A Complete List of All the Twists in ‘Survivor 41′ & ’42’


“Survivor” has been recognized for introducing quite a few twists and benefits in latest seasons, most notably in season 41 and the continuing season 42. The present season is re-using lots of the twists utilized in “41,” although, as host Jeff Probst teased earlier than the season even aired, there might be some new ones as properly.

The latest inundation of latest twists and benefits could also be slightly overwhelming for some viewers, so beneath is an exhaustive record of all the brand new twists and benefits launched in seasons 41 and 42. Most of these launched in “41” are being re-used within the ongoing season.

Warning: spoilers for “Survivor 41” forward. This web page might be up to date as “Survivor 42” progresses, together with with any extra new twists launched.

Hourglass Twist

Perhaps probably the most controversial (and impactful) twist of all, the well-known “Hourglass twist” was launched about midway via season 41, shortly earlier than the merge. In episode 6, whereas all three tribes have been anticipating to merge with 12 gamers left, host Jeff Probst instructed the tribes that they might truly shouldearn their method into the merge.

The 12 remaining contestants have been cut up into two groups of 5, and every workforce would compete towards one another in an immunity problem. All 12 contestants would go to Tribal Council, however the successful workforce could be immune. As for the 2 not picked, the successful workforce would even have the correct to choose which of these castaways would be a part of them in being immune; the opposite one could be despatched to Exile Island (a throwback to a twist utilized in older seasons of the show), however would nonetheless come again for Tribal, and be susceptible.

In “41,” that contestant turned out to be eventual winner Erika Casupanan, who was knowledgeable on Exile by Probst that she could be given a alternative: she may both let the sport proceed as is, or “return in time” and switch immunity to the opposite workforce, in addition to herself, by smashing an hourglass which Probst supplied to her.

Naturally, Erika selected to smash the hourglass. If she hadn’t, or if she hadn’t been introduced with the choice, she probably would not have gained the sport, in response to Erika herself.

The twist is prone to reappear in season 42; it’s an open query as as to whether or not it’s going to play out the identical as final time, and if not, how one castaway’s choice may have an effect on the remainder of the sport.

Beware Advantage

Introduced in episode 2 of season 41, the “Beware benefit” is basically one-third of an immunity idol: there are three of them hidden within the sport – one at every tribe’s camp. Upon discovering it within the woods, it appears like an everyday hidden immunity idol; nevertheless, it comes with a warning to whoever finds it earlier than opening:”If you are taking it, it’s yours, however you need to do what it says. Otherwise, go away it.”

Once opened, it may solely be activated after the opposite two have been discovered. The finder will comprehend it has been discovered through a “secret phrase” uttered by the others who discovered it; they need to additionally utter it themselves, in an effort to activate it. Until then (i.e., till all three have uttered the phrases) – or till the merge – the finder won’t be able to vote in any respect.

This problem has resulted in quite a few memorable moments from season 41, together with Xander Hastings’ line, “I actually imagine that butterflies are expired relations saying hello,” and Naseer Muttalif’s legendary, “I’m as confused as a goat on Astroturf.” In episode 2 of season 42, it was Mike Turner who discovered his tribe’s Beware benefit, the place he might be compelled to say, “there’s a lot grace within the sport of soccer it makes me cry,” a lot to his chagrin.

It is unlikely that this twist will return, provided that all the objective is for contestants to say one thing weird with out revealing that it is truly part of the sport. Since the castaways of seasons 43 onward can have seen these two seasons, any such phrase will probably be instantly detected as a part of the Beware benefit, therefore rendering it virtually ineffective as a twist.

The Summit

Although the Summit has been seen in different seasons – akin to season 33, “Millennials vs. Gen X,” – it was within the seasons 41 and 42 premieres the place it was additionally accompanied by a game-changing twist, and never merely a cross-tribal get-to-know-you rendezvous.

In seasons 41 and 42, the Summit twist consisted of a dilemma involving a ship’s wheel which one member of every tribe is confronted with.On the ship’s wheel is an choice to both “Risk Your Vote” or “Protect Your Vote.” If all three select to guard their vote, nothing adjustments. If all of them select “danger your vote,” all of them lose their vote on the subsequent Tribal. If there’s a combine, those that select “danger” get an additional vote and those that select “defend” preserve their vote, with basically nothing altering for them.

On season 41, the castaways on the Summit consisted of three males – Xander, Danny McCray, and JD Robinson. Danny opted to maintain his vote, whereas Xander and JD risked theirs, every incomes an additional vote. In season 42, the three castaways on the Summit have been all girls – Maryanne Oketch, Drea Wheeler, and Jenny Kim. In that occasion, Jenny precisely predicted that each Maryanne and Drea would select to danger their vote. As a outcome, she selected to guard hers, giving Maryanne and Drea every an additional vote, and protecting herself secure. It stays to be seen how, or if, Maryanne and Drea will be capable to use their additional vote.

