7 Found Footage Horror Movies Like Megan is Missing


Megan is Missing‘ is a found-footage horror movie that follows the horrific story of two teenage women – greatest mates Megan and Amy. When Megan goes lacking after assembly a web-based flame, her buddy Amy tries to seek out her and is led down a treacherous path herself. The 2011 movie depicts scenes of graphic violence, excessive sexualization of younger teen women, brutal scenes of rape and mutilation which might be deemed very disturbing, a lot in order that the film is banned in New Zealand.

Writer/ Director Michael Goi has issued a warning about his movie – one mustn’t watch it alone or through the evening, and if the viewer is already freaked out, they need to shut it off when the phrases “Photo Number 1” seem on the display screen. The disturbing content material apart, audiences who take pleasure in found-footage horror and thriller movies ought to undoubtedly take a look at these seven films, very similar to ‘Megan is Missing.’ You can watch most of those films much like ‘Megan is Missing’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Creep (2014)

Creep movie cover
Photo: Blumhouse

‘Creep’ is a horror/thriller movie directed by Patrick Kack-Brice and starring Patrick Kack-Brice and Mark Duplass, who additionally co-wrote the story. It follows Aaron, a videographer who solutions a web-based commercial and goes over to a stranger’s (Josef) place to movie a video diary for his unborn baby, as Josef reveals that he is allegedly affected by a mind tumor. As the day passes, the unusual man’s requests develop weirder and weirder.

6. Willow Creek (2013)

Willow Creek real film
Photo: Jerkschool Production

Willow Creek is all about the journey of a man and his girlfriend who go in the search of giant bigfoot. They record everything on their journey with the small camera they carry with them. But the real adventure starts from the moment they found bigfoot.

5. Creep 2 (2017)

Creep 2 spine chilling scary movie based on true story
Photo: Popsugar

Mark Duplass and Patrick Kack-Brice return to star in (and direct, in Patrick’s case) the sequel to ‘Creep.’ ‘Creep 2‘ follows the story of a serial killer who lures unsuspecting videographers to his residence and kills them. Dissatisfied along with his life and up to date murders, the killer posts an advert to be documented, which is responded to by Sara, a younger lady trying to make an internet sequence about eccentric people. Sara doesn’t imagine Aaron when he tells her that he is a serial killer, however, when issues get progressively darkish, Sara struggles to discover a manner out of the tangle alive.

4. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

'The Blair Witch Project' film based on true story
Photo: Artisan Entertainment; Courtesy Everett Collection

Three aspiring filmmakers journey to Maryland and right into a forest to research the native legends surrounding Blair Witch. All three movie college students lose their map and in the end disappear and not using a hint, forsaking solely their recorded footage. Directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez, it is primarily based on a purportedly true story. The movie is touted as some of the profitable unbiased movies of all time.

3. Host (2020)

Zoom Found Footage movie: Host
Photo: Everett Collection

This movie contains video chat footage that was found on Zoom. The real incident had taken place in the middle of this pandemic Covid-19. It starts when six friends appear in a group video call and a demon starts attacking them one by one and everything gets recorded on the call

2. The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014)

The Taking of Deborah Logan real footage movie
Photo: Basement Rejects

‘The Taking of Deborah Logan’ revolves around the story of a scholar Mia and her mates, who need to report a documentary on the everyday lives of a complicated Alzheimer-affected person Deborah and her daughter Sarah. The movie crew quickly discovers that the factor that is taken to maintain Deborah is way more sinister than the continual neurodegenerative situation. This found-footage function is the directorial debut of Adam Robitel.

1. Paranormal Activity (2007)

Paranormal Activity
Photo: Everett Collection

The authentic found-footage horror film that spawned a 6-film franchise – ‘Paranormal Activity‘ – is nonetheless a giant favorite amongst horror followers. The movie follows the terrifying and violent story of a younger couple who transfer to a brand new home, solely to find a supernatural presence haunting them. The husband, Micah, units up a digital camera in their bedroom to report any paranormal exercise that occurs whereas they’re asleep. However, the footage brings to mild some disturbing truths about his spouse, Katie. lallanprasad

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