10 of the best Emmys monologue jokes by hosts through the years


Emmy in 2020 over ABC’s 71 years of history into something like television shows.

The opening monologue is delivered by the show’s host, is traditionally the show’s highest point – except for one year and, if not, the army, and went Emmys hit an all-time low … and viewership.

Similarly, we have seen that the whole process of dialogue can make or break. Sunday night’s guest, Jimmy Kimmel, where and when he is waiting to be brought forth to open the monologue sermon, and became as historic. That no one knows how, or how he will go over there to look for – especially when they live in the place of hearing, with the laughter of an age-old and he had no Kimmel to make a conjecture which pertain to the telecast, which is being done here.

With that in mind, here is a look at the 10-hole monologue of the best zingers years.

” 9-York, nine “was canceled by Fox, but picked up by NBC. ‘Last man standing, conducted by ABC and picked up by Fox and “Roseanne spun by itself, but by the white nationalists removed. ‘
– Co-directors and Michael Frederick Damhoudere Che back and forth, 2018

“Further Netflix is ​​getting all the money, and every month from $ 9 to know sharing the same system.”
– Michael Che, 2018

Damhoudere and Michael Frederick che
Damhoudere and Michael Frederick cheGetty Images

“If we win, do not forget to praise all those who have helped you get here. The five Philistine ,, Game of Thrones’ will not be eligible this year.”
– Stephen Colbert, 2017

“I assume that it is comfortable with the black, because this is the N-word.”
– Stephen Colbert in the name of Bill Maher, host’s episode of “Real Time,” in 2017

“I know at all: If you want to win, sitting next to Marcia Clark.”
– Jimmy Kimmel, 2016

“Here, in Hollywood, something that they love only through thanks to our diversity.”
– Jimmy Kimmel, 2016

“Is it just me, and I did not stay in flight Bernie Sanders always like it?”
– Andy Samberg, 2015

“This year it has been goodbyes. We are saying goodbye Men ‘and’ Park and Recreation. Then he said goodbye to the ‘real detective, that is, even if still in the air.”
– Andy Samberg, 2015

“Otherwise, before you know you’re stuck paying Gains [Jim Parsons on ‘The Big Bang Theory’] For example the hundreds of millions. “
– Seth Meyers, 2014, which points to kill off the lead characters in the morning

“It is difficult to play. But it requires your attention. A friend’s booty call it entertainment. You do not need text to you? ‘ – TV always goes up! “
– Seth Meyers, 2014

The show Stephen Colbert MCs 2020 Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel (2017), Andy Samberg (2015) and Seth Meyer (2014).
The show Stephen Colbert MCs 2020 Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel (2017), Andy Samberg (2015) and Seth Meyer (2014).WireImage; Getty Images: FilmMagic


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