20 Best Action Movies on Netflix you Binge-watching


If you are looking for the best action movies on Netflix to watch in your country, then you need to have a look at these amazing films before moving out. Here is the list of your favourite action series after the list of best Hollywood comedies to watch.

Harry Potter(Complete Film Series)

Harry Potter (film series) moves around breathtaking moments, adventures of a young wizard and his friends Ron and Hermione to protect their Hogwarts university from the dark magician Lord Voldemort.

Best Action Movies on Netflix: Harry Potter

The series is filled with lots of famous action scenes like the chamber fight, performing Expecto Patronus magic and the emotional scenes like the death of Professor Snape.

Casting- Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter), Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint(Ron Weasley), Emma Watson(Hermione), Tom Felton(Draco Malfoy), Alan Rickman(Prof. Severus Snape), Michael Gambon(Prof. Albus Dumbledore), Ralph Fiennes(Lord Voldermort)

The Fifth Element

Fifth Element is a French science fiction film dubbed in the English language which starts in the year 1914 when aliens visit an ancient Egyptian temple to collect the weapon for defeating the evil 😈 that comes after every 5,000 years.

They got the weapon in the form of 4 elements(Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and the fifth element in the form of a human trapped in the funerary box. After collecting all these elements, they head towards their time(2263) when the devil is about to come.

Casting- Milla Jovovich(Leeloo Multipass), Bruce Willis(Korben Dallas), Gary Oldman(Jean), Chris Tucker(Ruby Rhod), Ian Holm(Father), Luke Perry(Bily), Maiwenn(Diva), Inva Mula, Kim Chan(Mr Kim)

The Matrix

Imagine a scenario when machines are controlling humans with artificial intelligence and making them their slave instead of working for them.

Humans will retaliate and fight for their existence that’s the very soul of this action NetFlix series, you binge-watching to find out what happens next. Will Humans won the war or Robots?

To give a clue, Humans create a matrix of unnatural clouds that covers the sky and blocks the sunlight to lower the batteries of the robot but those machines start using humans as their source of energy.

Starring- Keanu Reeves(Neo), Carrie-Anne Moss(Trinity), Laurence Fishburne(Morpheus), Hugo Weaving(Agent Smith), Jada Pinkett Smith(Niobe), Monica Bellucci(Persephone), Lambert Wilson(Merovingian)

Robin Hood Men in Tights(Action-Comedy)

It is a mixture of action + comedy genre and a spoof for Robin Hood, the legendary hero. The curtain opens with a nobleman Robin who is escaping from the prison of Jerusalem to reach his home back.

He moves into the hills to find out the evil Prince John who had seized his family property and mistreat citizens. For that purpose, he assigns Little John and Will Scarlet to acquire the throne back.

Casting- Cary Elwes(Robin Hood), Mel Brooks(Friar), Amy Yasbeck(Lady Marian), Richard Lewis(Prince John), Roger Rees(Le Sherif), Dave Chappelle(Ahchoo), Tracey Ullman(Latrine)

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

This movie is based on Homer’s The Odyssey, that is a true story which revolves around 3 prisoners plans to escape from the jail.

One of the trios claims to have an armoured truck robbery that will benefit all of them. So, the chain gang got a lift from the blind man up to the railways where they head towards the house of Wash.

Casting- George Clooney(Everett), Tim Blake Nelson(Delmar), John Turturro(Pete), John Goodman(Big Dan), Holly Hunter(Penny), Chris Thomas King(Tommy), Michael Badalucco(George)

The Shawshank Redemption

The film is based on the person who has to go to jail for the crime he hadn’t commit but nobody knows this truth except himself.

With no evidence to prove himself innocent, he has to go to a difficult prison where he befriends a man named Red. They spend 19 years together and learn a lot with lots of action and suspense in almost whole movies which you can easily watch on Netflix.

Casting- Morgan Freeman(Ellis), Tim Robbins(Andy), Bob Gunton(Warden), William Sadler(Heywood), Mark Rolston(Bogs), Clancy Brown(Captain), Alfonso Freeman(Fresh Fish), Gil Bellows(Tommy), Frank Medrano(Fat Ass)

Starship Troopers (Sci-Fi Action)

Imagine yourself in the future when humans are fighting for their survival against nasty aliens. The human race is about to extinct and aliens are spreading their tentacles everywhere.

Did humans survive or they get completely eradicated by those alien invaders? To find out, you need to watch the film.

