25 Best Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime you must try once

What are the Best comedy movies on Amazon Prime right now? Here’s your answer. This article is packed with all the funniest movies ever on prime video with their storylines. So that you have a better idea of what we are giving to you. There are also some good comedies on Netflix that you will definitely like. Although, some funny kinds of stuff are common in both Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Late Night

Catherine Newbury is a well-known talk show host, but her performance has declined over the last decade.

Seeing which the network president says that yes Catherine will have to correct all this, otherwise, someone else will come in her place.

Molly Patel is called by the writing staff who is an Indian American woman while the rest are white.

Initially, Murali has problems but later she agrees to give Katherine a new comedy script which reaches a lot of people.

Casting- Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling(Molly Patel), Hugh Dancy, Reid Scott(Tom Campbell), Amy Ryan(Caroline), Max Casella(Burditt), John Lithgow(Walter), Ike Barinholtz

Eighth Grade

Tayla is an eighth-grade girl who studies in Miles Grover Middle School. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts Motivational videos, but she gets very few views.

Due to being very shy, she is unable to talk to the children of the class and she is given the title of the quietest.

When her friends invite you to a pool party, she encounters a panic attack but dares to go for a swim where she meets her crush Aidan, who encourages her.

Casting- Elsie Fisher(Kayla Day), Josh Hamilton(Mark Day), Emily Robinson(Olivia), Catherine Oliverie(Kennedy), Jake Ryan(Gabe), Luke Prael(Aiden)

What We Do in the Shadows(Horror/Comedy)

This is the story of four vampires Viago, Vladislav, Deacon, and Petyr who live in a flat and go out to kill people at night. All have supernatural powers by which they can also fly in the sky and can also turn into animals.

Petyr attacks Nick and he survives, after which he too becomes a vampire. Then his human friend Stu introduces him to new technologies such as the internet and camera.

Viago is trying to find Catherine on the Internet after which she learns that she is a 96-year-old body widow and lives in Wellington.

Roles- Taika Waititi(Viago), Jemaine Clement(Vladislav), Jonathan Brugh(Deacon), Ben Fransham(Petyr), Cori Gonzalez(Nick), Stu Rutherford(Stu)

The Big Sick(Romantic/Comedy)

Kummel runs an Uber in Chicago and is also a stand-up comedian, being from the Pakistani environment. His refugee parents finalized his marriage to a Pakistani woman but Kummel was not interested in it.

After a stand-up comedy show, Kumel meets Emily, who is white and a student. With this, he starts building a relationship but does not tell his parents out of fear.

5 months later when Emily sees a photo of Kumel with the girl her parents had chosen for her. Then when she asks him about it, he says that he has no future. On hearing this Emily leaves him.

Roles- Kumail Nanjilani, Zoe Kazan(Emily), Holly Hunter(Beth), Ray Romano(Terry Gardener), Anupam Kher(Azmat), Zenobia Shroff(Sharmeen)

Lady Bird

Christie McPerson teaches at Catholic High School. She keeps her name Ladybird and despite the financial condition of the family deteriorating. This girl dreams of studying in a reputed college. His mother tells him that he should have dreams that can be fulfilled.

Ladybird and her best friend Julie go to the school theater program where Ladybird has a crush on her classmate Danny and a romantic story begins here.

After some time Lady Bird and her best friend Julie see what Danny is doing to another boy in the bathroom. After which their relationship ends and Lady Bird starts working at the coffee shop where she meets Kayal.

Starring- Saoirse Roman(Christine), Timothee Chalamet(Kyle), Laurie Metcalf(Marion), Beanie Feldstein(Julie), Lucas Hedges(Danny), Tracy Letts(Larry), Lois Smith(Sister Sarah), Odeya Rush(Jenna Walton)

The Spy Who Dumped Me

Cassier Audrey, who works as a cashier in Los Angeles, gets very sad when her boyfriend breaks upon her text. His best friend and living room partner, Morgan says that everything related to his boyfriend burns.

This is the list of best comedy movies on Amazon Prime you can watch now

Audrey does not know that her boyfriend is a government agent, so when she tells him that he is going to finish all her things. He refuses to do so and promises to return.

The next day, while Audrey is going to work, a man asks her to go to her car when she sits down and discovers that the man is Sebastian. The one who reveals that Drew is the agent of the CIA and is missing.

When Drew arrives to retrieve his Rocky, people start shooting at him, while Drew explains to Audrey that if anything happens to him. He will give that traffic to a relative in a café in Austria.

