Ant and Dec lockdown quiz – see how well you really know the Geordie double act

Ant and Dec lockdown quiz - see how well you really know the Geordie double act

There are many individuals, it appears, who wrestle to inform the distinction between Ant and Dec and can determine them solely by which at all times stands on the left and which the proper.

Any time the TV presenters stand misplaced, it tends to trigger nearly as a lot confusion and upset as the time they separated to shoot particular person scenes on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

That provoked a tide of touch upon social media and it is protected to say ITV will not make the identical mistake once more and the final collection of the show – transferred from the Australian jungle to a Welsh fort resulting from Covid and received by creator and blogger Giovanna Fletcher – noticed Ant and Dec again of their righful locations.

While the wider nation could see the pair as inter-changeable, Geordie followers not often confuse the two who they’ve identified from their earliest days on Byker Grove and even uncovered new connections throughout ITV1 programme Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey.

Or do they? Just how well we really know Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly may turn into obvious in our mild-hearted quiz which reveals some delicate variations between them which can well catch you out. Give it a attempt and see if you know which truth applies to which.

Ant or Dec?

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