Casting- Casper Van Dien(Juan Rico), Dina Meyer(Dizzy Flores), Denise Richards(Captain), Neil Patrick(Dr Carl), Jake Busey(Ace Levy), Clancy Brown(Sergeant), Michael Ironside(Jean Rasczak)

Back to the Future

A 17-year-old, teenage school-going boy named Marty McFly living the life in a mess with his father and mother. One day, his close friend, who is actually a scientist called him in his laboratory.

To test his newly built Time Machine, he teleported Marty to the year 1955(30 years back) when his mother and father was young. He makes sure that they fall in love with each other otherwise he will get vanished in the future.

But more surprisingly he saves his friend’s life, The time machine inventor reaching in his present.

Starring- Michael J(Marty), Christopher Lloyd(Dr Emmett), Lea Thompson(Lorraine), Thomas F. Wilson(Biff Tannen), Crispin Glo(George McFly), Claudia Wells(Jennifer), Wendie Jo Sperber(Linda McFly), Billy Zane(Match)


A pregnant 🤰woman has to deliver his premature baby when a vampire attacks her and made the chances of her life slimmer. Later, on reaching the hospital, the child survived but the mother dies due to a strange infection.

After this incident, the child transforms into a hunter Blade who is on the mission to vanish all the Vampires from the planet involving lots of action and thrill in these Netflix movies.

Starring- Wesley Snipes(Blade), Stephen Dorff(Deacon Frost), Kris Kristofferson(Abraham), N’Bushe Wright(Dr. Karen), Donal Logue(Quinn), Traci Lords(Racquel), Udo Kier(Dragonetti)

The Departed

This movie of Leonardo DiCaprio is based on a true mafia story who built a career as a criminal and infiltrating police department.

Later he met an Irish mobster, and become a partner for some time. But this bond of friendship doesn’t last any longer when they need to reveal each other’s identity to save their ass.

Star Cast- Leonardo Dicaprio(Billy), Matt Sullivan(Colin Sullivan), Jack Nicholson(Frank), Mark Wahlberg(Sergeant), Vera Farmiga(Madolyn), Ray Winstone(Mr. French), Anthony Anderson(Brown), James Badge Dale(Barrigan)

John Wick

A famous killer John, got married with his love and retired from his so-called assassin job. But, things changes drastically and her wife died which cause a huge impact on his life and he feels loneliness.

His waves of anger rise above the sky when some of the enemies mobsters Losef Tarasov stole his favourite car and kill the little puppy, the last gift from his wife.

Main Cast- Keanu Reeves(John Wick), Ian McShane(Winston), Laurence Fishburne(Bowery King), Lance Reddick(Charon), Halle Berry(Sofia), Mark Dacascos(Zero), Anjelica Huston(The Director), John Leguizamo(Aurelio)

Lord of the Rings – LOTR

The sequel is based on a high-fantasy, action novel, The Hobbit that was written by J. R. R. Tolkien.

It is the story of a young Hobbit who becomes king of the ring and finally becomes a legend in the empire. Now he has to demolish the existence of the false Ring in the fire of Mount Doom.

Casting- Elijah Wood(Frodo Bagg), Orlando Bloom(Legolas), Viggo Mortensen(Aragorn), Ian McKellen(Gandalf), Cate Blanchett(Galadriel), Liv Tyler(Arwen), Hugo Weaving(Elrond)

Tropic Thunder

This movie is based on real incidents that take place in a jungle when the madden director Steve Coogan throws their film heroes in the middle of the jungle.

Now, all these people have to live on their own and prove the Charles Darwin phrase, Survival of the fittest.

Starring- Robert Drowney Jr(Kirk), Ben Stiller(Tugg), Jack Black(Jeff “Fats”), Tom Cruise(Les Gross), Brandon T. Jackson(Alpa Chino), Christine Taylor(Rebecca), Brandon Soo Hoo(Tran), Danny McBride(Cody), Nadine Ellis(Speedman)


The film is based on the DC Comics character John Constantine, with the title Hellblazer who attempted to suicide but failed. He is a demon hunter who goes to hell and comes back.

The climax is very interesting as the scene ends up in the supernatural way when our hero is going to save her identical twin.

Probably, you will find this in the list of best action movies on NetFlix ever made as it has our favourite hero Keanu Reeves.

