25 Best Inspirational Movies on NetFlix Based on True Stories

Life is a struggle to keep death at a respectable distance! To worth your time, here is the list of 25 most inspirational movies on NetFlix inspired by true events that gave you the courage to fight against your problems and make you stronger.

Before that, let me tell you a quick story!

A journalist asked from a successful businessman that what is the secret of success?

He replied- “Good Decisons”

Journalist asked once again- How did you learn to take good decisions?

He replied- Experience.

So, how did you gain experince?

The business beautifully replied- Bad Decisons.

At least take some decisions to gain experience until you become good enough to make good decisions.

Like the one, you decided to watch these best inspirational movies instead of those comedy movies of NetFlix, decision making is everywhere.

25 Best Inspirational Movies on NetFlix inspired by True Events

Green Book

An Oscar-winning film which is based on a true story of a world-class African-American pianist who embarks a concert tour in the Deep South. For this, he assigned an Italian-American neighborhood in the Bronx which becomes his bromance on the way fighting against racism. The main lines that we can learn from this film are- “It takes courage to change people’s hearts”, “Violence is not the solution of any problem”.


Starring- Mahershala Ali(Don Shirley), Viggo Mortenson(Tony Lip), Nick Vallelonga, Linda Cardellini(Dolores), Sebastian Maniscalco(Johny), Dimitar Marinov(Oleg), Don Stark(Jules Podell), P.J. Byrne(Record Exec), Mike Hatton(George), Joseph Cortese(Gio Loscudo)


Based on the real-life rivalry between two F1 racers James Hunt(British) and Niki Lauda(Austrian) during the 1970s. Lauda was so badly injured in the 1976 German Grand Prix that a priest gave him the last rites as he should stay in the coma. His Ferrari was completely smashed and bursting into flames.


Casting- Chris Hemsworth(James Hunt), Daniel Bruhl(Niki Lauda), Olivia Wilde(Suzy Miller), Alexandra Maria Lara(Marlene), Natalie Dormer(Nurse), Piefrancesco Favino(Clay), Alistair Petrie(Stirling Moss), Christian McKay(Lord Hesketh), Stephen Mangan(Alastair), Julian Rhind Tutt(Anthony)

Life is Beautiful

This was inspired by an Italian Jewish survivor during World War 2, his name was Rubino Romeo Salmoni. He faced so many hardships like he was placed in the Fossoli Camp and later to Auschwitz with another Jews. Many Jews were killed but he survived and won a tank as his father had promised due to his determination and never losing hope attitude, but his father has to sacrificed his life to save him.


Casting- Roberto Benigni(Guido Orefice), Nicolette Braschi(Dora Orefice), Giorgio Cantarini(Giosue), Glustino Durano(Uncle Eliseo), Horst Buchholz(Doctor Lessing), Marisa Paredes(Dora’s Father), Sergio Bustric(Ferruccio), Amerigo Fontani(Rodolfo)

We are Marshall

The day was Nov 14, 1970, when the biggest air tragedy had taken place in US sports history as the Southern Airways DC-9 was crashed claiming 75 lives including the whole Football team of Marshall University. The tragedy took place while passing a hill and the reason was pilot error. Now, the coach has to assign a new team and train them to play the world football ⚽ cup.


Starring- Kate Mara(Annie Cantrell), Matthew McConaughey(Jack), Matthew Fox(Red Dawson), January Jones(Carole), Anthony Mackie(Nate Ruffin), Ian McShane(Paul Griffen), Kimberley Williams-Paisley(Sandy), David Strathairn(President)


The film highlights the strong character of a Scottish warrior, William Wallace who lead the first war of Scottish independence that was fought against King Edward I of UK. Some ideas are also inspired by Blind Harry poem The Actes and Deidis of the Illustre and Vallyeant Campioun Schir William Wallace.


Casting- Mel Gibson(William Wallace), Sophie Marceau(Queen Isabella), Angus Macfadyen(Robert), Catherine McCormack(Murron), Patrick(Kind Edward I), Brendan Gleeson(Hamish), Brian Cox(Argyle Wallace), James Cosmo(Campbell), David O’Hara(Stephen), Peter Hanly(Edward II), Tommy Flanagan(Morrison)

The Shawshank Redemption

The story of the film is of a prisoner who despite being innocent, reaches jail. There he meets another prisoner. And the two become friends for a lifetime. Andy is an investment banker who is proved to be falsely accused of killing his wife and goes to jail. Both Andy and his friend are serving life sentences.


