Best and Worst Moments of 72nd Emmy Award (Photos)


How to Watch 2020 Emmys Concert Live Online

With the 2020 Emmy Awards at Can, here are some of the highs and lows of this year’s Virtual Awards show.

Worst: The monologue in front of (obviously) the impure crowd in front of Jimmy Kimmel.
We didn’t need Kimmel to pull the bait-and-switch with his initial monologue to know that the “crowd” was actually there.

schitt's creek amy

Best: ‘Skits Creek’ made it to Canada.
While most of the winners accepted their awards at home in front of the family, the cast of the pop TV series (Sans Annie Murphy) gathered together in Canada, where they shared a very Better handle on epidemics. This is a good thing, given that it won every single Comedy Award of the night.Read also: ‘Shits Creek’ makes Emmy history with sweeps of top 7 comedy categories

Jennifer aniston in person presenter

Worst: Presenter in person.
Some presenters featured in person, including Jennifer Aniston and Tracy Ellis Ross. Do not think that there was too much social disturbance that it quickly became stale. (We’ll cheat a little bit and say that Anthony Carigan is showing as “Barry’s” NoHo Hank, who was disguised as a mailman, however, was awesome.)

Rid people of the things that quarantine did in chris harrison 2

Best: “What are you doing during quarantine?”
Kimmel refuses to tell some of his favorite stars such as Will Arnett, Ty Burrell, Chris Harrison, Kenan Thompson and Bob Newhart how they are spending their quarantine. “Good Doctor” star Freddie Highmore joked that for him, he had more masks more Recognizable. Barrel gave the most R-rated answer: “What am I doing? what was I doing! (he’s married.)

New year's eve reese witherspoon kerry washington

Unconventional maria removes scholar

Best: Martha Schrader’s “unconventional” acceptance speech.
While some of this year’s Emmys moments were awkward or rude, winning for Martha Schrader’s “Unconventional” in excellent direction for a limited series, movie or theatrical special category was justified and sweet. Shredder was very excited to win and everyone else on screen shared a moment of joy with him jumping back and forth in the background and smiling with ears.
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Emmys jesse armstrong acceptance speech living room succession

Worst: “Succession” creator Jessie Armstrong’s living room.
While we applauded his “un-thankyou” for COVID-19 when he accepted the award for Best Drama Series, the creator of “Succession” Jesse Armstrong took himself seriously with a clashing pattern in his drapes, couch and carpet raised. Perhaps they should hire one of their show’s set decorators for makeovers.

Emmys Farmer Woman Announces Candidates

Tamarind Sterling's Brown thinks it's the best drama for us

Worst: Sterling Kay. Brown tries to claim to win the drama “This is ours”. We got it. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the previous award show in which the wrong winner was announced, but the path went too long. Even Brown himself admitted: “It was embarrassing.” It was also for us.


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