5 Fast Facts About Tasha Yar of Star Trek: TNG

Tasha Yar is a personality from the beloved sci-fi show Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG). She was portrayed by the actress Denise Crosby, and although Yar was written off the show in its very first season, she stays one of probably the most polarizing characters among the many show’s fandom. Many Trekkies take into account her to be one of the worst recurring characters within the historical past of the show. However, many others beloved Yar and are nonetheless upset by what they view as her untimely and abrupt departure from the show.

Yar, whose full title was Natasha Yar, was the chief of safety for the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, the starship that served as the principle set of TNG for all seven seasons of the sequence. She was an important half of the Enterprise’s bridge crew as she was chargeable for assessing and controlling threats to the ship and its crew. She typically accompanied Commander William Riker and different high-ranking Starfleet officers on off-ship assignments, generally serving as the only safety element for necessary missions.

Yar is extensively perceived for instance of the “Action Girl” trope — a woefully one-dimensional feminine character whose solely objective is to show that women are powerful, succesful and impartial. As the sequence went on, she was relegated to much less necessary roles on the ship’s bridge — monitoring and reporting threats reasonably than confronting them herself — and her position because the powerful, impartial fighter began to fade. Many fans had been pissed off along with her lack of character growth and felt that she was included on the bridge crew simply to have a feminine character current.

However, Yar truly had a really attention-grabbing backstory and story arc all through the show.

Here’s what it is advisable know:

1. Yar Had a Rough Childhood


Yar grew up on a war-torn planet known as Turkana IV, which had been colonized by the United Federation of Planets. Turkana IV was within the midst of a civil battle when Yar was born, and when she was only a youngster, each of her dad and mom had been killed. She and her little sister Ishara had been taken in by a foster household, however the household quickly abandoned them, leaving the kids alone and defenseless.

Though she was a small youngster herself, Yar needed to grow to be a mom to her child sister and needed to do no matter she wanted to do to make sure their survival. The sisters had been homeless, continually on guard towards the violent criminals and drug addicts that owned the streets and preyed on the plethora of road youngsters who had been orphaned by the battle.

After years of dwelling like this, Yar’s youthful sister determined to join the Coalition, one of the planet’s warring factions, which she noticed as essential for each survival and belonging. Yar, nonetheless, blamed factions just like the Coalition for her dad and mom’ deaths and refused to affix along with her sister. Yar, who was simply 15, discovered a manner off the planet and began a brand new life.

2. Her Upbringing Greatly Influenced Her Starfleet Career

Tasha Yar from Star Trek: The Next Generation


After Tasha escaped from Turkana IV, she enrolled in Starfleet Academy, positioned in San Francisco, California, on the planet Earth. During her time on the Academy, she selected to pursue training as a Security officer particularly as a result of of the way in which she grew up on Turkana IV.Having to struggle for her life, and her sister’s life, on a planet the place regulation and order had been nearly unheard of and infrequently enforced gave Yar a ardour for shelling out justice and defending others, which performed a serious half in how she grew to become the chief safety officer on the Enterprise.

During a mission in a Carnelian minefield, Yar refused to leave a colonist behind, regardless that going again to rescue him put her life at risk. She braved the minefield to rescue him. Jean-Luc Picard, the captain of the Enterprise, noticed Yar’s heroic actions and particularly requested that she be transferred to his command, which was not typical in Starfleet protocol. Speaking of the incident years later, Picard stated that Yar’s captain “owed him a favor” and was prepared to let Yar depart to serve on the Federation’s flagship.

The sturdy convictions and eager sense of justice that Yar was recognized for whereas she served on the Enterprise had been a consequence of all of the issues she needed to cope with throughout her childhood and teenage years, preventing for survival in a lawless land. Though her powerful, opinionated demeanor meant that she was distant from many of her crewmates, Yar’s abilities as fighter and protector made her a favourite amongst her crewmates.

3. Yar & Worf Were Kindred Souls

Tasha Yar and Worf on the bridge of The Enterprise


Though Yar’s powerful begin in life made it very tough for her to kind relationships, she cast a very close friendship along with her crewmate Worf. The Klingon was additionally an orphan and misplaced his dad and mom beneath very related circumstances. Both Worf and Yar had been warriors and took satisfaction of their and every others’ preventing abilities. The duo incessantly educated martial arts collectively, and on a number of events Worf made it as clear as a Klingon can that he was impressed by Yar’s abilities. Yar and Worf additionally performed Parrises Squares — a fighting-based athletic sport — collectively incessantly and Worf was so assured in her abilities that he guess on her to win in a match she was scheduled to compete in.

