The Best Documentaries to watch on Amazon Prime Right Now


We like watching true stories that actually exist instead of just passing time by looking at the random facts. So here we found some of the best documentaries that you can stream on your Amazon Prime right now.

These are all the true documentaries of amazon prime, after that, you may take a look at the most hilarious films on Prime Video and if you are a mountain lover then you will probably like the best climbing movies on Amazon.

Enron: The Smartest Guy in the Room

This documentary covers the glorious demise of the corrupt Enron corps and highlights their many illegal schemes with its hand in instigating an energy Crysis to move up the prices.

Enron The Smartest Guy in The Room

One thing I loved in was seeing Bethany MacLean offering her knowledge into the organization during various portions. This was essential to me since she is the writer of the Forbes article that addressed how Enron was bringing in cash (before the outrage broke).

Another intriguing element of the film is that it offers sound clasps of brokers snickering at how they were exploiting the territory of California during a turning earthy colored out (which they produced) by selling them power at vulgar rates.

Cast- Jeffrey Skilling, Kenneth Lay, Lou Pai, Peter Coyote, Gray Davis, Bethany McLean, Dick Cheney, James Chanos, Peter Elkind, S. David Freeman, Joe Dunn

The Fog of War

Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara highlights interviews with McNamara, the Secretary of Defense under the John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. McNamara is to a great extent answerable for America’s contribution to the Vietnam War.

Documentation Errol Morris utilizes film from more than 20 hours of meetings with McNamara to weave together a facing investigation of intensity and the individuals that hold it.

The Fog of War documentary on Amazon Prime

I have viewed and re-watched this narrative over multiple times more than quite a long while, and have given it on various occasions as endowments. I have been positioned in the Pentagon a few times, and got notification from his own words the beginnings of the serious condition that he made for the Pentagon, that remaining parts right up ’til today, is interesting.

Cast- Errol Morris, Robert McNamara, John F. Kennedy, Curtis LeMay, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Fidel Castro, Richard Lyndon B. Johnson, Nikita Khrushchev, Woodrow Wilson, Barry Goldwater, Harry Reasoner

The Queen of Versailles

The Queen of Versailles follows the criminally rich Jackie and David Siegel as they endeavor to assemble Versailles, one of the world’s biggest and most costly private living arrangements ever.

The Queen of Versailles

At the point when the 2008 financial emergency hits, the dumb rich couple is compelled to take up some slack and their fantasy is totally wrecked. With regards to extravagances, this doco is the triple fudge parfait for individuals with a hunger for fun at others’ expense.

Starring- Jackie Siegel, David A. Siegel, Victoria Siegel, Katie Stam, Richard Siegel, Alyse Zwick, Virginia Nebab, June Downs, Lorraine Barrett, Lorraine Barrett, Phillip Forehich

At the Drive-In

At the drive in

At The Drive-In is a thoughtful, funny, profoundly heartfelt documentary about one of the last remaining drive-in theaters in America. If you were fortunate enough to live during a time where Drive-Ins were more prevalent, and you experienced the unique atmosphere of a drive-in, Al Monelli’s doc will strike a deep, nostalgic nerve in you; it will make you ache for the past, without losing hope for the future. And, if you’ve never been to a Drive-In, this will make you want to take a trip to The Mahoning immediately.

Cast- Robert Humanick, Matt McClanahan, Virgil Cardamone, Mark Nelson, James T. Mills, Ashley Healy, Corey Pace, Jeff Mattox, Patrick Chordas, Jessica Pell

Square One

News coverage should scrutinize each conceivable side of a story and difference proof. Every single sexual claim ought to be paid attention to, as this narrative does. The Jackson case isn’t tied in with accepting or not. The US has a solid lawful framework. Abundant proof absolved him, and this film analyzes some of it under the magnifying lens. Attacking Jackson was an exceptionally worthwhile business.

Square One Michael Jackson Documentary
Image via Amazon

Unfortunately, evaluations and cash have offered control to the media and flawed writers to situate a vacant account and sell it as though it were accurate. Along these lines, this sort of research and movies are important as society needs to tune in to the voices of witnesses who have no monetary interests in the issue.

Since insightful endeavors like this are basic, I give the first 5 films a perfect star rating as they are best documentaries on amazon prime Reddit also. Notwithstanding, I wish Thompson’s sources were all the more clear since the story depends on such a great amount upon his examination and recreation of the course of events.

