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Who really is the rich king?

Amiri King is an American comedian who popularized his name through his YouTube channel RoyalMediaMafia. He was born Tony Donovan Shork in Louisville, Kentucky at age 10Th July, 1979, is now a 39-year-old, 6 feet (1,82 m) tall Cancer zodiac (according to the zodiac), with light brown eyes and brown hair. He has a fairly shady background, and is a pre-Confined comedian who spent time in prison as a teenager, which apparently did not deter him from making his name as one of America’s top comedians. .

His claim to fame can be attributed to the fact that he managed to twist his life, and he made a huge breakthrough for it.

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In 1998 he legally changed his name to Amiri King, apparently as a result of his admiration for the poets Amiri Barça and Count Cullen – this also separated him from his earlier ‘known’ name.

Early life of the amir king

Amiri’s growing up in a single-parent home with her mother, Sharon Brown Colvin, was tough, and she was only 11 years old when she ran away from her home after being badly beaten by her father. The next year was spent on the streets of Louisville where he survived the parking lot of gas stations and feeding hot dogs and donut scraps. He lived in various shelters such as Phoenix House, Boys’ Haven and Liberty Shelter House.

Amiri’s problematic life led him to act of desperation, and when he was 16 he was convicted for armed robbery. In his words: ‘I stuck a young man behind a Louisville cafe for $ 10, and I was facing 20 years and a full cash bond of 50 thousand for 10 dollars; Not one of my better mistakes’.

He was released two years later in a corrective facility but had nowhere to live again, spending time at the Wayside Christian Mission and Healing Place, and was soon sent to prison for another three years. . While in prison he slept thinking that this would help in passing the time very fast.

Rich king

When his term was O.V.In 2001, Amiri emphatically stated that she decided to keep her nose clean and change her life. He certainly did a great job, as he again had no trouble with the police. Amiri began harassing local high school students, Allatin meetings, and children about their experiences and life story, and directed them how not to allow their challenges to mess up their lives.

How was it revealed that Amirie King made a career on YouTube?

Unfortunately, during this time, And most probably as a result of previous trauma, Amiri suffered from ADHD and prolonged depression, and was hospitalized several times.

Recalling the time around 2007, he says, ‘I wanted to kill myself, so I really gave away everything I had, I didn’t need it. But I overheard someone saying, ‘You post something on YouTube today, and tomorrow you’re a star.’ So I watched YouTube and I sat there and I laughed until I was crying. I saw people farting in microphones, prank phone calls – it was a great release for me. I’ve always been funny, and I saw that little upload button and thought, I can do this. ‘

As a result, slogans were started on Amiri Youtube.

They launched in October 2012 RoyalMediaMafia, Which is an outlet for his video parody about cars, and one of his most famous which became an instant hit published on 22nd April 2014, “Chevy Silverado Parody”, And so far has been viewed more than 1,5 million times. The successor was published on 4 May 2014 “Chevy Silverado Parody 2”“, And is his most viewed video in the current tally of over 18 million views! Amiri has also posted a series of popular videos under” Chhatra Padvi “My vlog is better than yours“,” Freedom “,” Feminists “and” The Gay Community “.

He also makes skits in motor vehicles and other advertisements, continuing to use all these routes to post hilarious videos with bites, which his followers enjoy and which steadily increase his fan base and wealth.

What else does the rich king do?

Before beginning his YouTube career, Amiri moved to Nicholasville, Kentucky and briefly worked in landscaping. He has also gone into acting and played a role in the 2015 sequel “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with Rick and Ed”. His good friend Peter Shukoff is a musician and comedian known as Nice Peter from his YouTube channel, and Amiri has collaborated with him and other comedians by writing content for his show.

Amiri is now the Executive Director of RoyalMedia and a member and editor of the Advisory Board of Tribunists.

Amiri Raja Awards

In 2014, Amirie King was honored with Leo Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Comedian. It was a great honor for him as he had enjoyed the magazine for years, yet he never even thought in the dream that he would bestow an award on him. In 2015, he once again collected the award, however, it was canceled after it was revealed that he had posted some racist comments on social media.

Amiri has appeared on the cover of Reader’s Digest three times, and acquired the YouTube Silver Play button when she reached 100,000 subscribers.

Amiri’s personal life

Amiri was in a relationship with Sarah Ruminski – it is surprising that they were engaged on stage, and she is the mother of their 3 daughters – Kennedy, Tilly and Mer. Although he does not share much about his love life, it seems that Amiri and Sara are no longer in a relationship, yet he often posts pictures and photographs of his daughters on his social media account.

Amiri King is a well-known name on social media

Their primary outlet is the current YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers, but Amiri is also active in other social media sites.

His facebook page, Which bears the title slogan of “FockaWhooFockaYoo”, has garnered over two million followers. You can find him Twitter With accumulated 80,000 followers since 2008, and under the title “The King has spoken” Instagram On which he has gathered more than 111,000 people. (His daughter, Tilly, has a page titled “The Queen has spoken”.) Amiri also appears Tumblr And is a living community Patreon Stating, ‘I have been the target of censorship for years and I am tired of it, to be honest.’ This is really no surprise with his outspoken thoughts and absurd and sometimes derogatory comments.

What is Amir King’s net worth?

The total value of the rich is generally not known, however, according to Social blade He gets an average of 542 new subscribers on YouTube every month and his estimated monthly earnings from YouTube alone are up to $ 1,500. Add to its increasing popularity and other income streams, and according to informed sources, his current total assets are estimated to be in the region of $ 250,000. Great work for a pre-election that turned the trauma into laughter to make his breakthrough.

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