Starring- Morgan Freeman(Ellis Boyd), Tim Robbins(Andy Dufree), Bob Gunton(Warden), Mark Rolston(Bogs), Clancy Brown(Captain), Gil Bellows(Tommy), James Whitmore(Brook’s Hatlen), Jeffrey DeMunn(1946 D.A.), David Proval(Snooze), Alfonso Freeman(Fresh)

Fight Club

This film shows how we are running in a rat race doing the same dead-end jobs that brings little money and have fun. We sold our souls to someone else just to feel better and impress the peoples we don’t even like. That is the must-have film in the list of best inspirational movies of Netflix.


Starring- Brad Pitt(Tyler Durden), Edward Norton(The Narrator(The Narrator), Helena Bonham Carter(Marla Singer), Meat Loaf(Robert Bob), Jared Leto(Angel Face), Zach Greiner(Richard), Holt McCallany(The Mechanic), David Andrews(Thomas), Richmond Arquette(Intern)

The Pursuit Of Happiness

If somebody has ever told you that you can’t do anything then watch this most inspirational Oscar-nominated movie on NetFlix, it will guide you towards following your passion and finally reaching to accomplishment.


Starring- Will Smith(Chris Gardener), Jaden Smith( Christopher), Thandie Newton(Linda), Brian Howe(Jay Twistle), Dan Castellaneta(Alan Frakesh), James Karen(Martin Frohm), Kurt Fuller(Walter Ribbon), Takayo Fischer(Mrs. Chu), Mark Christopher(Wayne)

Black Hawk Down

This film shows the Battle of Mogadishu(the most dangerous city) when the elite group of soldiers was sent to take down the enemies. Best U.S army ranger, Jeff Struecker become one of our inspirations, as only a few return alive.

Blak Hawk Down Best Inpirational Movies on Netflix

Starring- Josh Hartnett(Eversmann), Ewan McGregor(Grimes), Eric Bana(Hoot), Tom Sizemore(McKnight), William Fichter(Sanderson), Sam Shephard(Garrison), Ewen Bremmer(Nelson), Jason Issacs(Steele), Orlando Bloom(PFC Todd), Tom Hardy(Twombly)


The true story of William Munny is shown in this 1992 action-inspirational film who was an actual killer and outlaw but only to save the lives of other peoples from bandits who are spreading vigilantism in his town.

Unforgiven most inspirational films based on true story

Starring- Clint Eastwood(William Munny), Gene Hackman(Little Bill Daggett), Richard Harris(English Bob), Morgan Freeman(Ned Logan), Frances Fisher(Strawberry), Anna Thompson(Deliath), Jaimz Woolvett(The Schofield Kid), Saul Rubinek(W.W. Beauchamp)

Into The Wild

This movie looks more like fiction even though it is based on the true story of a college graduate named Chris McCandless who moves out for the Alaskan adventure to experience its wilderness.


Casting- Emile Hirsch(Chris McCandless), Marcia Gay Harden(Billie McCandless), Kristen Stewart(Tracy Tatro) William Hurt(Walt), Jena Malone(Carine/Additional Narrator), Brian H. Dierker(Rainey), Vince Vaughn(Wayne Westberg), Catherine Keener(Jan Burres)


We are bound to collide with each other, this film signifies this line well. Each character has enough prejudice of life to demonstrate we should not judge anyone too quickly without putting ourselves into their shoes.

Crash in True Motivational Stories on Netflix
Source: Google

Casting- Karine Arroyave(Elizabeth), Dato Bakhtadze(Lucien), Sandra Bullock(Jean), Don Cheadle(Graham), Art Chudabala(Ken Ho), Sean Cory Cooper(Motorcycle Cop), Tony Danza(Fred), Keith David(Lt. Dixon), Loretta Devine(Shaniqua), Matt Dillon(Officer Ryan), Jennifer Esposito(Ria)

The Theory Of Everything(Inspiring Life Story of Stephen Hawking)

This is the inspirational biopic of Great physicist Stephen Hawking who defies all laws of nature and makes himself alive by developing new fields of medicine and science. He was just 21 years old when diagnosed with a motor neuron disease. He did not cry out what he did not have but created history using whatever was left.

The Theory of Everything inspirational movies of NetFlix

Casting- Eddie Redmayne(Stephen Hawking), Felicity Jones(Jane Wilde), Emily Watson(Beryl Watson), David Thewlis(Dennis Sciama), Tom Prior(Robert), Sophie Perry(Lucy), Finlay Wright-Stephens(Timothy), Harry Lloyd(Brian), Alice Orr-Ewing(Diana King), Thomas Morrison(Carter), Michael Marcus(Ellis)

A Beautiful Mind

The real story of John Forbes Nash Jr combine with the biography of the same name by Sylvia Nasar. He made a great discovery in his life which was about to internationally recognized but he suddenly changes his path to discover himself which is too much cautious and challenging.


