Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen have an absurd yet lovely podcasting setup.

The dads of America salivated straight onto their quarter-zip pullovers on Monday as Spotify launched the primary two episodes of “Renegades: Born within the USA,” a brand new podcast from Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen. That’s proper: dad denims man and sexy-dirty-butt denims man walked their respective denims right into a recording studio and laid down what Spotify calls “a collection of conversations…about their lives, music, and enduring love of America—regardless of all its challenges.” That phrasing appears to counsel that Obama will likely be speaking about his music, along with Springsteen’s—an exciting however unlikely implication that’s not precisely refuted by the show’s promotional photograph.

I don’t have any actual need to hearken to this podcast—Obama was the most-heard-from man on this planet for at the least eight years already, and I’m unsure what extra Springsteen can say me about how a lot he loves America—however I do have an irrepressible have to stare at this photograph for at the least a full hour, possibly extra. There’s a lot to like right here: The mirror-image energy poses. The opulent array of drinks. The gleaming vibraphone within the background, presumably foreshadowing the second within the podcast when Obama decides to choose up a mallet and improvises a haunting, singularly American melody.

Let’s get the photograph’s largest reveal out of the best way: Are these males touching toes? Or are their toes resting on completely different components of the identical desk leg—which, by the transitive furnishings property of male bonding, would nonetheless represent quite a lot of footsie? Either method, the co-hosts are talking high-level physique language with native fluency. Their crossed arms signify emotional detachment, whereas their toes attain out for intimacy. They may as effectively scrap the dialog on their fraught relationships to masculinity that’s teased within the collection trailer. Their booties have mentioned all there may be to say.

On different matters, nonetheless, Obama and Springsteen have a bit extra ‘splaining to do. As a humble podcaster myself, I used to be shocked to see the boys casually conversing in a cavernous, window-lined room. Have the remainder of us been courting spinal accidents and eye pressure from recording inside cramped pillow forts and darkish closets for nothing? Supposedly, a decent area gives marginal enchancment in audio high quality. Could I have been recording from my private guitar and organ space for storing this whole time?

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This embarrassment of riches extends to the drinks on supply on the “Renegades” recording sesh. Obama is pictured having fun with at the least three completely different drinks: one thing in a mug, one thing in a glass, and one thing in an insulated cup. We can assume none of his drinks are dairy-based, except the podcast privilege of the ultra-rich extends to phlegm-free throats, so espresso, iced tea, and…vegan scorching chocolate? A relaxing (warmed??) juice? Each host additionally has his personal personal carafe of what seems to be water—however, judging by the form of the carafes, might simply as simply be Patrón. In different phrases, Obama’s beverage show—a bit caffeine, a bit sugar, a number of antioxidants, and, simply speculating, an complete carafe of tequila—exists on the exact nexus of relatable and aspirational. It’s tailored for the audience of a meditative podcast on life, love, and the “unlikely friendship” between two of the wealthiest and most well-known Boomer males in America.

Finally, “Renegades” is marketed as a collection of informal chats, however these hosts got here ready for his or her dialog. I depend two telephones, a pill, a laptop computer, a pocket book, a notepad, and a hefty packet of papers on their desk, a visible illustration of the often-invisible work that goes into making an audio manufacturing that sounds off-the-cuff. It’s much more refreshing to see Springsteen in white denims. He has no want for tattered, dirt-stained blue denims anymore. He’s not considering the idea of nationwide unity whereas working his fingers by means of American soil. He’s sitting in his dwelling studio, speaking about his childhood with an ex-president in leather-based booties, sipping from his carafe, and cashing these Spotify checks as they roll in. The humble podcaster’s dream!

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