After Life Season 3 Release Date Confirmed ! Who will cast?


Rick Gervais has finished writing for season 3 for the After Life, and now the release date will be coming very soon. He posted a tweet showing the cover of the script.

The last season ended in amusement, and his character Tony is still struggling. But we can expect his Life gets on the track and he got a lot of fame and money as well.

What about After Life Season 3 Release Date?

Less than two weeks ago, the last season had appeared on Netflix, and now Mr. Gervais has completed the work so that it may happen soon. But due to coronavirus pandemic and those social distancing norms, it may take a long time.

So, we can expect its launch by 2021 Winters if the virus outbreak will not disappear. That should also launch soon, but you know the consequences if the stars come closer, ignoring the pandemic.

However, the good news is that the script work is done. What a relief moment? Pray for the best and After Life season 3 release will happen soon.

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  • Ricky Gervais as Tony
  • Tom Basden (Matt)
  • Colin Hoult as Ken
  • Joe Wilkinson (“Postman” Pat)
  • Roisin Conaty (Roxy)
  • Tracy Ann Oberman as Rebecca
  • David Earl (Brian)
  • Peter Egan as Paul
  • Ashley Jensen (Emma)
  • Paul Kaye as a deranged psychiatrist
  • Tony Way (Lenny)
  • Diane Morgan (Kath)
  • Mandeep Dhillon (Sandy)
  • Jo Hartley (June)
  • Ethan Lawrence (James)

Sneak Peek in the Plot for After Life Season 3

We can take many clues from the second season as that introduces us to Paul as the Owner of the Tambury Gazette. Later, he develops feelings for Anne that indicates the returning of both characters in the third season.

After Life Season 3 expected plot and cast

Moreover, Tony’s wife is dead because of breast cancer, and this should be the most discussing part in the coming seasons of the TV show.

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Tony is in pain as he had lost his wife and his father as well, but one thing he cares about the most now is his dog, Brandy. Let’s see how it will help Tony in season 3 of After Life.

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John Smith
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