Best Children and Family Movies on NetFlix to watch right now

Family members get ready to watch some amazing movies with your children. There is a vast category of Best family films on Netflix but when it comes to watching, we find nothing interesting and feel dissatisfied.

That’s why it is good to check out the latest movie catalog which offers some great movies to watch with family so that children might entertain and learn something new.

We are back with the greatest motion pictures to watch with family and children. The best part is, they are educational as well funniest comedy movies of Hollywood that will also teach you life lessons with a sort of entertainment.

Best Family and children movies on Netflix


Bob Munro is a successful executive of a beverage company with his wife Jamie, daughter Joanna and 12-year-old boy Carl, who loves hip hop.

Best family movies on Netflix: RV

One day Bob is embarrassed in front of his evil boss Todd when his daughter’s friend Gretchen bounces the company’s drink on TOD’s face because he hasn’t had any healthy drinks at school.

Bob has to cancel the family trip because after this incident Tod asks Bob to have a meeting and refuses to leave his job. So to go there, Bob arranges for an old car RV and goes to the Rockies.

Casting- Robin Williams(Bob Munro), Cheryl Hines(Jamie), Joanna Levesque(Cassie), Josh Hutcherson(Carlos), Wil Arnett(Todd)

Are we done yet?

Nick and Suzanne go to the big city to give their children a better life. When they get their house renovated, they give contracts to such strange people who work very strangely and do not listen to them.

Are We Done Yet most hilarious family movie to watch with children

Although Susan and the children start accepting the contractor, Nick wants to work differently, there is always a fight between the two.

Nick later decides to chase Chuck and fix his house on his own. But later, when Nick learns that Chuck’s wife had died a few years ago, he apologizes and brings her back to work.

Starring- Ice Cube(Nick), Nia Long(Suzanne), John C. McGinley(Chuck), Aleisha Allen(Lindsey), Philip Daniel Bolden(Kevin), Tahj Mowry(Danny Pulu), Dan Joffre(Billy Pulu), Pedro Miguel Arce(Georgie Pulu)

Homeward Bound

Before going on a holiday, Seavers leave their pets to their friend’s place out of which a Golden Retriever dog, an American Bulldog and a wild cat take the space.

Homeward inbound movie is animal comedy film for children on Netflix

When all these pets find out that their owners have abandoned them, the three together prepare to take an exciting and astonishing journey into the jungle.

Now, what is going to happen next is going to be a lot of fun by seeing what you can enjoy by sitting with your family as pet movies are quite popular on Netflix.

Casting- Michale J. Fox(Voice of Chance), Don Ameche(Voice of Shadow), Saily Field(Voice of Sassy), Robert Hays(Bob Seaver), Kevin Chevalia(Jamie Burnford), Gary Taylor(Frank)

Baby’s Day out

Disguised as a children’s photographer, three sisters, Pantoliano, Mantegna, and Brian, plan to kidnap the young child of a Rahees family so that they can take a lot of money in return.

Baby's Day Out is a film for babies

Succeed in doing this, but the child has a big problem in making stuff because he is very devil and this is why Bink escapes from these thieves.

The FBI goes to investigate in the mansion where they find the clues given to Bink’s parents and the woman caring for them. Meanwhile, that little child is walking freely on the road outside without any fear, which is the responsibility of 3 Kidnappers now.

Starring- Adam Robert and Jacob Joseph(Bink), Verne Troyer(Bink’s stunt double), Joe Mantegna(Edgar), Brian Haley(Victor), Joe Pantoliano(Norby), Lara Flynn Boyle(Laraine), Matthew Glave(Bing), Cynthia Nixon(Gilbertine)

Kubo and the two strings

In Japan, a 12-year-old eyepatched Kubo lives in a cave on a mountain with his ailing mother. He performs his living paper folding workmanship and moves them with his Shamisen knowledge, in which he tells about his lost father Hanzo, who was a samurai warrior.

Kubo is never able to complete his story because he does not know what happened to his father and his mother is also not in that position to tell about the incident.

Kubo and the 2 strings best adventure children movie on Netflix

Kubo’s mother always forbids him to go out after dark at night because he does not want his child’s remaining eye to be carried away by his sister and grandfather.

One day when there is a festival to remember the old men in their village, then anyone can talk about their separated family. Kubo visits her at the festival and is angry that Hanzo has not come out of his lantern and forgets to return home before the sunsets.

Its sisters attack it after finding it, but Kubo’s mother sends him away with his magic and sends him to send him to find his father’s armor.

Casting- Art Parkinson(Kubo), Charlize Theron(Sariatu/Monkey), Matthew McConaughey(Hanzo/Beetle), Ralph Fiennes(Raiden the Moon King), Rooney Mara(Karasu and Washi), George Takei(Hosato), Brenda Vaccaro(Kameyo), Cary-Hiroyuki Tafawa(Hashi)


In the dense jungles of Peru, a British geographer finds a very old bear species that no one knows. As soon as he takes out his gun to hunt that bear, only then another naughty bear takes his gun in fun and saves his life by chasing the poisonous scorpion on top of his shirt.

Paddington is best family and children movie of Netlfix

He learns that the family of that bear is very intelligent who also knows how to speak English and he likes to eat marmalade.

