If this list of Best horror movies on Amazon Prime doesn’t make you scream then don’t forget to check the scariest movies of all time on Hulu that will give you instant goosebumps.

Now lock the door, set up the projector, turn off the lights, hold your loved ones tight, and see how people survive. If you love adventure then you may probably like to watch best climbing movies of Amazon prime to get an adrenaline shot in your veins.

25 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime that make you scream


The story moves around a couple whose relationship is on the brink of falling apart. However, they get more time due to a family tragedy then both go on a once-in-a-lifetime midsummer festival held at a remote Swedish village that requires sacrifice of 9 lives. Midsommar streaming will gave you real thrill and chills that all you need.

Midsommar in best Horror movies on amazon prime

Cast- Florence Pugh(Dani), Jack Reynor(Christian), Wil Poulter(Mark), Isabelle Grill(Maja), William Jackson(Josh), Bjorn Anderson(Dan), Julia Ragnarsson(Inga), Vilhelm Blomgren(Pelle), Archie Madekwe(Simon), Anna Astrom(Karin), Ellora Torchia(Connie), Liv Mjones(Ulla), Louise Peterhoff(Hanna), Gunnel Fred(Siv), Henrik Norlen(Ulf), Anki Larsson(Irma)


The story of eponymous Carrie White who had no friends and was bullied at high school from an abusive religious household. Along with mother, she uses her telekinetic powers to take revenge from all those who tormented her in which she claims 440 lives.


Casting- Chloe Grace Moretz(Carrie White), Julliane Moore(Margaret White), Gabriella Wilde(Sue Snell), Portia Doubleday(Chris Hargenson), Samantha Weinstein(Heather Mason), Judy Greer(Miss Desjardin), Alex Russell(Billy Nolan), Karissa Strain(Nicki Watson), Demetrius Joyette(George Dawson), Mouna Traore(Erika Langton)

A Quiet Place(Best Horror Movies 2018)

This film shows the struggles of father and mother who fights against the sound hunters popularly known as DEATH ANGELS to save their children from getting laid by the monster apocalypse.


Starring- Emily Blunt(Evelyn Abbott), Noah Jupe(Marcus), John Krasinski(Lee Abbott), Millicent Simmonds(Regan), Leon Russom(Man in the woods), Cade Woodward(Beau), Ezekiel(Evangelina)


A group of friends in New York City enjoying the party when they accidentally awake a giant monster which is now destroying everything in the city. They somehow survive this crisis and record their hustle via a handheld camera.


Casting- Lizza Caplan(Marlena), Mike Vogel(Jason Hawkins), Jessica Lucas(Lily), Odette Annable(Beth Mclntyre), T.J Miller(Hud), Roma Torre(herself), Ben Feldman(Party date), Theo Rossi(Antonio), Margot Farley(Jenn), Brian Klugman(Charlie), Kevin Yu(Clark), Lili Mironjnick(Lei), Scott Lawrence(Lead Soldier), Jason Cerbone(Police Officer)

Don’t Breathe

A trio of teenage thieves enjoy their lives by attempting a robbery in the wealthy people’s houses but this chain breaks one day when they entered into the house of a blind veteran who was actually a terrible ghost with a large rottweiler.


Starring- Stephen Lang(The Blind Man), Jane Levy(Rocky), Dylan Minnette(Alex), Daniel Zovatto(Money), Sergej Onopko(Trevor), Emma Bercovici(Diddy), Franciska Torocsik(Cindy), Katia Bokor(Ginger), Christian Zagia(Raul), Robert Tapert, Jon Donahue(Methew)


The devilish scene is all about two dead men who came back as a ghost after 25 years of their death and exploring the streets of the Netherlands once again frightening peoples and transforming into ghosts. It is the real story by the classic horror movies writer and also included in the list of funniest horror movies on Amazon Prime.


Cast- Michael Keaton(Beetlejuice), Winona(Lydia Deetz), Geena Davis(Barbara), Alec Baldwin(Adam), Catherine O’Hara(Della Deetz), Jeffrey Jones(Charles), Glenn Shadix(Otho), Sylvia Sidney(Juno), Robert Goulet(Maxie Dean), Patrice Martinez(Receptionist)


In this film, you will see the self-destruction of the body due to the adverse phage of cancer. So, you can say it’s a science fiction other than on the creepy side like no ghosts, devils, evil spirits, etc.