Casting- Keanu Reeves(John Constantine), Rachel Weisz(Isabel Dods), Tilda Swinton(Gabriel), Shia LaBeouf(Chas Kramer), Peter Stormare(Lucifer), Gavin Rossdale(Balthazar), Djimon Hounsou(Midnite), Pruitt Taylor Vince(Father), Max Baker(Beeman), April Grace(Dr Leslie)

Saving Private Ryan

It is an amazing war action movie of Netflix that can bring tears in your eyes and the more interesting part is that it is based on a true story.

John Miller moves out to find James Ryan whose 3 brothers was killed in an intense fight. The searching proves so much challenging that it teaches them many important life lessons and struggles.

Starring- Tom Hanks(Captain Miller), Matt Damon(Private Ryan), Edward Burns(Private Reibn), Vin Diesel(Private Caparzo), Paul Giamatti(Sergeant Hill), Barry Pepper(Private Jackson), Adam Goldberg(Private Mellish), Giovanni Ribisi(T-4 Medic Wade)

The Transporter

Special forces leader, Frank shows himself a very simple and quiet person like he transports only food and shelter. But deep down we know how much he is capable of.

The main part starts when he kidnaps the young daughter of a Chinese Mafia who is smuggling all over France.

Casting- Jason Statham(Frank Martin), Francois Berland(Inspector), Shu Qi(Lai), Matt Schulze(Wall Street), Ric Young(Mr Kwai), Kate Nauta(Lola), Amber Valletta(Audrey), Nataliya Rudakova(Valentina), Robert Knepper(Johnson), David Atakchi(Malcolm)

Wheel Man

An anonymous driver picks a brand new car to rob a nearby bank but receives a call of his 13-year-old daughter on his way and failed to reach his friend’s home who plan the robbery.

Instead, his crew takes over the burglary and call himself as wheelman without revealing his real name. After that, he comes with his car to execute all the money and moves out instantly.

Casting- Frank Grillo(Wheelman), Garret Dilahunt(Clayton), Caitilin Carmichael(Katie), Wendy Moniz(Jessica), Slaine(Jazz Handler), John Cenatiempo(Real Handler), Shea Whigham(Mohawk Man), Jeffrey Samai(Ben Okri)

The Purge

Unheard festival night in the US when every illegal activity including murders is legal for 12 hours.

In this worst-case scenario, James stuck with his wife and 2 young children when his son allows a stranger to come inside their home.

Probably you want to watch some good horror movies on NetFlix after watching this action movie.

Star Cast- Ethan Hawke(James Sanin), Lena Headey(Mary), Adelaide Kane(Zoey), Max Burkholder(Charlie), Rhys Wakefield(Polite Stranger Leader), Arja Bareikis(Grace Ferrin), Dana Bunch(Mr Ferrin), Chris Mulkey(Mr Halverson), Tom Yi(Mr Call)

Around The World in 80 Days

This movie is a combination of action, adventure and comedy. In this film, Phileas Fogg has to revolve around the whole world in just 80 days to prove the president of Royal Science society that everything is possible.

Taking this brainstorming challenge he and his valet has to find a way to win the bet and acquire the president position. They move and find a young lady which later becomes Phileas girlfriend and the story continues.

Starring- Jackie Chan(Phileas Fogg’s Valet(Passportout), Lau Xing, 10th Tiger), Steve Coogan(Phileas Fogg), Cecile de France(Monique), Jim Broadbent(Lord Kelvin), Ewen Bremmer(Inspector Fix), Kathy Bates(Queen Victoria), Arnold Schwarzenegger(Prince Hapi)

6 Underground

An american Billionaire as well philanthropist made a squad to takedown all the criminals and terrorists that left untouched by governments.

To execute, he hire 5 person other than him and decide their roles by himself as hitman, parkour runner, thief, doctor and a driver.

Cast- Ryan Reynolds(one), Melanie Laurant(two), Manual Garcia-Rulfo(three), Ben Hardy(four), Adria Arjona(five), Dave Franco(six), Corey Hawkins(seven), Payman Maadi, Lior Raz, Kim Kold, Yuri Kolokolnikov, James Murray

Spenser Confidential

A retired cop joins again the police department in order to take down the criminals who murdered 2 honourable policemen.

For this mission, he chose his roommate, Hawk which is not a specialist in any way.

Starring- Mark Wahlberg(Spenser), Winston Duke(Hawk), Alan Arkin(Henry), Iliza Shlesinger(Classy Davis), Michael Gaston(Captain Boylan), Bokeem Woodbine(Driscoll), Marc Maon(Wayne), James DuMont(Bentwood)

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