5 Best Digital Transformation Service Providers in the World

In today’s world, companies require modern solutions to deliver services in their particular industries. Companies in the utility sector, particularly, are now looking for smart management, generation, transmission, distribution, monitoring, and maintenance solutions. Besides using innovative and modern technologies, they also collaborate with quality outsourcing partners. These technology partners provide them with cloud-based solutions, modern applications, and better energy management capabilities. As a result, businesses enjoy huge cost benefits, higher ROI, and better client retention.

Just like internet plans like Cox internet packages cater to their users’ internet, phone, and cable needs, utility companies are searching for complete solutions. For instance, top energy management and distribution companies around the world are embracing new technologies to reduce their carbon footprint and realize the need to provide energy-efficient services.  Such organizations understand that a good partner can aid in the development of reliable solutions.

Utility Digital Transformation Service Providers

Many companies are providing digital transformation and technology migration services to companies in the energy and power sectors. Many top companies take services from quality outsourcing partners; Kalkitech, ETAP, Sympower, SmartWorks, and Power Ledger are a few of them. Let’s find out more about them.

Digital Transformation Service Providers


Kalkitech is a world-renowned technology provider. The company has experience in delivering quality digital transformation services for more than two decades. The company excels as the provider of utility digital transformation solutions. The main focus area of Kalkitech is smart grids. With technology solutions, they help to improve energy management systems based upon customer requirements.

Kalkitech’s solutions enhance the communication between field devices and data centers. The company also excels in the provision of software services. With reliable maintenance services, Kalitech stands out from its competitors. Today, it is one of the most highly sought-after grid technology partners in the world.


ETAP is known for its excellent client satisfaction rates. Not only that, but the company is also popular for its utility digital transformation services. ETAP, similar to Kalkitech, is one of the leading service providers for companies delivering smart grid solutions. It is also an excellent technology partner for companies creating solutions for effective energy management. ETAP helps in creating solutions to reduce energy losses, enable smart energy management, and control the distribution of power.

The expert software developers and engineers at ETAP have also created software to analyze system performance, monitor operations, and control automation. Many companies take services from ETAP for better management of their smart grids and digital transformation services.


Sympower focuses on developing green solutions so that the world becomes a safer place to live in. The company delivers power distribution and management solutions in the power and energy sectors. Their solutions aid in reducing the carbon footprint. The clean solutions that the company creates aid their clients ineffective management and distribution of energy management.


SmartWorks is another popular company that is providing utility digital transformation services. The experts at SmartWorks work tirelessly to address the challenges associated to get rid of obsolete technology infrastructure. With smart solutions that aid in the generation and distribution of energy, the company creates software with a highly qualified research team. The company is also renowned to create turnkey solutions for various companies in the energy sector.

SmartWorks is working extensively on delivering cloud-based technology services to enhance the operational capabilities of companies. The company is creating solutions for many top companies so that they can manage, monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot energy solutions with ease.

Power Ledger

Power Ledger is a major player in the world of blockchain technology. It uses a software platform to deliver energy management services. Their solutions aid in reducing the carbon footprint of many companies across the world. The company has been developing solutions with its groundbreaking research to reduce energy losses in the power and energy sector. The company facilitates companies delivering energy services to shift from conventional to modern technologies and energy management solutions. They excel in providing rapid digital transformation services for better control, management, and delivery of energy solutions.

Today is the world of digital transformation. It is very important for companies to shift to new and modern technologies to deliver quality services. Obsolete technologies cannot keep up with the modern requirements of users. Therefore, it is important to adopt new technologies. Cloud-based and modern solutions are very helpful in better energy management and transmission.


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