A Bajoran-Cardassian Federation President in ‘Discovery’?

The Cardassians and the Bajorans have been on the middle of one of the crucial epic conflicts in “Star Trek” historical past, which was partially depicted in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” The Bajorans lived underneath brutal Cardassian occupation for greater than 50 years. When the resistance motion lastly overthrew Cardassian rule, the animosity between the Bajorans and Cardassians solely grew.

Starfleet acquired concerned within the Bajoran-Cardassian battle when the Federation and Bajor entered negotiations for the planet’s membership within the interstellar group. Though the Cardassians grudgingly accepted the top of their occupation, tensions remained excessive because the Federation helped the Bajoran provisional authorities rebuild.

Open battle reignited when the Cardassians joined forces with the Dominion, sparking the Dominion War. However, the alliance between the Dominion and the Cardassians was fleeting. The Dominion massacred over two million Cardassian residents. The Cardassians deserted their alliance with the Dominion and joined the Federation. The Dominion responded with genocide.

Cardassia was decimated on the finish of the Dominion War, and Bajor was nonetheless undecided about Federation membership. “Star Trek” canon has not but made it clear whether or not Bajor ever joined the Federation. Cardassia’s destiny after the Dominion War has been largely disregarded of canon as properly.

However, an Easter Egg from “Star Trek: Discovery” season three and the trailer for season 4 trace that “Star Trek” followers could get some important details about Bajor and Cardassia within the thirty second century.

Did the Cardassians Join the Federation?

During an episode of “The Ready Room,” Wil Wheaton’s “Star Trek” aftershow, the props division revealed a stunning element about Cardassia’s relationship with the Federation.

During the third season of “Discovery,” Michael Burnham was looking for the black bins from the ships that have been destroyed throughout The Burn. Prop Master Mario Moreira confirmed off the black bins the props division crafted for the show. Most of the black bins have been easy cylinders that he defined have been from normal Federation ships.

However, Moreira revealed that one of many black bins was from a Cardassian ship. He adopted up with a fast remark about how the Cardassian ship was a Federation ship on the time of The Burn. So, sooner or later earlier than The Burn, Cardassia did be part of the Federation.

This is a significant departure from the earlier “Star Trek” canon. In all of the earlier “Star Trek” collection, the Federation and Cardassia have been at conflict or had a tenuous peace at finest. Cardassia becoming a member of the Federation is an enormous deal for Trek historical past.

The third season of “Discovery” did not supply any insights as as to whether Cardassia was nonetheless a part of the Federation within the post-Burn world. However, the season 4 trailer supplied a touch.

A Half Cardassian Federation President?

The trailer for “Discovery’s” fourth season prominently incorporates a new character who seems to be a minimum of half Cardassian. She has the distinctive Cardassian ankh-like marking on her brow and the attribute bumps round her eyes.

Her Cardassian options usually are not as pronounced as they might be on a real Cardassian. She does not have as many facial bumps and there are not any ridges extending down her neck onto her shoulders. So, her look means that she’s half Cardassian and half one other species.

The half Cardassian girl appeared twice within the trailer. The first time, speaking about how the gravitational anomaly the universe is dealing with is a risk to each non-Federation and Federation planets. The second time, assembly with the President of Ni’Var and Federation officers at Federation headquarters. Fans have recommended that she might be the Federation President.

The truth {that a} half Cardassian girl exists sooner or later is outstanding in itself. The Cardassians have all the time been xenophobic and specist to the purpose of being supremacists. Though it has been established that Cardassians have parented hybrid kids, the disgrace surrounding these kids was evident. So, an element Cardassian girl gaining prominence in interstellar politics is a significant shift in Trek historical past.

A United Bajor and Cardassia?

YouTubeScreenshot from the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 4 trailer of an element Cardassian girl

Zooming in on stills of the character reveals a small element that brings up much more questions on Cardassia within the thirty second century. The character seems to have slight ridges on the bridge of her nostril, which means that she is perhaps half Bajoran as properly.

“Discovery” has already launched the thought of species that have been at conflict for hundreds of years reuniting sooner or later. The Romulans and the Vulcans not solely established lasting peace, however in addition they determined to cohabitate on the planet as soon as often called Vulcan, often called Ni’Var within the thirty second century. Season three revealed that the unification of the Romulans and Vulcans was a minimum of just a few generations old. There was already a whole sector of the planet populated by Vulcan-Romulans.

It’s doable that Cardassia and Bajor adopted an analogous development, resulting in a brand new species of Cardassian-Bajorans.

At this level, that is pure hypothesis. The character could not even have ridges on her nostril. What seems to be ridges when zoomed-in may simply be a trick of the sunshine. She may be Cardassian and human.

However, if she is Cardassian and Bajoran, “Discovery” will definitively wrap up a few of the greatest free ends that have been left on the finish of “Deep Space Nine.”

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