9 Simple Ways to Start Using Video for Business

We realize that videos may be daunting, especially when you attempt to select which films you want to produce. In the modern marketing dynamics, marketers constantly say, ‘There is a video for this!’ and that’s true – making a video is a better and efficient method of presenting any information.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the video ideas your business may produce to advertise products, convert your prospects and grow your audience.

All these video ideas can be easily deployed using a competent video editor and can immensely benefit the prospects of your business marketing endeavors.

9 Easy to Deploy Video Marketing Ideas for Businesses

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1. Explainer Videos

Explanatory videos are instructional videos that show your viewers how to solve an issue. These difficulties may be linked to utilizing your product, or it may be a more peripheral one. Your audience should, however, have the knowledge to act on the new abilities they learned while they are viewing at the conclusion of the movie.

All these reasons make explanatory films ideal for ramping up material on your blog or even supporting a page in your support documents.

Why should consumers have to type a query about your product when you can explain it in an easy-to-search video? You will know that your video explainer truly did its job if it leads to fewer inquiries for your support staff.

2. Customer Onboarding Videos

When a lead eventually transforms and becomes a client, what is the first feeling as a new member of the family of your company? How are you going to welcome them to feel at home?

And maybe more than that, how can you make sure you comprehend everything about what you are offering? Enter onboard films in which consumers are shown all your product can provide.

These films assist your consumers to start with your product on the proper foot. Therefore, it is important that you spend additional time polishing the message so that it is useful and simple to comprehend.

3. Product Videos

Do you offer a product or service that is not simple to briefly explain? Or maybe you did enough research to know that adding video on your product page would improve visitors’ time on this page and therefore their chance of converting.

Product films highlight the advantages and benefits of your product and frequently contain demonstrations of how it works, all while attracting your audience.

They are especially helpful for customers, who are knowledgeable or aware of the purchaser’s journey and require clear, thorough explanations of what you provide.

4. Employee Training Videos

Everyone could use a helping hand, particularly new team members who are overloaded with knowledge. This is when the unique capabilities of video come into play.

You may save time and tension by utilizing video to take new workers through thorough procedures about how your product and business operate (for both yourself and your new teammates). And in addition, internal training films, not only new recruits, are beneficial to all your workers.

5. Customer Testimonial Videos

Social Media influencers directly impact people‚Äôs mindsets. From Yelp reviews to Facebook comments, honest evaluations may alter a product’s perception or persuade us to purchase. This makes testimonial films so important to the consumer.

These films may demonstrate clearly how your product has a beneficial effect on actual people. Hearing the voices of consumers and seeing a product in action is far more attractive than reading a text. Testimonial films may ultimately be essential to establish trust and get new clients.

6. Dedicated Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are essentially targeted to your target user base. Whether you wish to invite visitors to a conference, a webinar, or an open house office, promotional films give your viewers a feeling for your business.

In these films, you would provide a short but comprehensive description of the event you are advertising, along with an Action Call that urges viewers to register or bookmark the date. Your ultimate aim is to create guidance or attendance by encouraging viewers to act.

7. Targeted Social Media Videos

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and a mix of them, your videos may drive traffic to your website or just reside on your accounts to create brand recognition.

Remember, many of your visitors scan through their phones fast and won’t have time to watch lengthier material. The name of the social video game is short and sweet.

8. Videos Demonstrating Company Culture

Corporate culture films are the easiest & most enjoyable to produce. After all, they may be about anything and anything pretty much. And we’re not talking about your corporate video run-of-the-mill.

These films allow consumers to discover who exactly you are, whether as an individual worker or as a business. There is no better way to connect with your followers than through looking back at the scenes in your workplace.

9. Video Voicemails

Video voice mails are cost-effective, rewarding videos that client-oriented staff may use to connect to clients and prospects. Think of it as jazzed-up voicemail versions.

You may present yourself in a memorable manner using just your computer camera, or swiftly answer the query of a client. Friendly videos are being included in your communications and enjoyable recipients of more and more sales and support staff.


Production of a marketing video needs an unlimited amount of information and expertise. A marketing video displays the good side of a company and this approach may help achieve the ROI objectives if it fails to reach the benchmark.

Therefore, it is always good to find a competent strategy and ideas before putting in your hard-earned money or efforts in your video creation endeavors. Enable your branding with bespoke video-centric solutions and stay on the edge of outstanding innovation.


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