The traveller throws his hat on the senses and says that he can feel free to come to London whenever he wants. For 40 years, the bears were living in peace that a sudden earthquake comes after which they had to search for a house.

In the stampede, Uncle Pastuzo is unable to reach the house and dies after a tree falls on him, after which his wife asks her nephew to go to London. Now by seeing what happens when the bear goes to London, you will get to learn a lot from this movie, so you must definitely watch together with your family and children.

Casting- Hugh Bonneville(Henry Brown), Saily Hawkins(Mary Brown), Madeleine Harris(Judy), Samuel Joslin(Jonathan), Matt Lucas(Joe), Geoffrey Palmer(Head geographer), Michael Bond(Kindly Gentleman)

Chicken Run

An award-winning family film on Netflix which is best to watch with children and family and you will probably like it if you are looking for funny movies.

The Tweedy family has a farm where they have kept lots of chicken, but they always try to run away. But as soon as they try to escape, their boss catches them again. There is only a small benefit from those chicken, due to which, Mr. Tweedy plans to increase his profits.

Chicken Run in the list of best family movies on netflix

The chicken chieftain Ginger one day sees a rooster named Rocky who has been fired into a circus cannon and his crash landing takes place directly in Tweedy’s courtyard.

Ginger loves Rocky’s art of flying in the air and requests him to teach this art, after which Rocky gives all the chicken training classes to fly and teaches them to fly.

At the same time, the work of making Mr.9 Tweedy’s pie machine is completed and they lift the ginger to test it. But Rocky saves Ginger and informs the rest of the chicken to be aware of the invention of the pie machine.

Voice Casting- Julia Sawalha(Ginger), Mel Gibson(Rocky), Miranda Richardson(Mrs. Tweedy), Tony Haygarth(Mr. Tweedy), Benjamin Whitrow(Fowler), Timothy Spall(Nick), Phil Daniels(Fetcher), Jane Horrocks(Babs)


An amazing film in the list of best family movies on Netflix that will take you on the future tour and gave you an experience of what should happen in the near future.

In the Future city of Greenland, where robots are working nowadays, a girl Mai’s father leaves the job, after which his mother Molly I.q. Robotics goes to see new product launches in the headquarters.

Because of the mother not paying attention to him, Mai was given a doctor. The intelligence lab of Tanner Rice comes to know that they are working on a dangerous attack robot 7723.

Mai accidentally activates the robot before going to her mother. On the other hand, where her mother has gone to see the new product launch, I.Q. The CEO of Robotics mentions the new generation of Q-Bots that will appear in every house in the coming times, while they quietly build robots that will explode themselves.

After Mai leaves the lab, 7723 goes out to find Mai, but the problem increases when he uses the weapon. In view of this, the police also become active and attack him, due to which his memory storage becomes weak due to which he can no longer remember anything for much longer.

The next day, some people of Q-Bots come to Mai to be beaten, after which Mai comes back with black eyes. She goes to see her dog outside where she also sees a 7723 robot, which at first she thinks to run away but influencing his modern weapons, she lets him stay under the shed.

Roles- John Krasinski(7723), Charlyne Yi(Mai), Jason Sudeikis(Justin Pin), Michael Pena(Momo), David Cross(Dr. Tanner/Q Bots), Constance Wu(Molly), Kiana Lede(Greenwood)

The Karate Kid(1984)

Daniel goes to California with his mother, but after a few days, he is harassed by a group of mischievous children there. He learns that those children are learning karate from Cobra Kai Dojo, but Danielle does not have enough money to learn the art.

But luck favors Daniel and he is found as a mechanic friend named Mr. Miyagi, who describes himself as a martial arts expert. After saying this, he takes Daniel to his place with him and after training him hard, he is able to defeat the merciless Cobra Kai.

With the help of Mr. Miyagi, Daniel not only learns karate but also learns many life formulas such as the importance of personal balance, the art of keeping himself calm, etc. Mr. Miyagi also gives him a gift on Daniel’s birthday.

Starring- Ralph Macchio(Daniel), Pat Morita(Mr. Miyagi), William Zabka(Johny/Kobra Kai), Hilary Swank(Julie), Jaden Smith(Dre Parker), Jackie Chan(Mr. Han), Wenwen Han(Meiying) Martin Kove(John Kreese), Rob Thomas(Bobby Brown)

Pee-wee’s Big Holiday

This is also in my list of Best comedies on NetFlix and you can watch these types of movies with family and children.

Pee-wee Herman is a cook living in a small village in Fairvile city, which is liked by everybody because he cooks awesome quality food and is an extremely funny kind of guy.

He meets an actor Joe convinces him to leave Fairville and invites him to New York City as a guest at his birthday party.

Shortly after leaving Farewell, Mr. Pee-wee is seen chasing three women whom he believes to be innocent and help him escape by giving him a lift in his Fiat 600.

Later it is learned that those three women were robbers of a bank and that is why people were following them. Moreover, these three women run away with Mr. Pee-wee’s car.

Casting- Paul Reubens(Pee-wee), Joe Manganiello, Paul Rust, Alia Shawkat, Stephanie Beatriz, Jessica Pohly, Diane Salinger, Tara Buck, Lynne Marie Stewart(Miss Yvonne)


These were the Best family movies on Netflix that you can watch with children and also they are trending right now.

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