Roles- Mila Kunis(Audrey), Kate McKinnon(Morgan), Justin Theroux(Drew), Sam Heughan(Sebastian), Hasan Minhaj(Topher), Ivanna Sakhno(Nadja), Gillian Anderson(Wendy), Jane Curtin(Carol Freeman)


It is the political comedy film on Amazon Prime which is directed by Alexander Payne which is based on Tom Perotta’s novel.

Children’s favorite high school government teacher Jim McAllister sees that Tracy Flick gets what she wants by applying very few rules.

Given this, when Tracy stands for the President of the school, Jim feels that she will not be able to make a good impression on the children.

So Jim puts a new candidate in front of Tracy who is a very famous runner in the school.

Casting- Matthew Broderick(Jim McAllister), Reese Witherspoon(Tracy Enid), Chris Klein(Paul), Jessica Campbell(Tammy Metzler), Phil Reeves(Principal Walt)

Seven Psychopaths

Marty is a writer who is struggling and is looking for a script. He gets a great title but he does not have a story related to it.

His friends Hans and Billy steal the dogs of the people of the big clan and they run their work with the money they get by returning them.

Once both of them pick up the wrong man’s dog who is a punk. Marty now finds something to write his story.

Casting- Colin Farell(Marty), San Rockwell(Billy), Woody Harrelson(Charlie), Christopher Walken(Hans), Harry Dean(imagined Quaker), Tom Waits(Zachariah), Abbie Cornish(Kaya), Olga Kurylenko(Angela)

The Little Hours

Long ago, in 1347, Father Tommasso ran a convent in which nuns named Alessandra, Ginvera, and Fernanda lived.

Alessandra wants a good life for herself, which causes her father to send her to the convent, Ginvera is a very talkative girl.

Later, she learns that she is a Lesbian and Jewish, Fernanda does not control her feelings and also commits violence.

Casting- Alison Brie(Alessandra), Dave Franco(Masseto), Kate Micucci(Ginvera), Aubrey Plaza(Fernanda), John C. Reily(Tommaso)

Hot Tub Time Machine(Sci-Fi Comedy)

Three unhappy and unknown friends go to the Kodiak Valley Ski Resort where the trio enjoys their youth, where they also find Adam’s reclusive nephew Jacob who goes to the hotel with them.

After partying and drinking wine all night in the hotel’s bathtub, the four go skiing the next day and see that everything around is black and white as it was in the 1980s.

They find that the quarter has been done during which time they have come back in the best comedy movies on Amazon Prime as same now.

Casting- John Cusack(Adam), Rob Corddry(Lou), Craig Robinson(Nick), Clark Duke(Jacob), Chevy Chase(Repairmen), Collette Wolfe(Kelly), Crispin Glover(Phil), Sebastian Stan(Blaine)

A Simple Favour

Stephanie is a widow who remains a Vlogger to improve her financial situation. Where Stafini is so weak, he and his best friend Emily have everything and are leading a wonderful life.

When Emily goes missing one day, Stephanie starts her own campaign to find him, what things does she face to find them, I am looking forward to seeing you.

Roles- Anna Kendrick(Stephanie), Blake Lively(Emily), Henrey Golding(Sean), Andrew Rannells(Darren), Linda Cardellini(Diana), Jean Smart(Margaret)


Lisa Decker is a single mother to her daughter Julie who leaves her baby girl for kindergarten on the first day of school.

There his daughter meets two girls, whose names are Kayla and Michele, and it becomes the friendship of the three from the very first day.

Kayla and Michele’s father introduce themselves to each other and become close friends seeing the friendship of the children. After 12 years, Julie tells her friends Kayla and Sam that she is about to lose her virginity. Kayla congratulates her but Sam is a Lesbian who joins both of her friends.

Starring- Leslie Mann(Lisa), John Cena(Mitchell), Ike Barinholtz(Hunter), Geraldine Vishwanathan(Kayla), Kathryn Newton(Julie), Gideon Adlon(Sam), Miles Robbins(Connor), Graham Phillips(Austin)

Get Shortly

Angry crook Barboni suffering from a mental illness sends Chili Palmer, a goon based in Miami, to take a lot of debt from Hollywood producer Harry Zim.

When Chili meets the main woman who runs Hollywood, he falls in love and starts thinking of making his own film with her.