Cast- Danny Wu, Josephie Zohny, Taj Johnson, Jenny Winnings, Charles Thomson, Geraldine Hughes, Caroline Frisdedt

That Sugar Film

One of the greatest documentaries on Amazon prime to improve the quality of your health but only if you are willing to listen to the whole thing carefully. You will find miraculous results if you follow the advice of Damon Gameau regarding blood sugar levels.

that sugar film interesting documentary
Image via Samuel Goldwyn

To give an example, my cousin was addicted to sugar and she suddenly stopped eating finding herself ill and claiming that the lack of sugar diet making her ill which leads to an allergic infection. But she was wrong ‘as if you stop eating sugar then you will definitely start eating other stuff to normalize blood pressure which can lead to radical personality changes like better mood, high energy levels.’

Cast- Damon Gameau, Brenton Thwaites, Hugh Jackman, Isabel Lucas, Zoel Tuckwell-Smith, Richard Davies, Stephen Fry, Jessica Marais, Gary Taubes, Michael Moss, Christina Evans

All This Panic(2017)

The best nonfiction high schooler film (and possibly best teenager film, period) since 2012’s Only the Young, this legit and charming narrative tracks the lives of seven young ladies in New York City over a couple of years, sparking light on both normal and extraordinary battles of urban youth.

All this panic teenage girls documentary
Image via The Guardian

This Panic is increasingly similar to a genuine John Hughes film than a straight to the point portrayal of reality like Kids, however with sprays of underage drinking, real to life discuss sex, and a clear degree of opportunity that living in the Big Apple permits minors, All This Panic catches a blamelessness, regularity, and legitimacy that this age bunch once in a while procures from the narrative. This movie always comes in the list if you are watching the best crime documentaries on amazon prime anytime.

Cast- Kevin J. Ryan, Gabriel Sommer, Dusty Rose Ryan, Delia Cunnigham, Lena M, Nichole R. Thompson-Adams, Ginger Leigh Ryan, Tess Neau, Tanya Ryan, Ivy Blackshire

Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams

In the wake of pushing themselves into the pop cognizance in the mid 2000s, Coldplay has gotten probably the greatest band on the planet. With over 20 years playing music together, the band chose it’s an ideal opportunity to begin assessing their vocation. This Amazon Studios unique originates from long-term Coldplay colleague Mat Whitecross, and it represents the band’s ascent from fantastic British alt-rock to megastardom.

Colplay A Head Full of Dreams on Amazon Prime

Including late show film combined with Whitecross’ at no other time seen authentic clasps, just as cozy meetings, A Head Full of Dreams offers a motivating glance at Coldplay and how they willed their way into turning out to be hotshots.

Starring- Chris Martin, Matt WhiteCross, Will Champion, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berry, Beyonce, Phil Harvey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bruno Mars, Noel Gallagher, Brian Eno


At the point when previous NFL security Steve Gleason discovers he has ALS simultaneously his significant other Michel learns she’s pregnant, he starts all the while chronicling his declining wellbeing and his child’s development. What seems like a totally pulverizing tragedy is loaded up with humor on account of its subjects’ openness.

Image via Amazon Studios

A significant part of the movie’s recording is shot by Gleason for his own undertaking, which encourages us to tail him and his family over numerous years so to speak executive Clay Tweel calls “experiential vérité.” Even on the off chance that you don’t know Gleason from his football profession going in, the narrative is in a split second captivating and will make them care about him long after it’s finished.

Casting- Steve Gleason, Mike Gleason, Paul Varisco Jr, Scott Fujita, Ryan Gootee, Michel Varisco, Rivers Gleason, Paul Varisco Sr, Gail Gleason, Kevin Dedmon, John Elway, Drew Brees, Kurt Warner, Jesse Jackson, Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready

The Road

Heavenly Moly. This film doesn’t leave you. Intense film. On the off chance that you like Hollywood lighten like Independence Day or Armageddon, at that point this film isn’t for you. In the event that you like powerful provocative stories, at that point, this is for you. Vitto is mind-boggling. Some unimaginably shocking however starting minutes which I wouldn’t suggest for youngsters under 12 and those more than 12 ought to be managed by grown-ups who can clarify the specific situation.

The Road Movie
Image via Firelight Films

The main blemish of outcome was the decision of the kid, he was unreasonably old for the job, not his deficiency, yet a kid that age shouldn’t be indulged in that manner. The soundtrack is a flash of brilliance. My child and I were extraordinarily moved. Empowers conversation that is without a doubt. Like that the reason for the obliteration isn’t generally tended to, as it would have reduced the story.

