Anthony Anderson gives powerful ‘Black Lives Matter’ Emmys 2020 speech


Emmy came to Anderson and no weariness of a pandemic, Anthony to make jokes.

Star of “black-ish” each other in the 50-person host Jimmy Kimmel (and socially these are distant) to read the names of the 2020 Emmy for Best Limited Series present’s episode of “watchers” with the award.

Before to read the winner, Anderson, of Hollywood that he does not often brings one of her mom and gigs, he did very seriously, because better and more clearly, it does not require of them great bells of the comedy involved.

We have a black record Emmy nominees this year, which is great, “he said.” This is the part where it starts to white people applaud and nod. Thank you, Jimmy. “

“This is supposed to be drawn from the Emmys ever. Titus as the first subject of the discussion can be black gonna be, but also because of COVID we can get through the damn building,” he said. “This is great Emmys was black and was in a bag, black hot sauce. It was a triumph black Howard University with gore. You would have made the other descriptions. “

Well, um, I’m sorry, what was not. That would be great, “added Kimmel corruption.

Anderson, who had grown up, when he was in a place is this? “nor be barren, in the green the place is only trying to make a sneeze a llama ‘Kimmel, he reproved him, that he was one to the alpaca.

“No,” whitesplain ‘to me, Jimmy, “he said. “This is what it should be, but I’m also for all rooted for black stories black, black and black life does work.”

In this Kimmel once under fire Blackface thrusts into “In the lives” singing.

“Tell me, Jimmy. Louder, Jimmy. They say that they will be able to listen to the kids,” Anderson said. ‘That the black of life, does it matter, to stay at home, than that he should be saved, who turn black into the night, this is fine, because it is studied, for the sake of which we have just with you to have the light to us anywhere “.



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