Bad Bunny performs surprise concert on top of truck through NYC

This was a unique concert that prevents oncoming traffic.

Bunny bad singer in New York City took Sunday wander ways to wear light show on a subway car in a cage, as if on a flatbed truck. In Puerto Rico songwriter, 26, started at 6 pm in the South Bronx and deleted as performing on stage, movable navigated its drive to Manhattan, as well as Washington Heights in Harlem.

The sidewalks were seen players clinical bunny, doing better than the traveling wave weekend lorem.

The concert will be the final stop in Harlem Hospital, where bad bunny – Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio was born – thanks for all front-line workers in a pandemic done, NBC reported.

In the event livestreamed Univision’s music, performed in collaboration with the Verizon and certainly should arm Uforia, in honor of Hispanic Heritage month.

“We are especially excited to celebrate the richness of Latinx culture among Hispanic Heritage month this one-of-a-kind Livestreaming experience, and also the memory of Licinius community’s resilience in the third anniversary of Hurricane seas, in partnership with Verizon and radio Univision’s president said Jesus to her Lara, reported mass. “We are proud to showcase the art bunny was such a profound impact on our culture and the music industry at large.”

The singer’s fans to the concert and the wind got up quickly on social media likely to choose.

Bad bunny’s performance shows the first of a series of pop-up but, once a month through the end of the year Uforia livestreamed while waiting for the show to be announced soon.

The singing and dancing on a truck, a song of his bad bunny and released the new music video “una vez“. The clip racked up 1.6 million views within 12 hours on a debuting.

Headlines in the art documenting the quarantine on its front six sunbathing Instagram on the three images of himself in vitamin 500 was also painted on her naked demonstration of their prey.




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