Stars- Viggo Mortensen(Man), Kodi Smit-McPhee(Boy), Charlize Theron(Woman), Robert Duvall(Old Man), Guy Pearce(Veteran), Molly Parker(Motherly), Michael K. Williams(Thief), Garret Dillahunt(The Gang Leader), Bob Jennings(Bearded man), Agnes Herrmann(Archer’s wife), Buddy Sosthand(Archer), Jack Erdie(Bearded Man)

The Witness

This is an amazingly exhaustive, very much done narrative. I would believe it to be a very novel configuration, and I am somebody who watches a lot of wrongdoing based narratives.

We do wish that the initial ten minutes of the film were somewhat more welcoming, eye-catching, and characteristic of what lies ahead, it’s anything but a generally excellent portrayal of the film. I’ll concede that for those first short-lived minutes. It gives the early introduction of a film made completely of old news film and clippings about wrongdoing that happened a, quite a while prior, which isn’t the situation by any stretch of the imagination.

Image via Fimrise

This film is a crude and passionate one, because of the sheer violence of the wrongdoing. Bill Genovese, the maker, is a man of retirement age, who sets out on a top to the bottom quest for reality and authoritative answers encompassing the ruthless killing of his sister.

There are a few things that truly make this narrative one of a kind. One is the style wherein it is done, in other words, the edge or vantage point that the “examiner” has decided to move toward this wrongdoing from. I utilize the term specialist freely, in light of the fact that for this situation this happens to be the casualty’s a lot more youthful sibling.

Chasing Happiness

This movie is one of the best nature documentaries on Amazon prime is based on the story of Jonas brothers who were broken up and weren’t happy from life. So they decided to travel across the world and start exploring new things, new challenges, and ultimately new life.

Image via Amazon Studios

But their relationship bonds were getting weaker and then they opened their band and register themselves as raw, honest, and portraits of reality in the heart of peoples.

Cast- John Lloyd Taylor, Frankie Jonas, Danielle Jonas, Reece Pearson, Steve Ecclesine


Lauren Greenfield goes to attend the Renfrew Center in the Coconut Creek, Florida where a 40-bed residential facility is there for the treatment of female patients with eating disorders. Lauren interviews each patient and staff as well in order to develop a deeper understanding of all the faculty and supporting women.

Thin HBO documentary amazon prime
Image via HBO

If you fear getting thin then try these scariest movies of Prime Video that will really frighten you from head to toe and your thought of fearing would also disappear after finishing these films.

Cast- Poly Williams, Brittany Robinson, Shelly Guillory, Alisa Williams

Revolution: Food

Di Cesare’s film is life-affirming in the learning it provides the viewer. It doesn’t invest its energy reproving us and harassing us by slamming “terrible food.” Rather, it commends the delight, the science, and the healthiness that can be gotten from understanding what it is that we can effectively decide to place in our bodies.

Revolution Food movie

While huge numbers of us have had some attention to these ideas before consistently devouring this film, I wound up about cheering over the way that it outfitted with me an understanding that I can take with me and constantly acknowledge more than once with each progressive feast. We live in superb occasions as increasingly more extraordinary food turns out to be broadly accessible, and we’re demonstrated an open door here to commend that as a network.

Cast- Marco Cavalieri, Daniel Salatin, Paul Grieve, Mark Shephard, Jimbo Someck, Bengt Svensson, Vandana Shiva, Joel Salatin, Mark McAfee, Joshua Weissman, Mark Sisson, Jimbo Someck

The Brain That Changes itself

In the list of best documentaries on Amazon Prime this movie reminded me of a Bible verse: ” .. whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think on these things.” Philippians 4:8.

The Brain that changes itself medical documentary
Image via MagelianTV

This film directed by Mike Sheerin shows the reality of neuroplasticity and the truth of our brain that it always keeps on changing its behavior and so as I. If you put high-level thoughts in it and think about innovative ideas, it brings more out of you and encourages you to invent something for humanity and vice versa.

Sunshine Hotel

This fine documentary is respectful of the people filmed and shows their intelligence, courage, and self-awareness in spite of poverty, physical illness, and psychological problems. There is nothing condescending in the work which allows people to speak for themselves without “interpretation” by the filmmaker. This is a film of compassion and understanding.

Sunshine Hotel reddit documentary
Image via Broadway Bill Productions

You will see so much emotion in the first 30 minutes in the amazon prime documentaries Reddit directed by Michael Dominic like coffee with the lobby entrepreneur and smokes outside office is really hilarious.

All or Nothing: New Zealand All Blacks

One of the best sports documentaries on amazon prime that gave you chills. This film introduces you to the world’s most famous international rugby team, which is the all blacks.

The six-section narrative gives an entrancing understanding of the planning of the world’s best side. Shot in 2017, the arrangement includes the British and Irish Lions voyage through New Zealand which finished in an emotional arrangement drawing.

