0X0 0X0 Error Code Solution, according to Microsoft

0X0 0X0 Error code is shown when you encounter a problem in joining the Windows insider program in your Windows 10 or you are shifting your Office account to another one.

There are a lot of causes that might trigger this error but you don’t need to worry about that in either case.

How to fix 0x0 0x0 Error Code?

There are two ways to get rid of the system error 0x0 0x0, one is by restarting your computer and the second one is by following the Microsoft forum’s advice. We will also discuss some additional methods to fix the runtime error. So, stick around it will be worth reading.

0x0 0x0 Error Code

Method #1 Restart Your Computer

Sometimes the thing we lost is found at the place we saw last so it’s better to search there. It is the easiest and Less troublesome way to repair any problem with your Windows PC/Laptop. Moreover, it doesn’t require any special technical efforts that we will put into the next method.

Method #2 Closing Conflicting Programs to fix 0x0 0x0 error

Whenever you face any runtime error, just keep in mind that it might be happening due to several programs running at the same time. So, with eyes wide open, resolve this problem following these steps:

  • Open Task Manager and see which programs are eating your RAM
  • Close each process by selecting it and clicking on the End Task button
  • Just keep an eye on each process you close, if there any error comes while closing any specific process
  • If you have found the impostor, its time to uninstall the app
  • Then, reinstall it after clearing all the caches and app data

Method #3 Changing Core Settings of your Computer

Make sure that the cores of your computer are set on their default values. If you are facing any issues in achieving a stable internet connection without any heap of technical issues then it’s time to guard your cores. You probably have inadvertently configured the cores incorrectly accidentally. Nothing to worry about, just set them to their default value to get optimum performance and fix 0x0 error.

Meethod #4 Disk Cleanup

A runtime error can also occur due to low free space on your computer. It’s quite common in older PCs so you don’t bother in cleaning your disk from time to time. Sometimes, disk space running out becomes a big issue that invites problems. To clean up your computer, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Right-click on your main C: directory and select properties
  • Then, hit disk cleanup

Method #5 Reinstall Your Graphics Driver

  • Open your Device Manager and find Graphic Driver Option
  • Right-click on the Video card driver and uninstall it
  • Then, restart and redownload the driver
  • Install it and check

Method #6 Update your antivirus

Runtime errors are also caused by viruses that entered into your computer so always keep your Windows Firewall and antivirus up to date.

An additional answer that we will recommend is on Microsoft’s forum that you can read from here.

Some users were experiencing 0x0 0x0 errors while trying to enter Windows Insider Program. First of all, we will not recommend you to install the beta version of Windows 11 on your working computer as it can cause trouble.

Once it becomes commercially available, you can install it without worrying about anything. But if you want to enjoy it now then install it on any backup computer.


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