A complete listing of all ‘Star Trek’ Mirror Universe episodes

The Mirror Universe is among the most talked-about and thrilling sorts of tales which “Star Trek” can inform. Instead of abiding by the principles and morals of the Federation, characters in TheMirror Universeare all about themselves. In a really literal sense, the Mirror Universe is the exact opposite of what Gene Roddenberry hoped our future could be.

The idea of the Mirror Universe is definitely grounded and primarily based in scientific idea, which grew out of String Theory. According tosome scientists, our universe is however one in all an infinite quantity. Instead of 1Big Bang, there have been thousands and thousands or billions of Big Bangs in the beginning of creation. Each universe is self-contained in its personal bubble. Thus, the Mirror Universe could possibly be one of many thousands and thousands of realities within the many a number of universes —often called the Multiverse.

“Star Trek” will not be the one franchise that delves into the Multiverse. Both Marvel and DC Comics have been subjecting their characters to totally different situations. Marvel started their journey into the Multiverse in 1977, with thepublication of “What If…?” That comedian ebook will quickly be a collection on Disney+. DC, however, has aninteractive chart of their numerous Earths.

Interestingly, the Kelvin Films had been made with the Multiverse in thoughts. When George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) rammed his ship into the Romulan mining vessel (which was not alleged to be there), it created a brand new timeline, totally different from the Prime Timeline.

Presented listed here are all the Mirror Universe episodes, within the order which they aired (or streamed):

TOS: Beginning of The ‘Mirror’

Season 2’s “Mirror, Mirror” was the very first look of the Mirror Universe in Trek. It is commonlyranked as probably the greatestwithin the Mirror “collection” of episodes. The concept for the episode got here from a brief story by author Jerome Bixby. This story, “It’s a Good Life,” served because the launching level for “Mirror, Mirror” on Trek, in addition to an episode of the unique “Twilight Zone” and a part of “Twilight Zone: The Movie,” which debuted in 1983.

The episode noticed Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, and Uhura the victims of a transporter accident. They appeared within the Mirror Universe, the place an evil Empire is in cost. Spock — in each universes — can work out what occurred. This can be the episode the place the evil Spock had a goatee, which inserts properly with the “Beard of Evil” cliche.

Some take into account “The Tholian Web” to be a part of the Mirror collection. The episode created circumstances that will have an effect on different episodes in future collection.ScreenRant has an excellent explaineron how that every one labored.

TNG: None

There had been no Mirror episodes in “The Next Generation.” Still, there are a number ofnovelizationsandcomedian ebook collectionwhich delve into what may need been.

DS9: Shattered Glass Everywhere

“Deep Space Nine” featured 5 episodes from the Mirror Universe. It appeared that the writers of DS9 made an effort to proceed the tales established within the earlier episodes. These reveals — Season 2′ “Crossover,” Season 3’s “Through the Looking Glass,” Season 4’s “Shattered Mirror,” Season 6’s “Resurrection,” and Season 7’s “The Emperor’s New Cloak,” in all probability can’t be watched with out watching the remainder of DS9, but it surely’s fairly shut.

For instance, when Sisko crosses over, he encounters his no longer alive spouse, Jennifer (Felecia M. Bell). The latter was a scientist for the evil Terran Empire. He additionally labored with O’Brien, who glided by ‘Smiley’ in his world, and Major Kira wore the identical type of slinky, skin-tight catsuits in every episode.

Voyager: None

Like TNG, there have been no Mirror episodes for Captain Janeway to navigate by means of. But, Tuvok did seem on DS9’s “Through the Looking Glass.” In this episode, Tuvok was a part of an underground, which fought towards the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

Enterprise: A Mirror Darkly

Perhaps probably the most bold telling of a Mirror story (to that point) was the two-parter from “Star Trek: Enterprise.” These episodes, “A Mirror Darkly” Parts 1 and a couple of, gave followers a take a look at how the Terran Empire operated earlier than Kirk and Spock’s time. Fans additionally realized how treacherous the Mirror Hoshi could possibly be.

The Season 4 showrunner of “Enterprise,” Manny Coto, advised the crew on the “Inglorious Treksperts” that it took fairly a little bit of convincing to get everybody on board with the alternate intro for the show.

Discovery: Mirror to Real Life

When “Discovery” first streamed, there have been a number of controversial issues — the colour anddesign of the ship, thequestionable science, and the massive reveal that Captain Lorca (Jason Issacs) was from theMirror Universe.

That being stated, as a result of there are such a lot of episodes within the first season of “Discovery” that contain the Mirror Universe (due to Lorca’s presence) and afterward (as a result ofEmperor Georgiou turns into a recurring, if not a major character on the show, followers would possibly simply take into account that Season 4 would be the first non-Mirror season of “Discovery.”

But, the official DISCO Mirror episodes from Season 1 are “Into The Forest I Go,” “Despite Yourself,” “The Wolf Inside,” “Vaulting Ambition,” and “What’s Past Is Prologue.”

Season 3 featured two official Mirror tales, “Terra Firma, Part I” and “Terra Firma, Part II.” These episodes marked the tip of Georgiou’s involvement within the thirty first Century and the usS. Discovery.


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