The Summit was used greater than as soon as within the pre-merge portion of season 41 (with different benefits, akin to a Steal-A-Vote, or the Knowledge Is Power benefit (extra beneath) being provided to the contestants), so it’s probably that we are going to see it come again once more in future episodes of season 42.

‘Do or Die’ Twist

The “Do or Die” twist was used solely as soon as in season 41, in episode 11, and will rival the Hourglass twist for being probably the most controversial twist of the season. It’s fairly easy: on the closing 7 immunity problem, contestants have been provided an opportunity to not compete. If they selected to compete,the primary particular person to fall out of the problem could be compelled to take part in Do or Die, which principally gave the contestant a one-in-three probability at security.

That evening at Tribal Council, the unfortunate contestant could be compelled to choose a field – fully based mostly on probability – which might render them secure. If so, they might be secure from the vote. If not, they might be instantly ejected from the sport with none vote in any way. In season 41, that contestant turned out to be Deshawn Radden.

Survivor Do or Die

At Tribal Council that evening, after Deshawn picked one of many three containers he was introduced with, Probst then took one of many different two containers away, giving him an opportunity to alter his choice if he wished to, basically making a Monty Hall-style drawback. Though the answer to the Monty Hall drawback would inform him to alter his choice, Deshawn (who was unfamiliar with the issue and stated subsequently that he would have gone residence had he recognized about it) selected to stay together with his intestine and never change. It turned out to be the right alternative, so Deshawn, who ended up putting second, was secure for that spherical.

Shot within the Dark

Zach Wurtenberger

The Shot within the Dark benefit is sort of easy – it provides person a one-in-six (principally 17%) probability at immunity that they’re to play at Tribal. However, they need to sacrifice their vote that Tribal in an effort to play it. Each castaway is given an opportunity to make use of the Shot within the Dark at any level within the sport. It has been used solely thrice up to now – as soon as in season 41, in addition to every episode up to now of season 42. All have been unsuccessful, and all who used it have been subsequently voted out that evening. The people have been Sydney Segal (in “Survivor 41,” episode 6), Zach Wurtenberger (within the “Survivor 42” premiere), and Marya Sherron (in “Survivor 42,” episode 2).

Knowledge Is Power Advantage

The “Knowledge Is Power” benefit has been seen solely as soon as up to now – in season 41, the place it was obtained by Liana Wallace in episode 5. In that episode,Yase gained the immunity problem and was instructed to decide on a member of their very own tribe, in addition to a member of both Luvu or Ua, to go to the Summit to decide. Liana, of Yase, volunteered to go, and Yase chosenShan Smith, of Ua, to affix her.

At the Summit, they confronted the identical dilemma the others did. Shan opted to maintain her vote for that evening’s Tribal, and inspired Liana to take the benefit. Liana later found it was a “Knowledge Is Power” benefit, which meant that she now had the ability to ask one tribemate if that they had a bonus or idol. They should inform the reality, and in the event that they did certainly have one, she may take it for herself.

In episode 7 – the merge episode – Liana selected to make use of this benefit towards Xander, who did certainly have an idol. However, Xander, in what was extensively thought of a wonderful transfer, outsmarted her by giving the idol to his ally Tiffany Seely beforehand, facetiously giving Liana a faux one as an alternative.

Amulet Advantage (solely in “42”)

Advantage Amulet

The “Advantage Amulet,” new to season 42, was launched within the first problem of the season, the place one castaway from every tribe needed to determine amongst themselves, in secret – because the problem was ongoing – whether or not to instantly proceed with the problem, or obtain particular person benefits for every of them. If they selected the latter, they might smear themselves with filth and faux blood in an effort to trick their tribemates, upon return, into believing that they have been partaking in strenuous bodily exercise as an alternative of strategizing.

Drea, Hai Giang, and Lindsay Dolashewich ended up being the three put in that place, they usually all determined to take the benefit. Later that episode, they discovered that they had obtainedan “Advantage Amulet”, which may solely be used with all the opposite Amulets within the sport, that means that every one three should regroup earlier than it may be used. In addition, the ability of the Advantage Amuletis dependent upon the variety of individuals holding it. The fewer amulets within the sport, the extra energy they’ve – with 3 individuals, it’s an additional vote; with 2, it’s a Steal-A-Vote, and with 1, it is a full immunity idol. The benefit might be good till the ultimate 6.

As a outcome, those that have the Amulet are confronted with an attention-grabbing dilemma: they’re going to should eradicate one another in an effort to maximize the ability of the idol, however may even should reconnect with one another earlier than it may be used in any respect.

How will probably be utilized by any, or all, of them, stays to be seen.

“Survivor 42” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

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