.

She wants to visit Europe, and Nick promises that he will take her from the plane to Europe on the 15th anniversary of their wedding and have dinner there.

Although these people go out on the plane where they find a Billionaire man Charles Cavendish who calls them on his family yacht. Because the bus is very crowded, Nick says yes to him, and the adventure starts from here. Murder Mystery now comes first in the list of best comedy movies on Netflix and is enough to make your stomach ache with their jokes.

Casting- Adam Sandler(Nick Spitz), Jennifer Aniston(Audrey Spitz), Luke Evans(Charles), Gemma Arterton(Grace Ballard), David Walliams(Tobias), Shiori Kutsuna(Suzi), Terence Stamp(Malcolm)

Isn’t It Romantic(2019)

Natalie hates watching romantic best comedies on Netflix since childhood, which seems to support her little self-confidence and difficulty in finding love.

While her assistant is of the opposite view, she loves to watch a romantic comedy, and she believes that Josh, who works with her, likes Natalie but does not speak.

Natalie must have avoided him, saying that he might be looking at the model’s poster outside. The real story starts when a billionaire client falls in love with her, and Josh also gains interest in a billboard model Isabella who works as a yoga ambassador.

Starring- Rebel Wilson(Natalie), Liam Hemsworth, Priyanka Chopra, Adam DeVine(Josh), Betty Gilpin(Whitney), Jennifer Saunders(Natalie’s mother), Tom Ellis(Dr. Todd), Alex Kis(Natalie)

Step Brothers(2008)

Brenan lives with his divorced mother, and Dale lives with his widowed father. The parents of these two get married, after which both of them become stepbrothers who act childish. These two are quarreling with each other because their ways of living are entirely different from each other.

Later, they open an entertainment company called Prestige Worldwide. Still, they are closed before they start, as they show a sinking kayak in their show.

Due to this, their parents get divorced, and they blame each other for such circumstances. Later both of them change their path, but in the end, they reunite and take their company to top. Believe it or not, this is the funniest stepbrother’s comedies on Netflix, and you can watch it with your brother and leg-pulling each other.

Casting- Will Ferrell(Brennan Huff), John C. Reilly(Dale Doback), Adam McKay(Man without wife), Mary Steenburgen(Nancy Huff), Adam Scott(Derek), Richard Jenkins(Robert Doback), Rob Riggle(Randy)

Legally Blonde(2001)

Legally Blonde is a 2001 comedy film based on Amanda Brown’s Legally Blonde book. At the beginning of the film, a girl named Ellie Woods takes her boyfriend Warner Huntington 3 to an expensive restaurant. Eli thinks he will propose to her, but he breaks up with her because he wants to become a successful leader, and Eli is not ready for it.

To prove herself, Eli studies a lot and goes to study at Harvard Law School, but the atmosphere there is very different.

Casting- Reese Witherspoon(Elle Woods), Luke Wilson(Emmett), Selma Blair(Vivian), Jennifer Coolidge(Paulette), Matthew Davis(Warner Huntington 3), Ali Karter(Brooke), Alanna Ubach(Serena)

Pee-wee’s Big Holiday(2016)

Pee-Wee Herman lives in a small village and works as a chef at Dan’s Dinner. The people of the town also praise him for his cooking talent and like him a lot.

One day he meets an actor Joe Manganiello and becomes his friend, he is so engrossed with it that on being told by him, He is ready to leave his village and move to New York City with him.

Then, the best part of this Netflix comedies starts as our chef moves with Joe to attend his birthday party and make movies with 3 thieves.

Casting- Paul Reubens(Pee-wee Herman), Joe Manganiello, Paul Rust, Alia Shawkat(Bella), Stephanie Beatriz, Diane Salinger, Jessica Pohly, Tara Buck, John Paragon(Pterri, Jambi)

Hot Fuzz(2007)

Nicholas Angel is an elegant and capable officer who works in the Metropolitan Police Service in London.

He is promoted to become a Sergeant, but the people working with him are jealous of him, and due to jealousy, they formulate a plan, after which Nicholas has to be transferred to a small village.

Being killed in that village after a series of accidents, Angel is sent to investigate the same where he meets his friend Danny. And start searching so that they can find the murderer. Therefore, there they find illegal weapons and a naval mine.

Casting- Simon Pegg(Nicholas Angel), Nick Frost(PC Danny), Timothy Dalton(Simon Skinner), Jim Broadbent(Inspector), Paddy Considine(DS Andy), Martin Freeman(Met Sergeant), Bill Nighy

Shaun Of The Dead(2004)

Shaun is a 30-year-old stupid man whom no one knows, and his comrades make fun of him because he always does something stupid. When he is unable to make a dinner reservation with his girlfriend, Liza, she leaves him.

Poor Shaun then breaks his heart and lives on the outskirts of London with his best friend Ed, and the two play electro all night.

The next day a zombie disaster ensues throughout London, and Sean also sees 2 zombies in his garden, which Sean and Ed beat up with shovels and cricket bat until they die. They think of saving Liza and Sean’s mummy and go off to kill zombies with more people with them and then increase the fun to these best comedy movies on Netflix and make us laugh.

Casting- Simon Pegg(Shaun), Nick Frost(Ed), Edgar Wright(Rabid), Kate Ashfield(Liz), Lucy Davis(Dianne), Dylan Moran(David), Bill Nighy(Philip), Penelope Wilton(Barbara), Martin Freeman(Declan)

Wet Hot American Summer(2001)

On the last camp day of the campfire board, the counsellors say that this is the last day for those who want to build their romantic relationship. Beth, who is a camp director, falls in love with Henry, who is the Astrophysics of Colby college.


In the list of best Netflix comedy movies, you can not miss watching the summer holiday movies. If you are a college student and want to watch some comedy movies. Henry must make a plan by which he can save the camp from NASA’s SkyLab, which is about to fall on Earth.

Roles- Janeane Garofalo(Beth), David Hyde Pierce(Professor Henry Newman), Molly Shannon(Gail von Kleinenstein), Paul Rudd(Andy), Christopher Meloni(Gene), Michael Showalter(Coop), Ken Marino

Little Evil(2017)

Little Evil is one of the best supernatural horror-comedy movies on Netflix. It is written by Eli Craig in which a 5-year-old child suffocates Gary.

Gary is married to Samantha, who has a 5-year-old son, Lucas, along with her.

The wedding filmmaker calls to Gary and informs him that he finds something strange in the footage, but Gary has no business with him.

After this, when Lucas is sent to school, his principal complains that his son’s tongue slips, and he tells his science teacher to go to hell, after which she commits suicide. Hearing this, Gary takes his boy to a psychiatrist to find out more about his behaviour.

Roles- Adam Scott(Gary Bloom), Evangeline Lily(Samantha Bloom), Owen Atlas(Lucas), Bridget Everett(Al), Clancy Brown(Reverend Gospel), Sally Field(Miss Shaylock), Kyle Bornheimer(Victor)


At last, these were the best comedy movies on Netflix that you don’t want to miss. If you know the name of any other funny movies, then please comment.

So, we will add the movie with the maximum number of comments on this list of fantastic comedies of Netflix. If you are a fan of Indian cinema, then check the funniest movies of Bollywood to enjoy the real fun of cinematography.


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