Starring- Russell Crowe(John Nash), Jennifer Connelly(Alicia Nash), Ed Harris(Parcher), Austin Pendleton(Thomas King), Christopher Plummer(Dr. Rosen), Adam Goldberg(Sol), Josh Lucas(Hansen), Anthony Rapp(Bender), Paul Bettany(Charles), Jason Gray-Stanford(Ainsley), Judd Hirsch(Helinger), Vivien Cardone(Marcee), Jillie Simon(Bar Co-Ed)


Rocky is one of the greatest and real inspiring stories on Netflix that highlights the never giving up attitude and courage of a less known boxer who fought against the heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali. With all his hard work and training, he was able to fight against champion but lost on a TKO in the 15th round.


Casting- Sylvester Stallone(Rocky Balboa), Talia Shire(Adrian), Burt Young(Paulie), Carl Wealth(Apollo Creed), Burgess Meredith(Mickey), Tony Burton(Tony), Frank Stallone(Street come), Lou Flippo(Champion), Bill Baldwin(Fight), Don Sherman(Bartender), Jodi Letizia(Marie), Pedro Lovell(Spider Rico), Al Silvani(Cut Man), Jimmy Gambina(Mike),

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is a tale of genius who works as a Janitor at MIT. However, he can solve any problem but unaware of his capabilities, he struggles to find himself. But one day he meets his soulmate when all of his doubts become clear and he finally rediscover himself.


Casting- Matt Damon(Will), Ben Affleck(Chuckie), Stellent Skarsgard(Lambeau), John Mighton(Tom), Rachel Majorowski(Krystyn), Colleen McCauley(Cathy), Casey Affleck(Morgan), Cole Hauser(Billy), Alison Folland(M.I.T Student), Derrick Bridgeman (M.I.T Student), Vik Sahay(Student), Matt Mercier(Barbershop Quartet)

The Pianist

It is the heart-wrenching story of an acclaimed Polish Jewish musician Wladyslaw Szpilman who faces a series of hardships during world war 2 which becomes the source of information of this oscar-winning Holocaust movie.


Starring- Adrien Brody(Władysław Szpilman), Thomas Kretschmann(Captain Wilm Hosenfeld),Frank Finlay as Samuel Szpilman Maureen Lipman(Edwarda Szpilman), Emilia Fox(Dorota), Ed Stoppard(Henryk Szpilman), Julia Rayner(Regina Szpilman), Jessica Kate Meyer(Halina Szpilman), Ronan Vibert(Andrzej Bogucki), Ruth Platt(Janina Bogucki), Andrew Tiernan(Szalas), Michał Żebrowski(Jurek), Roy Smiles(Itzhak Heller), Richard Ridings(Mr. Lipa)

Dallas Buyers Club

The film is based on the true story of Ronald Dickson Woodroof who was diagnosed with AIDS and informed that he has only 30 days left to live. Instead of panicking, he tried all possible ways to cure himself and smuggle all the unapproved drugs to all the people that are fighting with the same disease and waiting for the verified medicine effective in the treatment.

Dallas Buyers Club movie uplifting

Casting- Matthew McConaughey(Ron Woodroof), Jennifer Garner(Dr. Eve Saks), Jared Leto(Rayon), Adam Dunn(Bartender), Denis O’Hare(Dr. Sevard), Griffin Dunne(Dr. Vass), Steve Zahn(Tucker), Michael O’Neil(Richard Barkley), Dallas Roberts(David Wayne), Scott Takeda(Mr. Yamata) Kevin Rankin(T.J), Bradford Cox(Sunflower)


An American biographical drama film was written by Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer. It is based on the Boston Globe investigative reporting team that reveals the widespread system of sexual abuse of children by Roman Catholic priests in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Netflix Inspirational Movie Spotlight

Cast- Mark Ruffalo(Michael Rezendes), Michael Keaton(Walter “Robby”), Brian d’Arcy James(Matt Caroll) Rachel McAdams(Sacha Pfeiffer), John Slattery(Ben Bradlee Jr.), Liev Schreiber(Marty Baron), Billy Crudup(Eric), Stanley Tucci(Mitchell), Paul Guilfoyle(Peter Conley), Len Cariou(Cardinal Bernard Law), James Sheridan(Jim Sullivan)

The Help

The Help is based on the historical events of struggles faced by African American maids during the 1960s in Jackson Mississippi, however, the characters and the plot are fictional on the basis of the novel of the same name written by Kathryn Stockett.

