AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Speculated Plot


AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 was confirmed in May 2022. The arabic drama series was renewed despite of being announced as a limited series.

The Jordanian drama series premiered in 2021 and features Andria Tayeh, Rakeen Sa’ad, and Noor Taher in the main roles of three rebels at the Al Rawabi school of girls who are portraying the corrupted systems, bullying, and honor killings tradition.

It has been produced by Nadine Toukan under Filmizion Productions and the filming for thes eries took place in Amman, the capital city of Jordan.

AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 Release Date

Even though, the series was renewed in May 2022 with a glimpse of Alrawabi school playing the melodious school anthem in the background. The filming has wrapped recentl but there is no exact release date for the season 2 of AlRawabi on Netflix.

However, it is speculated to come before Christmas 2023 as the series has entered post-production phase that is going to take some time, say 5 months. Then, the second season of Al Rawabi will be released in fall 2023.

Alrawabi School for Girls season 2 cast
Image: Netflix

The new season will have more episodes than the previous season. That means, our stars will be given more screentime. The last season was having six episodes and if this season has to have more episodes then it can be between 7-10, that works best.

Shomali, the showrunner shared a video on her instagram showing some behind the scenes moments from the new season. Writing the script for the series took almost a year, in addition to six months of preparation and 60 days of filming, she said.

This is Shomali’s first project with Netflix and she has already paved the way for future. It seems that we are going to see another season if this becomes successful. The woman is known for highlighting stories with a female lead and is also doing great in that field.

It’s not about just a female representation, it’s about hope that Alrawabi school girls are giving to viewers that they should speak against bully and take a strong stand to show the bullies their correct place.

Who will be in the cast of Al Rawabi School For Girls Season 2?

  • Sari Silawi as Hazem
  • Yara Mustafa as Dina
  • Rakeen Sa’ad as Noaf
  • Joanna Arida as Rania
  • Jana Zeineddi as Laila
  • Andria Tayeh as Mariam
  • Salsabiela A. as Ruqayya
  • Reem Saadeh as Miss Abeer
  • Noor Taher as Layan Murad Fathi
  • Ahmad Hamdan as Laith Radwan
  • Nadera Emran as Principal Fateh Qadi

What is the plot of AlRawabi School for girls?

The show moves around a Jordanian girl named Mariam who decides to avenge her humiliation with two of her best friends and classmates. However, the revenge turns wrong and took an unexpected turn where only the girls should suffer.

Season 2 will dive deeper into the lives of Noaf, Mariam, Dina, Layan, and Ruqayya. The faculty will also be changed with higher level of school but fans don’t need to worry about the growth of characters.

This season is not going to be the final one and Shomali has already made it clear that she is carrying more stuff in the bag to entertain viewers throughout the world. Till that, check the ending of Fake Profile, another Netflix thriller series that follows a tangled love story.

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