Starring- Natalie Portman(Lena), Gina Rodriguez(Anya Thore), Jennifer Jason Leigh(Dr. Ventress), Tessa Thompson(Josie Radek), Oscar Issac(Kane), Tuva Novotny(Cass Shephard), Benedict Wong(Lomax), David Gyasi(Daniel), Josh Danford(Shelley)

The Cabin in the Woods

Five college friends go on a forest cabin to enjoy the vacation but that joy turns into a horrific experience when they start dying one by one by the heinous zombies, that is actually a failed experiment of scientists.


Casting- Chris Hemsworth(Curl Vaughan), Kristen Connolly(Dana Polk), Anna Hutchinson(Jules Louden), Jesse Williams(Holden), Fran Kranz(Marty Mikal), Bradley Whitford(Steve Hadley), Richard Jenkins(Gary Sitters), Amy Acker(Wendy Lin), Brian J. White(Alex Truman), Jodelle Ferland(Patience), Tim De Zarn(Mordecai), Tom Lenk(Ronald)

House of the Evil

Maggie and Chris move into a new apartment in order to live a happy life but this doesn’t last long when Maggie sees a nightmare in which vines get connected with her umbilical cord and other horrendous events that closed their doors of escape.


Starring- Boris Karloff(Matthias Morteval), Julissa(Ducy Durant), Andres Garcia(Beasley), Jose Angel Espinosa “Ferrusquilla”(Dr Emery Horvath), Beatriz Baz(Cordella Rash), Quintin Butnes(Ivar Morteval), Arturo Fernandez(Fodor)

Child’s Play

This is best horror movie on Amazon prime ever which threatens generations after generations and change our minds towards dolls. How dangerous they could be, Chucky shows all of it highlighting the dark sides of a homicidal criminal.


Casting- Aubrey Plaza(Karen Barclay), Mark Hamill(Chucky), Gabriel Bateman(Andy Barclay), Brian Tyree Henry(Mike Norris), Ty Consiglio(Pugg), Tim Mathes(Henry Kaplan), Beatrice Kitsos(Falyn), Trent Redekop(Gabe), Carlease Burke(Doreen), David Lewis(Shane), Marlon Kazadi(Omar Norris), Nicole Anthony(Detective)

The Wailing

This film is the combination of zombies, eastern exorcism, creepy children, demonic curses, old rituals, and Christian mythology which leads to the brutal murders outbreak in the rural areas of South Korea.


Cast- Hwang Jung-min(II-gwang, A Shaman to defend the villagers), Kwak Do-Won(Jong-goo), Chun Woo Hee(Moo Myung), Kim Hwan Hee(Hyo Jin), Jun Kunimura(Japanese stranger), Her Jin (Jong-goo mother in law), Kim Do Yoon(Yang I-Sam), Son Gang-guk(Oh Seong Bok), Jeong Mi Nam(Hung gook), Park Chae ik(Friend), Yo Soon Woong(Chief of police)

Dead Ringers

The scariest drama type film on Amazon prime that was trending in the 1990s due to its origin from the real-life story of Stewart and Cyril Marcus who were twins and seriously addicted to barbiturates and found dead in a Manhattan Apartment unexpectedly.


Starring- Jeremy Irons(Beverly/Elliot), Genevieve Bujold(Claire Niveau), Heidi Von Paleske(Cary), Stephen Lack(Anders), Shirley Douglas(Laura), Barbara Gordon(Danuta), Lynne Cormack(Arlene), Damir Andrei(Birchall), Miriam Newhouse(Mrs. Book), Nick Nichols(Leo), Jill Hennessy(Mimsy), Jacqueline Hennessy(Coral), Denis Akiyama(Pharmacist)

Blue Velvet

In spite of the fact that the plot might be conceivable, the manner in which its introduced is as yet strange in that remarkably Lynchian way-pervading the ordinary with fanciful or nightmarish noteworthiness that rings out like the rambling buzz clamor he utilizes so regularly.


Blue Velvet is probably the darkest film I have seen. The dreamlike depiction of an underground gathering of hoodlums drove by the explicitly oppressive Frank Booth, extraordinarily dreams like and out and out startling.

Starring- Isabella Rossellini(Dorothy Vallens), Dean Stockwell(Ben), Laura Dern(Sandy Williams), Kylie MacLachlan(Jeffrey Beaumont), Frances Bay(Aunt Barbara), Hope Lange(Mrs Williams), Brad Dourif(Raymond), Dennis Hopper(Frank Booth), George Dickerson(Detevtive Williams)

Mulholland Drive

The reality, dream, and subconscious, this movie will open your eyes in analyzing your dream and how powerful they are. A dark-haired woman Rita lost his memory and become unmindful, however, she got Betty who takes her on its City of Angels to expose Rita’s true identity.


