Amanda Kimmel Believed She Won Back-to-Back ‘Survivor’ Seasons

Four-time “Survivor” participant and one-time winner Tyson Apostol spoke out not too long ago about “Survivor” legend Amanda Kimmel, revealing that for a short time, the three-time contestant believed she had received back-to-back seasons and had grow to be the primary two-time winner ever. Here’s what you could know:

Tyson: Amanda Believed ‘Fully, 100% That She Had Won’ ‘China’ & ‘Micronesia’

Amanda Kimmel first competed on “Survivor” on the age of twenty-two again in 2007, when she appeared on “Survivor: China.” There, she positioned third, making it to the Final Tribal Council together with allies Todd Herzog and Courtney Yates, however solely secured one jury vote. About three months after coming house, she was requested to return for “Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites” as a Favorite, even supposing her authentic season was solely partway by airing. As a end result, when she returned to the sport, she didn’t but know whether or not she had received “China.”

Of course, Amanda, together with Parvati Shallow, made it to the tip in “Micronesia,” although Amanda as soon as once more got here up brief, once more partly on account of her legendary poorability to carry out properly on the Final Tribal Council. She ended up shedding to Parvati in a 5-3 vote.

In a latest episode of The Ringer’s The Pod Has Spoken alongside Parvati, Tyson, who solely ever appeared on the identical season with Amanda as soon as, on “Heroes vs. Villains” (although they had been by no means on the identical tribe), revealed that he has it on “excellent authority” that “as quickly because the [Micronesia]Final Tribal Council ended, [Amanda] was of the idea for a length of time that she had received 1,000,000 {dollars} twice in a single 12 months …she believed totally, 100% that she had received [both] these seasons.”

This got here after a remark by Parvati, wherein she talked about, “I do not suppose [Amanda] knew that she hadn’t received ‘China'” after the season had accomplished airing.

Of course, Ozzy Lusth (with whom Amanda had a short romance) talked about throughout “Micronesia’s” Final Tribal Council that he was “glad I did not win” his authentic season, “Cook Islands,” in order that he may have been on “Micronesia” and met Amanda, implying that winners had been ineligible to return again on that season. It is unknown whether or not this was truly a choice made by manufacturing, but when Tyson is appropriate, clearly Amanda did not suppose so.

Parvati Corroborated That Amanda Believed She Had Won ‘Micronesia’

Amanda Kimmel and Parvati Shallow

The “China” finale/reunion show aired on December 16, 2007, and filming for “Micronesia” wrapped up on December 6 of that very same 12 months, that means that if Tyson is certainly appropriate, there would solely have been a ten-day hole wherein Amanda would have had the chance to consider that concept.

Parvati additionally talked about within the podcast that “everybody messed with us,” referring to how most of the jury members would misinform the finalists for enjoyable, making the winner nervous, and maybe giving the runner-up false hope. Parvati went on, calling out Eliza Orlins (who ended up voting for Parvati) specifically:

After that [Final] Tribal Council, I felt that I had received, as a result of I knew I outperformed Amanda … however afterwards, everybody was making an attempt to mess with me, and Eliza and folks had been like, ‘Oh no sorry, these individuals voted for whoever,’ after which I simply did not speak to anybody actually.

Parvati went on to substantiate that Amanda certainly thought she had received “Micronesia” after filming, although this was probably after it was revealed she misplaced “China.” “And Amanda thought she had received,” Parvati stated, “and so I used to be like, ‘This is gonna be bizarre after I win, and Amanda thinks she received.’ That’s what I assumed.”

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Be certain to catch the two-hourseason 42premiere, which airs this Wednesday, March 9.


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