When he thinks of his life as a story, he realizes that there is not much difference between a Hollywood producer and a crook.

Casting- Chris O’Dowd(Miles Daly), Ray Romano(Rick), Carolyn Dodd(Emma Daly), Sean Bridgers(Louis), Lidia Porto(Amara), Megan Stevenson(April), Goya Robles(Yago), Lucy Walters(Katie Daly)

Brittany Runs A Marathon

Brittany is a 28-year-old woman who lives in Nayour and City, is a fierce partyer, overweight and suffering from ADHD. When she goes to the doctor to get her checkup, she gets the shocking news that she will have to be healthy now and lose weight.

Hearing this, she joins the gym near her house, which has the lowest fees, but she does not even go there for fear of running. After attending Gretchen’s party, Britanny meets Seth who is struggling to run like that.

Britanny and Seth both have one goal, so from the moment they both make up their minds to participate in the 5000-meter race and participate in the New York City Marathon.

Starring- Jillian Bell(Britanny), Michaela Watkins(Catherine), Utkarsh Ambudkar(Jern), Lil Rel Howery(Demetrius), Micah Stock(Seth), Alice Lee(Gretchen)


Kickass is the best superhero comedy film on Amazon Prime in which a normal teenager depicts himself as a hero.

Impressed by the comic book, Dev also wants to become a real-life superhero so that people too can know him and he too is famous in the world. To do this, he buys a scuba diving suit and changes it to make a superhero suit for himself.

When he gets out of the house for the first time, he is hit by one and when he regains consciousness. He realizes that some of his bones have been replaced with iron.

When he does not go to school for a long time. It is rumored that he is gay and his crush Katie just becomes a friend.

Casting- Aaron Johnson(Dave/Kickass), Mark Strong(Frank), Christopher Mintz-Plasse(Chris D’Amico), Chloe Grace Moretz(Mindy/Hitgirl), Nicolas Cage(Damon), Lyndsy Fonseca(Katie)

Young Adult

Mavis Gary is a 37-year-old writer writing the story of a divorced drunken ghost who produces a series of young adult novels. Mavis gets an email containing a photo of his high school boyfriend Buddy and his wife beth’s newborn daughter.

Considering this, she leaves Minneapolis and moves to her hometown Mercury Minnesota to meet her friend and her daughter.

Now to know whether Mavis is able to think like that or not, then you need to watch this movie on Prime video.

Roles- Charlie Theron(Mavis Gray), Patton Oswalt(Matt), Patrick Wilson(Buddy), Elizabeth Reaser(Beth), Collette Wolfe(Sandra), Hetienne Park(Vicki), Jill Eikenberry(Hedda Gary)

Under the Silver lake(Neo-noir comedy)

Sam is a 33-year-old man who lives in Silverlake Los Angeles, he does not know what he has to do in his life. But he is interested in discovering old civilizations and hidden secrets.

He meets his new neighbor Sarah at her house and the two watch old movies and propagates fun but as soon as the kissers are done, the roommates bother them. On this, Sarah tells Sam that they will have a lot of fun the next day.

But the next day Sarah and her companions disappear from there overnight. It feels very strange to see this because there was a strange sign on the apartment. He goes out to investigate the best comedy movies on Amazon prime and finally got a pop band.

Casting- Andrew Garfield(Sam), Riley Keough(Sarah), Topher Grace(Bar Buddy), Callie Hernandez(Millicent), Don McManus(Final Man), Jeremy Bobb(Songwriter), Riki Lindhome(Actress), Zosia Mamet(Troy)


Patterson is a hardworking bus driver who leaves for work as early as the morning where he hears people’s conversations and writes poems in his diary at the stops. Then after the work is done, come back in the evening and turn his dog, Marvin.

He also drinks beer by going to the sheds bar where he talks to other people. His wife loves his poems very much, so she says that these poems should be printed and copied.

But when he is coming to watch a movie with his wife. Then he sees that his wife’s dog has destroyed his notebook and destroyed his hard work.

Casting- Adam Driver(Paterson), Golshifteh Farahani(Laura), William Jackson Harper(Everett), Chasten Harmon(Marie), Barry Shabaka Henley(Doc), Rizwan Manji(Donny), Masatoshi Nagase(Japanese Poet)

Dinner for Schmucks

Tim Conrad is a financial analyst based in Los Angeles who offers ways to introduce Swiss businessman Martin Müller as a client.