Main Roles- Naomi Watts(Diane), Laura Harring(Rita), Justin Theroux(Adam Kesher), Robert Fors(Detective), Michael J. Anderson(Mr. Roque), Ann Miller(Catherine), Angelo Badalamenti(Luigi), Billy Ray Cyrus(Gene), Brent Briscoe(Detective), Chad Everett(Jimmy Katz), Dan Hedaya(Vincenzo), Bonnie Aarons(Bum)

The Straight Story

This film is based on the true story of Alvin Straight who was a veteran in World War 2. It shows his perilious journey from Winsconsin to Lowa on a lawn mover because he is having no car and driving license as well. But he has to save the life of his distant brother Lyle and make everything right.

The Straight Story 80s horror movies

Cast- Richard Farnsworth(Alvin Straight), Sissy Spacek(Rose), Harry Dean(Lyle), Everett McGill(Tom), Jane Galloway(Dorothy), Ed Grennan(Pete), Joseph A. Carpenter(Bud), Donald Wiegert(Sig), Anastasia Webb(Crystal), John Farley, Dan Flannery(Doctor), Kevin Farley, Barbara Robertson, James Cada(Danny), John Lordan, Wiley Harker

Children of the Corn(1984)

The film is about a couple who goes for a trip at Gatlin and find themselves in a living nightmare where a demonic god commanded that their children will kill all adults including their parents in order to offer sacrifice to him.

Children of the Corn on Amazon Prime

Cast- Linda Hamilton(Vicky Stanton), John Franklin(Issac Chroner), Peter Horton(Burl Stanton), R.G. Armstrong(Diehl), Courtney Gains(Malachai), Robby Kiger(Job), Annie Marie McEvoy(Sarah), Julie Maddalena(Rachel), John Philbin(Amos), Jonas Marlowe(Joseph), Dan Snook(Boy #1), Mitch Carter

The Stuff

Looking for best 80s horror movies on Amazon Prime? Then, make sure to watch this one because it is a Psychological horror film that contains an ice-cream like substance which later appears a brain eating parasite. But people get addicted to this drug and arrest the ones who is against the Stuff.

The Stuff in list of Best 80s horror movies on Amazon Prime

Starring- Scott Bloom(Jason), Michael Moriarty(David ‘Mo’ Rutherford), Andrea Marcovicci(Nicole), Garrett Morris(Chocolate Chip), Paul Sorvino(Colonel Malcolm), Danny Aiello(Vickers), Patrick O’Neal(Fletcher), Alexander Scourby(Evans), Russell Nype(Richards), Gene O’Neill(Scientist), James Dukas(Gas Attendant), Brooke Adams(Special Guest)

Amityville Horror(2005)

The story of a small family who finds an apartment at a cheaper price in the small town of Amityville, New York but unaware of the hidden terms and conditions that will really costs too much. Actually, there lived a family before whose husband murdered his wife due to the forceful pressure generated by the evil spirit residing in the house.

Amityville Horror

Star Cast- Ryan Reynolds(George Lutz), Melissa George(Kathy Lutz), Jimmy Bennett(Michael Lutz), Chloe Grace Moretz(Chelsea Lutz), Rachel Nichols(Lisa), Philip Baker Hall(Father Callaway), Isabel Conner(Jodie DeFeo), Jessa James(Billy), Brendan Donaldson(Ronald DeFeo Jr.), Annabel Armour(Realtor), Danny McCarthy(Officer Greguski), Rich Komenich(Chief Of Police)

Night of the Living Dead

Another classical 60s horror film in the list of best horror movies on Amazon Prime that fill you with the enthusiasm and gave you the adrenaline shot. You will be excited to watch the mass destruction by zombies and also watch that the rural people will survive or not.

Night of the Living Dead 60s horror film

Starring- Russell Streiner(Johnny), Duano Jones(Ben), Judith O’Dea(Barbara), Karl Hardman(Harry), Bill Cardille(Field reporter), Marilyn Eastman(Helen), Kyra Schon(Karen Cooper), Judith Ridley(Judy), Bil Hinzman(Zombie #1), Keith Wayne(Tom), George Kosana(Sheriff McClelland), Rudy Ricci(Zombie #6)


A young american Susie goes for an audition to nominate herself as the lead dancer at the Helena Markos Dance Corps but gets rejected. However, this psychological horror film doesn’t end here, she mets with another member of her group that reveals dark and sinister rituals that are hidden from ages.