After her dying, the crew found that Yar had recorded a holographic message she wished them to view if she ever died within the line of obligation. In that message, Yar addressed Worf, saying that she was all the time fond of him as a result of of their related pasts and pursuits.

In a later episode, “Legacy,” throughout which Yar’s sister Ishara made her one and solely look, Worf valiantly defended Yar when Ishara spoke poorly of her sister for leaving Turkana IV. As Klingons aren’t well-known for expressing feelings apart from anger, that was in all probability the closest Worf might get to expressing his real affection for Yar, which he did not really get to do whereas she was alive.

Yar additionally had shut relationships with Deanna Troi, the Enterprise’s resident therapist and adviser, and Data, her android crewmate. During “The Naked Now” — an episode wherein the crew is poisoned by a substance that mimics the consequences of alcohol or drug intoxication — Yar let unfastened and engaged in intimate relations with Data, revealing that he was “…programmed in a number of methods. A broad selection of pleasuring.”

4. Yar’s Death Is Widely Considered 1 of the Worst in ‘Star Trek’ History



Yar died within the twenty third episode of season one, entitled “Skin of Evil.” Yar accompanied some of the bridge crew members on an away mission to a Vagra II. Troi and one of the Enterprise’s pilots crash landed on the planet on the way in which again from a unique mission, and the contingent was despatched to rescue them.

The planet was inhabited by an alien creature that regarded like a blob of black tar. This territorial creature would not permit the Enterprise crew members near the crashed shuttle craft or their crew members trapped inside. After makes an attempt to barter with the being failed, Yar tried to hurry previous it to valiantly rescue her crewmates. The creature responded by zapping her with what regarded like lightning. Yar was instantly knocked out, and the crew beamed again to the ship to get her remedy. Unfortunately, ship’s physician Beverly Crusher could not save Yar and she or he died within the ship’s sickbay.

Yar’s dying was so abrupt that it shocked followers of the show. Though some who discovered the character annoying had been glad to see her off the show, nearly all agreed that the dying was ignoble and inappropriate for a personality who’d been a mainstay of the primary season and an integral member of the crew. Whether they favored Yar’s character or not, followers felt she deserved a better death than the one she obtained.

When insiders on the show advised the press that Crosby had quit the show and the writers had been pressured to write down the character off shortly, deep animosity developed among the many Star Trek fan base for the actress. However, many felt she was redeemed when she lastly revealed that she’d left as a result of she wasn’t given the chance to painting a 3 dimensional feminine character.

5. Yar Actually Died Twice in ‘Star Trek’ Canon

Alternate timeline Tasha Yar


Luckily for followers of Yar, her dying scene in season wasn’t the final time they’d see her on TNG. In the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” a model of Yar from an alternate timeline appeared throughout one of the wacky time/house continuum whoopsies that so typically happen within the Star Trek universe. An encounter with a rift within the time/house continuum led the Enterprise to come across a earlier model of the starship from a parallel universe. On that Enterprise — the Enterprise C — Yar was a tactical officer reasonably than Chief of Security as she was on Enterprise D — the first timeline starship.

Technically, the Yar from the alternate timeline is not the identical because the Yar who served with the TNG crew, however the character was similar to her major timeline counterpart. In typical Yar trend, the alternate timeline Yar put herself in grave hazard to make issues proper by going again to her personal timeline, the place she was nearly sure to die in battle.

However, alternate timeline Yar didn’t die, which was revealed in a very stunning trend within the episode “Redemption Part II,” the opener of the show’s fifth season. In that episode, a Romulan named Sela who regarded precisely like Yar (additionally performed by Crosby) boarded the Enterprise. The bewildered crew members demanded a proof for her look and the Romulan fortunately obliged, stating that she was the half-human, half-Romulan daughter of Tasha Yar. As if that wasn’t complicated sufficient, Sela defined to the crew that she wasn’t the daughter of their Yar however of the alternate timeline Yar, who was captured by the Romulans after the battle with the Klingons. Alternate timeline Yar was pressured to be a consort to a high-ranking Romulan officer and conceived Sela. She was later executed.

Technically every Yar solely died as soon as, but it surely does add as much as two canon Yar deaths.

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