It additionally includes the All Blacks’ groundwork for that season’s Rugby Championship. The arrangement is described by Taika Waititi, who coordinated the magnificent film, ‘Chase for the Wilderpeople’.

The All Blacks, who are commonly viewed as one of the more withdrawn groups as far as indicating what goes on in the background, permit a camera group to film every unique aspect of the group from players, mentors and private cabin staff, both on and off the field.

City of Ghosts

Being a lover of crime documentaries, the film was very stunning. It gives an inside look at the city of Raqqa or the city of phantoms as such a significant number of its residents have been executed, fled from it, and some have even been killed in a position of shelter. Strangely I figure I may have retweeted a tweet or two a few years prior when I was increasingly dynamic on Twitter. I was upset by a portion of the recording and pics in my feed. There are portions of the film where you think that its difficult to keep observing, for example, the execution of a few the writers’ dads.

City of Ghosts Criminal documentary

What’s more, I mean an all-out execution that you discover hard to watch and it only sort of numbs you so you can just envision what they are experiencing. It’s fascinating to see them find safe houses in Germany. Each time the telephone rings you watch them answer it with a feeling of fear and you can tell they are generally loaded up with fear, as well. Unmistakably they all need treatment and are likely experiencing fluctuating types of PTSD.

Cast- Matt Dilon(Jimmy), James Caan(Marvin), Stellan Skarsgard(Joseph), Gerard Depardieu(Emile), Natasha McElhone(Sophie), Kem Sereyvuth(Sok), Rose Byme(Sabrina), Rob Campbell(Simon), Shawn Andrews(Robbie), Christopher Curry(Larry Luck), Jack Shearer(FBI agent), Kirk Fox(FBI agent), Leo Fitzpatrick, Bo Hopkins

Finding Oscar

The massacre took place during the cold war. The second democratically elected president in Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz, was overthrown with the help of the US military by funding and training the Guatemalan army to massacre anyone suspicious of any leftist/Marxist ideas. These farmworkers had nothing to do with guerillas and were innocent people living in a happy communal environment.

Finding Oscar Film on Amazon Prime

I hope they make another documentary like this one that speaks about what happened in Nicaragua, Argentina, and Chile. Many US folks complain that we have an issue with illegal immigration in this country with people who come from Latin America, but are completely oblivious of how the US destabilized these countries leading to crime, violence, and poverty.

Starring- Scott Greathead, Sebastian Rotella, Fredy Peccerelli, Kate Doyle


This is an elevating and superb narrative! I’d been seeing this “Sriracha” sauce at the basic food item, in eateries, and in the media. At the point when I saw this narrative, I thought “at long last, I can discover why individuals needed to close the production line down.” I despise everything that doesn’t generally know the entire story behind that, however, I’d step up to the plate bat for this man to have the option to keep on making his sauce! His story is the best of the genuine “American Dream”.

Sriacha on Prime Video

He accompanied nothing, buckled down, and he is effective. What makes it so lovely is his lowliness. Watch this one for yourself! Furthermore, eat some Sriracha sauce-it’s reasonable in light of the fact that its maker plans that everybody ought to have the option to manage the cost of it! What a guy❤️! This is the must-watch film in the list of best documentaries on amazon prime to finish.


This narrative overwhelmed me. Among this and the Vice short, I’m disheartened how individuals can be viewed as expendables. This is the thing that happens when individuals don’t consider others to be thoughtful casualties. I realize it additionally probably been difficult to for the chief to leave in the calloused expressions of the retailer, yet I’m happy they did. We need to discuss the internal considerations that drive individuals’ activities.

This is one of the best movies on amazon prime featuring the significance of intersectionality: sexism, race, neediness, enslavement, network emotional wellness, and so on completely concurred and had a deadly mixed drink of brutality and lack of concern. I dread however that we’ve adapted nothing since this repulsiveness occurred. 😢 As a Masters Addictions Counselor, I can’t pressure how significant this film is.

Unseen is also one of the best Documentaries on Amazon Prime
Image via HBO

The survivors are living confirmation that past the facade, precious stone and a wonderful human with such a great amount to give has consistently been there. Nobody ought to be disregarded or seen as lesser than. I’m so moved by their quality and assurance to endure and change notwithstanding the repulsions they survived.

What are the best documentaries on amazon prime?

So these were the best documentaries that are available on prime video. Now I want to listen to you, which movie you like most out of this list.

Did you like best crime documentaries like the city of ghosts, sports documentary as All or Nothing or nature movies on amazon prime. Yo can also found some best documentaries on Netflix that will inspire you to grow in life.

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