Susupiria psychological horror movie on Amazon Prime

Cast- Tilda Swinton(Helena Marko), Dakota Johnson(Suzy), Chloe Grace Moretz(Patricia Hingle), Jessica Harper(Anke Meier), Mia Goth(Sara Simms), Angela Winkler(Miss Tanner), Ingrid Caven(Miss Vendegast), Sylvie Testud(Miss Griffith), Elena Fokina(Olga), Malgosia Bela(Susie’s Mother), Doris Hick(Frau Sesame), Vanda Capriolo(Alberta)

Cenobite Female (Hellraiser)

The story starts with a beautiful woman who gets transformed into the evil demon by continuously brainwashing and mutilation. Now she will torture everybody for eternity in the Labyrinth.

Cenobite Female

Cast- Nicholas Vince(Chattering Cenobite), Simon Bamford(Butterball Cenobite), Nicholas Vince(Chatterer Cenobite), Oliver Smith(Mr. Browning), Doug Bradley(Pinhead), Ashley Laurence(Kirsty), Clare Higgins(Julia), Andrew Robinson(Larry), Sean Chapman(Frank), Robert Hines(Steve), Michael Cassidy(3rd Victim), Frank Baker(Derelict)

Ginger Snaps

Two teenage sisters, Ginger and Brigitte decided to live and die together with after noticing the rash of dog killings in the Bailey Downs. The situation becomes bad when Ginger’s first period starts while kidnapping a dog which leads to an unwanted attack from a strange creature that is frightening the district with his maulings.

Ginger Snaps movie on Amazon Prime

Cast- Katherine Isabelle(Ginger), Emily Perkins(Brigitte), Kris Lemche(Sam), Jesse Moss(Jason), Mimi Rogers(Pamela), Peter Keleghan(Mr Wayne), John Bourgeois(Henry), Danielle Hampton(Trina Sinclair), Christopher Redman(Ben), Jimmy MacInnis(Tim), Lindsay Leese(Nurse Ferry), Wendii Fulford(Ms Sykes), Lucy Lawless(Announcer), Pak-Kwong Ho(Janitor)

Cult Of Chucky(2017)

The Demon Baby Doll stories always in trend and this one is one of them, although you may see this supernatural doll in the Child’s Play and Curse Of Chucky too. However, the story is nearly the same as the evil spirit of a guy who murdered his wife and transfer his life into a doll.

Cult of chucky demon baby doll films

Starring- Fiona Dourif(Nica Pierce), Brad Dourif(Chuckey), Jennifer Tily(Tiffany), Alex Vincent(Andy Barclay), Christine Elise McCarthy(Kyle), Adam Hurtig(Michael), Summer H. Howell(Alice), Michael Therriault(Dr Foley), Grace Lynn Kung(Claire), Elisabeth Rosen(Madeleine), Zak Santiago(Nurse Carlos), Ali Tataryn(Nurse Ashley), Allison Dawn Doiron(Rachel), Marina Stephenson(Angela), Darren Wall(Asylum Guide)

Chopping Mall(1986)

Chopping mall is one of the 80s most horror and funniest movies on Amazon Prime that you binge-watching. The story is about three security robots who started malfunctioning and started killing teenage employees at the dark instead of guarding the mall.

Chopping Mall 80s horror film

Cast- Russell Todd(Rick Stanton), Karrie Emerson(Linda Stanton), Kelli Maroney(Alison parks), Tony O’Dell(Ferdy Meisel), Barbara Crampton(Suzie Lynn), Paul Bartel(Paul Bland), Dick Miller(Walter Paisley), Paul Coufos(Dr Stan Simon), Mel Welles(Cook), Nick Segal(Greg Williams), Arthur Roberts(Mr Todd), John Terlesky(Mike Brennan)


The small part is based on a true story of a French dance troupe in the 90s who had their alcoholic beverages filled with LSD at an after-party. The film shows the events that resolve conflict developed within the scene, answering questions, and will leave you mentally sated.

Climax scariest film on Amazon Prime

Starring- Sofia Boutella(Selva), Souhella Yacoub(Lou), Romain Guilermic(David), Kiddy Smile(Daddy), Thea Carla Schott(Psyche), Claude Gajan Maull(Emmanuelle), Sharleen Temple(Ivana), Lea Vlamos(Lea), Taylor Kastle(Taylor), Alaia Alsafir(Alaya), Adrien Sissoko(Omar), Lakdhar Dridi(Riley), Kendall Mugler(Rocket)

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