Impressed by this, Tim’s boss Lance says that he will promote him very soon, but for that, he will have to know Tim a little more closely.

Lance calls him on a special dinner called Dinner for Winner where Tim has to bring a person with him who has something unique or a talent.

Casting- Steve Carell(Barry Speck), Paul Rudd(Tim Conrad), Stephanie Szostak(Julie), Jemaine Clement(Kieran Vollard), Lucy Punch(Darla), Zach Galifianakis(Therman Murch), Bruce Greenwood(Lance fender)

Logan Lucky

Jimmy Logan, along with his one-handed brother and sister, go out to rob at Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Jimmy also takes the veteran of destruction with him so that he can blow up the underground system.

With a full plan, Jimmy steps into the contest but problems arise during NASCAR.

Everyone has to be separated during the race because an FBI officer falls behind them.

Roles- Channing Tatum(Jimmy), Adam Driver(Clyde), Daniel Craig(Joe), Riley Keough(Mellie), Katie Holmes(Bobbie), Katherine Waterson(Sylvia), Dwight Yoakam(Warden Burns)


In this film, the story of the lifeguard present in the middle is shown how lifeguards save the lives of so many people on the banks of the sea every day.

Here the name of the group of all these lifeguards is Baywatch which has saved around 500 lives till now.

They face a big problem when they save a drowning businesswoman as they discover a lot of dark secrets that make them go on hearing.

Main Roles- Dwayne Johnson(Mitch), Zac Effron(Matt), Priyanka Chopra(Victoria), Alexandra Daddario(Summer), Jon Bass(Ronnie), Hannibal Buress(Dave)

Instant Family

Both Pete and Ellie are spouses to whom their relatives keep offering that they will not have any children and they should adopt a child. They enroll in Foster Care and meet the children where they get 15-year-old Lizzy whom they both take with them to their home.

Mistress of Foster Care states that Lizzy has two sisters, one including 10-year-old Juan and 6-year-old Lita. His mother is in jail because he is addicted to drugs. Actually this is the best part of this comedy movie on Amazon prime that makes us laugh louder.

Hearing this, Ellie and her husband refuse to adopt Lizzy because they do not want Lizzy’s sisters to separate from them. But later both of them take the three sisters with them.

Casting- Mark Wahlberg(Pete), Rose Byrne(Ellie), Isabela Moner(Lizzy), Gustavo Escobar(Juan), Julianna Gamiz(Lita), Octavia Spencer(Karen), Tig Notaro(Sharon), Margo Martindale(Sandy)

The Disaster Artist

19-year-old Greg meets Tommy in acting classes, which gives excellent performance on a scene. Greg is impressed by Tommy’s exploits and the two become friends.

After which both of them move to Los Angeles to complete their acting careers where Greg finds out that Tommy has apartments in both San Francisco and Los Angeles.

But he never talks about his personal life and income and through does not tell anything.

Casting- Dave Franco(Greg), James Franco(Tommy), Seth Rogen(Sandy), Ari Graynor(Juliette), Alison Brie(Amber), Jacki Weaver(Carolyn). Paul Scheer(Raphael), Zac Efron(Dan)


The Italian Jewish family of Belly and Allen is full of bizarre adventures. Both of them are trying very hard to run their marriage that their younger daughter comes to know of a secret and their elder daughter leaves her fiancé.

Ali is still studying in high school and he goes mad after hearing the name of the college. This is one the best comedy movies of Amazon Prime if you hate college too.

After returning from a rave when he is going to do his homework, he finds an unknown file in which he finds his father’s loving words written for a secret woman C.

Starring- Jenny Slate(Dana), Edie Falco(Pat), Abby Quinn(Ali), John Turturro(Alan), Jay Duplass(Ben), Finn Wittrock(Nate), Jordan Carlos(Ravi)

Love and Friendship

It was about 1790 when a young widow Susan was looking for a rich man to marry herself and her only daughter so that they could shine their luck.

Lady Susan goes to her brother-in-law to make plans for the wedding so that she can find the boy managed for her girl and marry her daughter to him.

While the young Reginald loves her very much, she does not give him the sense that his family suspects. But some people have the same view as Lady Susan.

Starring- Kate Beckinsale(Lady Susan), Chloe Sevigny(Alicia Johnson), Xavier Samuel(Reginald), Stephen Fry(Mr. Johnson), Emma Greenwell(Catherine), Morfydd Clark(Frederica), James Fleet(Sir Reginald)


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