The Help motivational movie based on real story

Star Cast- Emma Stone(Eugenia Phelan), Viola Davis(Aibileen Clark), Octavia Spencer(Minny Jackson), Jessica Chastain(Celia Rae Foote), Bryce Dallas Howard(Hilary Walters), Alison Janney(Charlotte Phelan), Mike Vogel(Johny Foote), Cicely Tyson(Constantine Bates), Ahna O’Reilly(Elizabeth Leefolt), Sissy Spacek(Mrs. Walters), Chris Lowell(Stuart Whitworth)

Seven Pounds

The inspirational movies of Will Smith are always filled with the act of Kindness and this too available on Netflix. In this film, he is on a mission to donate all his body parts to needy peoples, and it between he falls in love with Emily who is fighting with a savior heart disease but never able to express his love due to his past.

Seven Pounds movie true inspirational motion picture

Roles- Will Smith(Ben), Rosario Dawson(Emily Posa), Michael Ealy(Ben Thomas), Woody Harrelson(Ezra Turner), Madison Pettis(Connie’s daughter), Barry Pepper(Dan), Octavia Spencer(Kate), Robinne Lee(Sarah Johnson), Elpida Carrillo(Connie Tepos), Fiona Hale(Inez), Audrey Wasilewski(Nurse #1), Nadia Shazana(Dialysis Nurse), Sarah Jane Morris(Susan)

The Great Hack

Want to understand the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal then this will be one of the best movies to stream on NetFlix which will show you the dark side of social media during the presidential election in the United States of America and also inspirational as it shows us what things can be possible.


Main Roles- Brittany Kaiser, David Carroll, Carole Cardwalladr, Christopher Wylie, Paul Hilder, Stephen K. Bannon, Roger McNamee, Emma Graham Harrison, Jamie Bartlett, Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Pay it Forward

This motion picture shows how a small act of kindness can bring a greater change that could impact the whole world. It all starts when a social studies teacher gave an assignment to his students on writing an idea to change the world for better, a student creates the paying forward plan which later turns into a movement.


Casting- Halsey Joel Osment(Ricky), Kevin Spacey(Eugene), Helen Hunt(Ariene), Jon Bon Jovi(Ricky), Jay Mohr(Chris), Jim Caviezel(Jerry), Angie Dickinson(Grace), David Ramsey(Sidney Parker), Garry Werntz(Mr. Thorsen), Kathleen Wilhoite(Bonnie), Marc Donato(Adam), Jeanetta Arnette(Nurse), Liza Snyder(Michelle), Leslie Dilley(The Governor)

Dead Poets Society

The tale of an English teacher who inspires his students with his teachings and wise words like We read and write poetry not because it’s cute. We read and write because we are part of the human race which is filled with talent and passion.


Main Characters Real- Neil Perry(Robert Sean Leonard), Todd Anderson(Ethan Hawke), Charlie Dalton(Gale Hansen), Knox Overstreet(Josh Charles), Richard Cameron(Dylan Kussman), John Keating(Robin Williams), Steve Meeks(Allelon Ruggiero), Mr. Nolan(Norman Lloyd), Gerard Pitts(James Waterson), Ginny Danbury(Lara Flynn Boyle)

The Blind Side

This is also one of the remarkable true inspiring stories of Michael Oher who came from a broken home whose estranged father was murdered while he was in high school. Then, he found Sean and Leigh Anne who became his legal guardians and make him a great football player as well as the star.

The Blind side in the list of best inspirational movies on Netflix

Lead Roles- Quinton Aaron(Leigh Anne Tuohy), Quinton Aaron(Michael Oher), Tim McGraw(Sean Tuohy), Lily Collins(Collins), Jae Head(S.J), Kathy Bates(Miss Sue), Ray McKinnon(Burt Cotton), Kim Dickens(Mrs. Boswell), Ed Orgeron, Nick Saban, Adrian Lenox(Denise Oher), Houston Nutt, Lou Holtz, Catherine Dyer(Mrs. Smith), Andrew Stahl(Principal), Tom Nowicki(Literature), Libby Whittemore(Sarcastic Teacher), Melody Weintraub(History Teacher)

Final Words

So, which movie you are going to watch first?

Let me know by simply leaving a comment below with your best inspirational movies that you are gonna watch now on Netflix.

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